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BIG Results Require Big Ambitions!!!

30,000 certificates

NIST standing tall as a pioneer in HSE Training through NEBOSH IGC Training, as once again proved their consistent quality by acquiring overall pass percentage as 63% for NEBOSH IGC Pune Batch.

Our pride did not stop with overall pass percentage alone, NIST is so proud in announcing their achievement of 77% pass for GC2 Paper, 58% Pass for GC3 Paper and 54% of IGC 1 examinations.

NIST has a habit of challenging NIST'S own strengths , we at NIST have a vision of creating a brand for HSE training as NIST and this achievement is one of the footprints of NIST to achieve that Vision. We take immense proud and express our gratitude to the trainers, students and each person who made this achievement possible.

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation - Charles Kettering"

30000+ Certificates throughout Globe!!!

30,000 certificates

NIST's year of Celebration, one more noteworthy event in NIST's Chronicle

30000+ Certificates throughout Globe!!!

We are immensely proud to pronounce that NIST has contributed more than 30000 certificates to the field of Health, Safety and Environment.

NIST's commitment and quality did not end only with dispensing more than 30000 certificates through 15000 candidates; we are in the verge of creating one destination for all the safety needs like HSE, Food Safety Training, HSE Consulting & Auditing, and HSE Recruitment.

Once again we thank all the students, course providers, corporate clients with mutual vision and mission in creating a culture for Health and Safety Professionals made this milestone within reach.

"It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference - Paul Bryant."

NIST Celebrating 15000 Students Registration

15000 Student Registration

NIST is overwhelmed in expressing their gratitude for making the NISTians achieve the next milestone.

Being a course provider for leading and benchmarking players in UK like NEBOSH, CIEH and IOSH, they have accomplished training 15,000 students. NIST's 15,000 skilled and trained candidates are a contribution to the field of Health and Safety globally from NIST.

NIST is an another example for perseverance and quality with commitment can change a whole domain, there is a significant change in the field of HSE i.e. before and after NEBOSH (UK) certificates, similarly NIST is so privileged and more responsible in creating a skilled and trained HSE professionals globally.

Educating 15,000 candidates and recruiting 367 candidates for a petrochemical company is all possible only through focused goals, team work and commitment. From here NIST has a really long way to go in creating a synonym for HSE as NIST.

We once again thank all the students, course providers, corporate clients with mutual vision and mission in creating a culture for Health and Safety Professionals made this milestone within reach.

"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement." - Bo Bennett

OSH INDIA 2015 - Exhibition Cum Conference - Chennai


OSH India is an internationally renowned conference & exhibition on occupational health and safety which is to happen on coming 20th & 21st August in Chennai. OSH'15 is a B2B platform where the manufacturers, traders, and the industries with their requirements meet to deal their safety businesses.

NIST is an endorsed course provider of NEBOSH, IOSH and CIEH providing international and national HSE training and certifications for safety professionals in 9 locations in India and in countries like Gulf. NIST is a proud member of few worldly renowned safety bodies like British safety Council, NFPA, IIRSM, Capital safety, National safety council etc.

Apart from safety courses, NIST provide corporate services like HSE Audits, Management systems, Operation-Management, Risk Management, Fire Management, HSE training and Food Safety Audit/ Training.

Being a pioneer in health and safety training, NIST has bridged the gap between the skill and knowledge by providing work specific tailor made trainings like HSE Awareness, Tool Box Talk(TBT), Job Safety Analysis(JSA), PTW, RISK Assessment, Contractor Management, Accident / Incident Investigation, Project Induction, Fire Safety / How work Fire Watcher, First Aid, Energy Isolation (LOTO), Electrical Safety, Process Safety, Chemical Safety / Oil Spill, Construction Safety, Working at Height / Fall protections, Lifting Equipment's / Lifting gears, Rigging, Lifting, Slinging & Banksman, Hand Tool Safety, Scaffolding, Inspectors & Supervisors, Manual and Material handling safety, Ergonomics, Behavior Based Safety, Noise, SCBA, Confined space entry, Confined Space rescue and Environment Management Systems.

NIST's holistic approach did not end with Training, consulting and auditing alone, NIST is focusing more on providing manpower through staffing and recruitment and ensure the significance of use of equipment through NIST engineering solutions. To know more about our services and to get a proactive illustration of careers in Health, Safety and Environment & Food Safety, we request you not to miss this great opportunity and visit us at Stall No: D14 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai.

Once Again NIST... We Contribute to Safety.

World's Environment Day - 2015

Being a pioneer in educating the need and importance of safety in health, environment and food, NIST did not forget to insist the need of the hour issue. "Save the Planet" is a commitment for every individual irrelevant to their nationalities. NIST sends a loud message "Instead of leaving behind upgraded gadgets for our generations to look back that this was earth few decades before, let's leave behind a healthy environment to our generations to look forward how they can save the planet by their routine habits itself."

As a part of NIST's world environment day celebrations, NIST has probed a thought of saving the environment in much easier way so that everyone can follow it. Like every drop make an ocean, we from NIST had taken few initiatives; we have ensured all the NISTians have planted atleast two plants one for their house and one for their street. To save water, nothing huge initiative yet very efficient one as we told them to repair if they had any leaking pipes in their homes. Be it any greens or vegetables, we had insisted them to grow atleast one green and one vegetable for their family in their house in an organic way.

We have two choices, either we over utilize the entire natural resources given by nature to humans or we can educate and rebuild a generation which can effectively utilize the resources in a better way.

We can do better, NO we must do better.

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.

NIST to achieve a great milestone with 300th batch in NEBOSH IGC & IOSH MS

Today, we are happy to have the opportunity to share and acknowledge our achievements across the nation. We are waiting to celebrate our 300th batch for two of our most valuable courses, NEBOSH IGC and IOSH MS in Delhi on 18th May and in Chennai on 28th May respectively. It is a significant milestone for NIST and we have rendered strenuous efforts to attain this and we are desirous to do more. This is very exciting and encouraging! As a team, we have been working hard to make sure our safety programmes bring the best career support to large number of people.

NEBOSH International General Certificate gives your way to success by rising up the performance, productivity and safe working environment. It is the basic qualification every individual who aim for a career in HSE need to pursue. IOSH MS is a course that gives perfect grounding in the practical actions that one need to handle in health and safety. It is an essential safety qualification for team leaders, supervisors and managers.

Learning in NIST is far beyond the training hall and the time you spend. It is learning as lived experience that will entitle you to administer a safety act with real knowledge and purpose. The exemplary achievements in our records are the excellent endowment contributed by our great employees. Our training expertise, amiable learning classrooms, accessible centers across India and high clear rates in exams make NIST the first choice for people and we deserve it!

National Safety Day!!


Your life is valuable, be cautious at work.

Even today, we can see a lot of sectors which does not subsume any safety legislations. On 4th March 2015 'National Safety Day' it is our duty and responsibility to cogitate the importance of SAFETY .NIST take this day as an opportunity to motivate all the workers to work together for a common good.

NIST would encourage taking a pledge today to rededicate to the cause of safety, health and the protection of environment. Organizations can develop specific activities as per your safety requirements. Make your safety records with zero injuries and reward the workers with improved safety behaviour. This can really take up your business profits hit a record high within few years.

Accidents and diseases are the drain to our economy which leads to disablement deaths, harm to health and property. Don't learn safety from accidents, understand the importance of safety and do the best to observe the safety rules, regulations and develop an attitude to subdue these deterrents and achieve your objectives.

Safety starts with you. Realize it and lets do all the viable things to prevent accidents and occupational diseases and protect the environment in the interest of self, family, organization and the nation at large.

NISTians to get honoured in coming NEBOSH Graduation and Award Ceremony

nebosh graduation day

Date: 23-06-2014, Venue: University of Warwick, U.K

It's a proud taking moment for NIST to make their students entitled to receive the prestigious award from NEBOSH. The NEBOSH Graduation and Award Ceremony that is going to be held at the University of Warwick on Monday 23 June 2014 will honour the students who have achieved the certifications with outstanding results.

NIST is delighted to pass on their hearty wishes for their students who are going to take up their crown in this esteemed event which is going to be a wonderful way to celebrate their achievement with their family and colleagues from their course. To be established and greeted in such a big manner, the effort taken and dedication by our students is quite remarkable and appreciable. NIST is much gratified about the fruitfulness that is gifted to our students which is ultimately motivating us to landmark many more milestones of achievements.

CIEH Education and Training / Train the Trainer 25th Batch Celebration

NIST proves by standard and consistency.

NIST is proud in announcing the 25th batch of Train the Trainer taken a new form and dawn as "Education and Training" LEVEL 3 AWARD.

We are one of the institutes who had created a difference for safety professionals to upgrade their status as professional trainers.

Certify yourself as professional trainers to shine in the field of safety!!!

train the trainer 25th batch group photo

Date: 27-01-2014, Venue: Chennai

City of Joy brings Immense Joy.

NIST's Marvelous Achievement in Kolkata:

Kolkata, is known as the City of Joy. The training results of Batch "Nebosh IGC Kolkata-Dec'12" has brought immense joy with amazing pass percentage. The result states 85% pass in IGC-1, 85% pass in IGC-2 and 85% pass in IGC-3, with Distinction and Credit. This feat demonstrates NIST's commitment to Quality and adherence to International Standards in the field of Safety Training. This accomplishment is all the more remarkable because NIST set it's foot in Kolkata only in Dec 2012 and the Batch "Nebosh IGC Kolkata-Dec'12" is NIST's first ever batch in Kolkata.

NIST congratulates everyone associated with this success story.

NEBOSH IGC 100th Batch Celebration

NIST is fascinated and celebrating NEBOSH 100th batch now. The inauguration was started with ecstasy and Cake cutting ceremony on 21st Jan 2013. Candidates were delighted with our warm welcome and hospitality.

The registration of the candidates for this batch is superfluous; to meet the requirement of the candidates to bring them to their comfort zone, the group was split up into 2 to have better trainer interface.

The candidates were energetic and adoring the sessions lively. Our trainer delivers this international certification with world class skills which inspires and provokes the candidates towards Health, Safety & Environment culture.

Seating arrangements and adequate lighting facilities offers affirmative learning ambient to the candidates served with the best hospitality from star hotel.

NEBOSH 100th batch group photo

NEBOSH 100th Batch Celebration

Date: 21-01-2013, Venue: The Savera, Chennai

NEBOSH's 20,000th candidate from NIST

NIST Institute is extremely delighted to produce the NEBOSH's 20,000th candidate Mr.Moideen for passing his International General Certificate.

In a short span, NIST Institute has succeeded in making an incredible position on Safety training. NIST Institute is fast becoming the most preferred institute for Safety training. This has been made possible by the relentless efforts put in by the faculty and staff of NIST in upholding the highest professional standards in HSE Training.

We congratulate Mr. Moideen for his accomplishment with us and wish him for his future aspects.
Mr. Moideen (Jan 2012 Batch, NIST Cochin)
Marks: Distinction (214)

20000th NEBOSH Candidate From NIST

Mr. Moideen with NEBOSH Representatives in Doha, Qatar (8th-10th October)

100% Results in NEBOSH IGC

100% pass result

NIST Proudly announce once again for its splendid performance in accelerating 100 % results in NEBOSH IGC held in Vizag, between 27th August 2012 - 10th September 2012. The outcome has an impact of 04 distinctions. NIST Wishes the toppers as well as the entire batch members for your overwhelming energy and effort which strived our Excellency.