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Fire & Safety Services  

How well are you prepared for emergencies?


Are your aware that failures of compliance of “The Fire Safety Order” is a criminal offense?

If YOU are a business Owner, a Director or a Managing Director, you could face prosecution or even imprisonment for non-compliance

NIST provides full spectrum of Fire Safety solutions for small to large Industries, Commercial & Residential Buildings. Fire safety solutions platform is complex and extremely critical to deliver projects with right solution for right application with good engineering practices.

What are the fire safety solutions?

   Fire Detection and Alarm System

*   Intelligent Analogue Addressable
*   Conventional
*   Hybrid (mix of above two)
*   Gas and Flame Detection Systems
   Fire Fighting Systems
*   Hydrant System
*   Sprinkler System
*   Portable Fire Extinguishers
   Fire Suppression Systems
*   Gas Based Fire Suppression System
*   Water Based Fire Suppression System
*   Professional Kitchen fire suppression systems
We assure to identify the risk and provide effective solution to this complexity, through our Quality Audit and Third Party inspection in order to save life and business disruption.


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Quality Fire Safety Audit to make sure the solutions provided are up to the standards both at design and engineering levels. This will give the confidence to the business owners to tackle any such unwanted incidents and to save from business disruption.

*   Review of entire project applications (occupancy), design, adopted standards and the solutions provided.
*   Identify flows of design and installations if any for the improvement.
*   Verification of Products and their standards used in the project.
*   Identify Hazards and Risk assessment.
*   Provide recommendations.
Another advantage in carrying out a Fire safety audit is that it will enable an Organisation to satisfy itself that the company’s own Health and Safety Policy and associated documents are being implemented properly.

The findings from the audit will give a detailed report which will offer advice and guidance on actions necessary to enable the company to fully comply with health & safety regulations and best industry practice.

In addition we will review structure and methods of operation and survey the workplace internally, externally, to identify hazards, unsafe acts or conditions, and non-compliance with Regulations. Our audits have proved extremely useful to the Organisation to introduce HSMS.


Quality Third Party Inspection
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Third Party Inspection to make sure the all Fire safety solutions provided in the premises are functioning to their performance level. This will develop confidence of deploy fire solutions effectively at the time of any hazardous situation.

*   Review the maintenance reports.
*   Review Log books.
*   Test the Fire Safety solutions provided in the premises.
*   Verify the performance levels.
*   Suggestions and Recommendations of those systems which are faulty.
Reports can either be submitted electronically, or handwritten reports can be issued on site if required.


Design Consultations & Engineering Solutions
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Design Consultations & Engineering Solutions will be provided to those who seek for the Fire Safety Solutions to their premises at the project conceiving level or post project executions.

*   Design Fire Safety Consultations – At conceiving level Using right solution for right application.
*   Engineering Solutions – for project at site.
          *Fire Detection and Alarm System
          *Fire Protection Systems
          *Fire Suppression systems


Developing Fire Preparedness Plan (Emergency Response Planning)
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Large and small workplaces alike experience fires, explosions, medical emergencies, chemical spills, toxic releases, and a variety of other incidents. To Protect employees from fire and other emergencies and to prevent property loss, whether large or small companies use preparedness plans (also called pre-fire plans or pre-incident plans).
The two essential components of a fire preparedness plan are the following;

1. An emergency action plan, which details what to do when a fire occurs.
2. A fire prevention plan, which describes what to do to prevent a fire from occurring.

Please note that Fire Preparedness plan can be covered as part of our Annual Maintenance Contract Fire Safety Solutions.


Fire Evacuation Drills
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Most of the work places Emergency could be Fire Accidents. Nobody expects an emergency or disaster – especially one that affects them, their employees and their business. Yet the simple truth is that emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime, and anywhere. This proposal helps organisations to plan for that possibility of evacuating the premises when they least expect it.

The best way to protect the employees and the business is to expect the unexpected and develop a well-thought-out emergency action plan to guide where ever immediate action is necessary.

NIST technical proposal consists of the following;

1. Basic Awareness Program of Emergency Evacuation Plan to all.
2. Training to your Emergency Response Team (ERT).
3. Identify Fire Assembly Point.
4. Identify Fire Safety Equipment in the premises and Checkout for their performance levels.
5. Check out for right Signage.
6. Checkout existing Emergency Evacuation Plan and make improvement.
7. Basic Mock Drill (Fire Alarm / PA system) and driving all employees to the Assembly point.

Please note that Fire Evacuation Drills can be covered as part of our Annual Fire Safety Support Contract.


Training – Fire Safety
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Training on Fire Safety for the following;

      Basic Fire Detection and Alarm System

*   Intelligent Analogue Addressable System.
*   Conventional Fire Alarm System.
      Basic Fire Protection Systems
*   Hydrant System.
*   Sprinkler System.
*   Portable Fire Extinguisher.
      Basic Fire Suppression Systems
*   Gas Based Fire Suppression System.
*   Water Based Fire Suppression System.
      Usage of right Portable Fire Extinguisher

      Understanding NFPA Standards
*   NFPA 72 – Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.
*   NFPA 13 – Installation of Sprinkler System.
      Understanding other International standards
*   BS 5839 For Fire Alarm System.
*   Understanding of similarity between BS EN & NFPA 72.
      Understanding NBC of India.


Annual Fire Safety Support Contract – AMC
(Non Comprehensive with manning and without manning)
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NIST offers annual Fire Safety support contracts that are totally tailored to our clients’ requirements.

By entering into our contract, NIST takes the role of an organisations “competent Fire Safety adviser” as required by Indian Factories Act. Details of our qualifications and experience can be provided for use when tendering for contracts.

Direct contract starts from just a few hundred thousand a year. However, most companies need more help than this and many go for our basic annual support contract, which includes:

      A. Fire Detection and Alarm System

*   Intelligent Analogue Addressable.
*   Conventional.
*   Hybrid (mix of above two).
*   Gas and Flame Detection Systems.
      B. Fire Fighting Systems
*   Hydrant System.
*   Sprinkler System.
*   Portable Fire Extinguishers.
      C. Fire Suppression Systems
*   Gas Based Fire Suppression System.
*   Water Based Fire Suppression System.
*   Hybrid (mix of above two).
*   Professional Kitchen fire suppression systems.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) can cut cost by employing Fire Marshal or Warden – that’s where NIST comes in. We provide health & safety services and advice as and when needed, giving SME’s a cost effective Fire safety solution such as our annual health and safety support contracts.

We can provide expertise to larger organizations by providing an independent audit of their management system, or by mentoring/supporting their internal Fire safety specialists.

Non Comprehensive AMC:
We Provide service during this AMC period but repair/replace of fire system defective components shall be at extra cost.

The services include the periodic PMS (preventive Maintenance Services) which ensures the safe functioning of all the systems installed. However the spares part/consumables/replacing parts shall be charged at prevailing prices.

AMC with Manning
Experienced Fire Protections system operators would work in shifts, check and maintain the system with any number of breakdown calls. Operation of entire fire system shall be in client’s scope.

AMC without Manning
Our Service team would visit your facility at regular intervals during AMC period for routine preventive maintenance of the Fire system.

Fire Safety Management
Support is offered in all aspects of fire safety management, including:

*   Fire risk assessment reviews.
*   Fire risk assessment development and advice.
*   Fire safety reviews.
*   Fire safety plans and emergency response.

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