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I had my GC2 Exam on 6th of Feb, 2018 and it was amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank NIST for providing good training facilities and making it possible.
I would specially like to appreciate Miss Rohini for her dedicated training and prompt delivery of the course within a short period of time. Her explanation and guidance to approach the questions eased my examination.
I strongly expect positive results for the exams and would like to credit the same to Miss Rohini. Without her support and mentoring, it wouldn't be possible.

mir-saad-uddin-student-feedback-NIST Mir Saad Uddin NEBOSH IGC

On my successful clearance of NEBOSH IGC, I would like to thank and appreciate NIST Institute and the trainers. It's a memorable experience and I will always be grateful to NIST, especially my NEBOSH IGC trainer Ms. Rohini Karangi and Mr. Rafi for their support and kindness. I extend my thanks to Rohini mam once again for the great skills and knowledge that she has imparted on me.

kirti-dutt-kotipalli-NIST Kirti Dutt Kotipalli NEBOSH IGC

I have completed NEBOSH course under the guidance of Trainer Maya mam, whose valuable advice helped me to finish IGC 1 & IGC 2 without which I couldn't have completed. Especially Mr. Parthasarathy's assistance and useful guidelines eased me to complete IGC 3 task where the credit goes to him. Furthermore, I extend my thanks to PRO Mr. Gnanothayan and Ms. Shanthini for their guidance to complete the course. I express my gratitude to NIST for the great support and I had a wonderful journey at NIST.

shaji-mon Shaji Mon NEBOSH IGC

I was new to the safety field. In order to progress my career I perceived NEBOSH IGC training in NIST. I feel blessed to have instructor like Rohini mam, who have built my confidence and helped me to clear the exams in the very first attempt with ease. From then on, safety field never offered a routine job. It is innovative and every scenario is different from that of others which helps me learn new things every day.

I earned Third Party Scaffold Inspector Certificate and got promoted as Scaffold Engineer for a while. Next I achieved QMS 9001-2015 and worked as Auditor and I got number of certificates from RoSPA and British Safety Council. In addition to that I received appreciation certificate from my company, consultants and subcontractors.

In my present company I was initially appointed as safety officer but now I am working as a HSE trainer. I have never thought that I would be in a training department, especially in a field that is never related to my academics. This is only & only because of Rohini Mam's support & teachings.

Recently Consultants sent approval letter to my company to appoint me as "Head of Training Department" on the project (King Abdul Aziz International Airport- Jeddah) which is supposed to be biggest airport of Saudi Arabia!!! Salary Package is revised for about three times than that of previous, it's incredible because 25 thousand people work here and they have appointed me! Only 3 people were approved from consultant especially Arabic origin, but now they approved me. It is the biggest achievement of mine till date, I am attending meetings with General Authority of Civil Aviation (Ministry) and I am the only Asian and just half of their age.

The way Rohini Mam has changed my life and career to attain all these promotions is fantastic. As an IT Engineer, I am now appointed as Head of Department in Health and Safety. These achievements are above my expectations & more than a day dreams. I thought I would barely be appointed as safety officer but life is always unexpected.

In my class I still follow Rohini mam's way of teaching and discuss about my guru always, may be because of this I never looked back from the day of joining. I pray her to be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity always and please continue teaching about safety. Her impact and techniques change lives.

I take this opportunity to thank Rohini mam and the entire team of NIST who have enhanced my career to the next level.

akram-ali-khan-feedback Akram Ali Khan Head of Training Dept. | Kaiadp

Today NEBOSH July 2017 Batch results were declared. I have successfully cleared it with 209 (Credit Rating).

I wish to thank NIST team and the Trainer Rohini Mam. She has given her maximum effort to teach us in a very easy and understanding way. Without her efforts and energy, I think it wouldn't be possible to achieve such a great score.


Once again, I thank NIST and Rohini Mam for their valuable support that made me achieve it.

digvijay-baban Digvijay Baban Gadhave NEBOSH IGC

I have cleared NEBOSH IGC Certification and I would like to thank Rohini Madam who had helped me to clear it. Her teaching method is unique, fun, memorable and educational. She has individual care for every student and had supported us all the time. So I would like to thank NIST for bringing such a nice trainer.

Indral Ashok Waghmare NEBOSH IGC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from NIST, Pune who provided me with all the necessary support for the successful completion of the NEBOSH IGC course. My special thanks goes to my instructor, Mrs. Rohini Karingi, who was the real reason behind for the high pass percentage of our batch. She made sure that the atmosphere in the class was learning friendly and her sincere efforts played a phenomenal part in achieving our respective goals. The mind map which she had provided was a major boost to learn things in a short span of time. Also, she inspired us to put more efforts to achieve excellence not just in academics but in other aspects of life as well.

As the quote says "The best teachers teach from the Heart not from the book", I feel blessed to have an instructor like Rohini mam and I wish to be like her to make a difference in other people's life silently.

I wish her all the good luck and pray to be lively and cheerful person as usual throughout her life.

Abhilash C. Nair NEBOSH IGC

As an alumni I want to convey my heartiest feeling ,that during my two years with the NIST, the institute has always been very kind and professional.

The guidance were very helpful and timely. which helped me to achieve NEBOSH IDIP within two years of time. A tons of thanks to all staff and faculty of the Institute.


pawan-kumar-singh Pawan Kumar singh NEBOSH IDIP

Dear NIST Team,

First of all I would like to thank NIST for conducting virtual training for IDip Unit ID. NIST always treat their students in good way and helps to achieve best results. This is the main reason I always refer my colleague's & friends to NIST.

I would like to say BIG thanks to the trainer and NIST team for their valuable time & timely delivery of virtual training session. I hope each & every participant will be benefited in the upcoming IDip Unit ID result in November.

I would request NIST to organize such Training session periodically i.e. Jan and July. So that candidate may get benefit in first attempt in Unit ID.

Again many thanks for conducting this training and I deeply appreciate the effort made by NIST Team and trainer .

Inderjeet Singh  

This is Hari Srinivasa reddy attended for NEBOSH(IGC),IOSH & Risk Assessment class room training before a year and I completed it successfully. After that I got the job and currently working as a Safety officer. My training was a very good experience. The Trainer teaches us very feed-container and there is always a positive feedback from the NIST team. NIST provides great support that is why I have joined NEBOSH International Diploma. I am very thankful to the NIST.

Hari Srinivasa Reddy

Hello I am Ratna Kumar from Visakhapatnam I have done my NEBOSH IGC & IOSH, Risk Assessment in NIST in 2014 and My Trainer is one of the best trainer in NIST and overall NIST is the best institute in India. NIST has provided the training in a corporate manner in four Star hotel, during training refreshment, training materials, mock examinations were very good. NIST counselor guidance and backend support, co-ordination are very good.

Ratna Kumar

I am Srinivas Vadamodula had been trained in NIST institute for NEBOSH IGC and Risk Assessment courses. NIST provided a good hospitality services for all kind of trainings its comfortable and good environment for attending trainings. The training coordinators are very friendly and good communication for providing all details of training and venue by telephonic or web communication.

The part of the training and the trainers are very feed-container qualified, training material are sufficient suitable and easy understandable for all level of students, NIST providing quality trainings in Health and safety which makes easier to find jobs.

Srinivas Vadamodula

Dear NIST Team,

This is to inform you that we received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants who attended the training and every participant appreciated the knowledge and the presenation of the trainer and the training methodology used for training. The demonstration using mannequin was particularly liked by the participants. We look forward for your trainings in the future whenever we have requirement to conduct first aid and safety trainings.

Sriram Rajagopalan QM, Kuehne + Nagel Pvt Ltd.

Dear NIST,

Good afternoon

I am Sagar Kumar Dutta from Chhattisgarh, India successfully completed the courses of NEBOSH HSW-1 with 80 marks and HSW-2 with 92 marks from March Batch of NIST Delhi. Before joining the institute I was quite afraid about this course. I also had experience of teaching as a Faculty in organisation and honestly saying I get impressed at the teaching technique of NIST Trainer's which was very excellent. The way he gives examples and uses simple language makes me confident and this is the reason I have done it. Timings of class was comfortable and tea breaks too. The telephonic counseling given by Sales Team was good and help me for selecting this course. My writing speed is not good enough that's why I am not sure for doing IGC, but NIST Sales team advised me for HSW course. So, This is my best experience from NIST Delhi and I will definitely join NIST Delhi for IGC as soon as possible.

Sagar Kumar Dutta

Dear NIST Team,

Good Day

Thanks for the support given to me during my NEBOSH International Diploma IA, I have Scored 73/100.

Now I am about to decide my Next Examination for JULY 2016.

My kind request is that please guide me for the upcoming examinations as you guided me in Unit IA.

Advance thanks for your right mentoring and support .

Kannan Natarajan
Dear NIST,

Words are less to express on behalf of me from the bottom of heart.

Sir the program was the one of my best and excellent experience I had with your training and motivational ways with encouraging methodology.

Each day the program made very easy to recognize the topics and to answer those question bank with effectively combining with your thoughts and ideas.

When I wrote the exam after program was very easy not as we heard it will be difficult or not good and all, actually the exam questions went easy because of the program in which Sir has thought all of us the beautiful way of learning along with his ideas and always and every day reminded to practice, read the book as feed-container.

If anyone has negativity it is because of poor concentration and preparation, less following of the guidelines of Sir, which is actually best way to write NEBOSH Exams in the easiest and simple way as its required to write the exam as it is asked which was clearly said by Sir with NEBOSH guidelines and Sir experience and ideas.

Last but not the least, I didn't saw anyone saying paper was bad or tough or difficult, I saw and heard with the batch of our that we did feed-container and paper was easy and others were confident enough to say that they all wrote NEBOSH exam feed-container.

With my best understanding with sir's guidelines made me more confident to overcome of with the human beings over confident.

Thank you sir, I knew words is not enough to say, apart from two genuine words from my bottom of heart is only THANK YOU sir.

Tanveerulla Shariff

About myself, I was totally new to this subject on Safety, My job was that of Inventory / Spares controller (SPA/CON) at Qatar steel Company Qatar.

I was not aware about the Safety courses and I just telephoned NIST one evening to know something on the safety courses. I was provided necessary information, literature & brochure through emails and telephone. I am grateful to NIST for providing me the necessary knowledge and understanding, guidance and necessary timely support, especially when I was a baby in respect to safety.

I started by enrolling for the NEBOSH IGC + IOSH - Managing safety, the videos and aids (Study material / handouts) used during learning helped me tremendously. I found the course relevant and useful and aiding me in performing my job safely without hurting myself and also managing my team and keeping them safe and unharmed. This boasted my confidence to study further and do my NEBOSH IDIP through NIST, feed-container encouraged by NEBOSH IGC instructor on behalf of NIST.

While doing my NEBOSH IDIP through NIST - I benefited from the study material in the form of soft copy as feed-container as the Hard copy plus the guidance through the Webinar for making the project and advice by NIST training team.

I understood, how this course would affect employers and employees and help in my personal life too in keeping my family safer. Slowly I started seeing how it benefited employees by knowing workplace safety and the hazards on the job and started training & communicating.

I understood that safety training and implementing can reduce the number of injuries and deaths, property damage, legal liability, illnesses, workers' compensation claims, and missed time from work and that Safety training helps establish a safety culture in which employees themselves help promote proper safety procedures while on the job. It is important that new employees be properly trained and embrace the importance of workplace safety as it is easy for seasoned workers to negatively influence the new hires. That negative influence however, can be purged with the establishment of new, hands-on, innovative effective safety training which will ultimately lead to an effective safety culture.

After completing my NEBOSH IDIP and passing in my first attempt within a year, I was entrusted a new role at my job to bring about changes --Workplace improvements --that result in reduced injury or accident rates. The task was huge so I requested and formed a team motivated them guided them and made them to think about safety.

My Department manager Mr. Ali Jaber H. K. Al-Athba observed my performance and also noted the improvements or changes, On seeing my knowledge and confidence and talents, I was given new roles and responsibilities and designated as Department safety inspector and then Safety Supervisor. Recently, the management has also planned to entrust me with the task of managing other departments by shifting me to HSE department.

This new safety job is giving me tremendous satisfaction unlike my previous job as Inventory controller where I was only doing a job and completing a task but In Safety, I am sharing my knowledge on safety, am able to improve the lives of my colleagues and make the working place safer and their family lives happier without any harm / injuries to them, where each person returns Home safely after work.

Roque Peter D'cunha Safety Supervisor

This is Dennis Oboh

below is an attachment of Usifo.o.Joseph

He is interested in coming over to attend NEBOSH safety training in your institute

please kindly help send invitation letter so he can secure his visa and come for the training

I have not forgot the hospitality and care your institute gave me,so i will never stop referring my friends to that great institute.

I live in US and work in the US Army ,your institute was part of my success,I will always remember that great institute..A home for those who think safety and act safely.

Oboh Dennis lieutenant

Oil Field Construction Services, Mukhaizna. Gulf Petrochemical Services & Trading LLC.

First and foremost I would like to pay my sincere thanks and gratitude especially to you and entire NIST team Mumbai for their kindest support during the NEBOSH class of April batch.

Sir, your guidance and mind change demonstrations boosted me allot to think positively to get the NEBOSH IGC passed out and obtained "Credit".

I was thinking that NEBOSH IGC is hard to pass but a good mentor like you have changed my mind and forced to think that yes I can do it and I did it.

I have no words to pay my thanks to you because a teacher gives priceless acquaintance to his student which is countless. As a student I would try to follow the way which you have chosen and walk on the same path on which you walk.

Please convey my thanks to all the team who were directly or indirectly associated with us during the time of study and exams.

Special thanks to NIST Mumbai team for providing a very good class room in pleasant environment and a fair rule for everybody which we enjoyed allot like classroom, breaks and welfare facilities etc.

In future if I will decide for any developed course for my profession, I will prefer NIST and also I will advise my friend and colleagues to choose the same.

Thank you once again

Aftab Alam Siddique Sr.HSE Advisor


I am very pleased to appreciate all your efforts started even before joining the institute , I was amazed when I sent my first mail to NIST requiring about coursed that I joined later with NIST,the quick Responses and follow up by emails, phone calls is what makes me feel that there is care from this institute.

what encourage me to register with NIST not any other institute is the Quick Responses to my quires before registration while I was in Yemen, I have sent more than 20 emails to different institutes in India and abroad but I find more cooperation from NIST sales Team.

Sale person provided all information I need for other courses that I was interested in and make a good advertisement for all institute courses in a positive and friendly way. they also help me with arranging my accommodation as came to India for the first time and has no information about the new place, she deserve sincere thanks.

I have registered for 5 Courses with NIST:

  1. Fire Safety Level 2
  2. Risk Assessment Level 2
  3. IOSH Managing Safely
  5. NEBOSH 1GC 2
  7. I have no hesitation in recommending NIST to anyone who would like to make his career in HSE Field due to the presence of professional Trainers whom are site oriented an real live site examples from field was taught throughout the courses.

    I will not forget those in carting staff and the excellent cooking and housekeeping for canteen and other facilities in the institute.

    There is no institutes in Yemen Delivering IGC courses, and with huge demand on safety courses

    My sincere thanks to NIST management and Team for all efforts which make a big difference to me...

    Thank you all and which you a continuous development.

    Mohammed Salman Project Safety Superintendent

I am very happy to inform you that I have achieved Distinction in NEBOSH IGC exam. I would like to thank my trainer and her active support during my class .I hope you will continue to help and inspire students like me in the future. I would choose NIST for any training program to be done in the future with such talented trainers. I wish all the best for NIST and their trainers.

Subham De Sarker ESH Engineer BHEL,(Govt of India)

I would like to inform you that I got through NEBOSH IGC with a very good score how exactly my trainer have predicted a credit for me during my classes. I thank my trainer as I could achieve this only because of him and I fully believe that without him, I could not have made it. I am more than thankful to you Sir. It is truly a great learning experience for me that I did IGC in NIST. Once again, thank you, NIST!


First of all I would like to appreciate the immediate response and warm regards from the NIST management.

Many thanks indeed.

Before continuing further, I would like to thank my trainer.

Even though The Trainer is very younger than me, I surprised her way of Training Methods with due Respect, Gentle Approach, Timely correction, Orderly manner, High thoughts and Enthusiasm towards Training needs and Goal. This is not only my experience but all six HSE professionals who were participated in the Training. I wish her All the Best, Good Health and Long Life by the Grace of Almighty.

Also my Best wishes to the course counselor who had extended the best services to all of us from day one till end of the Course and even now.

I would like to appreciate the CIEH Course Designer starting from Class Room requirements, Learner's need, Teaching Method, Exercise, Assessment Examination Methods, Time Frame, etc. Simply Excellent.

Finally all credits goes to Course Provider NIST- CHENNAI and its Managing Director Mr. Antony Selvaraj bringing in Unique and First Time in India, the reputed TRAIN THE TRAINER course which is highly appreciated by all. Not only the course, but the Trainer and Other Staffs were very carefully selected and feed-container trained to serve the sole purpose of Training. We were delighted by the courtesy call at the end of session from the management and the fine discussion made about the course.

Few more things about the NIST Facility:

  1. feed-container sited at easy reach of prime location at the Heart of the Chennai City.
  2. feed-container Trained & Respectful Staff at each step starting from Entry to Exit.
  3. Welfare facility like food, water, snacks and Beverages including Serving Excellent
  4. Surprised to experience Maintenance and Cleanliness of Wash Rooms at par with International Standards.
  5. Provision of Class Room Equipment and Course Material very adequate.
  6. Really very pleasant Environment for Best Learning.

Best Wishes to NIST and All Staffs to achieve together The Very Best in Teaching and Training Industry to make many Mile stones and Bright Prosperous Future.

Muhammad Ibrahim OHSE Head, Makamin Petroleum Services, Saudi.

I wanted to appreciate my NEBOSH trainer of Feb 2014 batch, at hotel south gate. We found NIST trainers very professional and sincere. The NEBOSH concepts were very feed-container explained with real time examples. Their interaction with our regional language for better understanding has much helped us. The trainer was very friendly and he has guide us in choosing the best course for our future through NIST.I have completed many courses in UAE, but this trainer is outstanding with his training skills. I congratulate NIST for working with such brilliant trainers. I wish in future to join more courses in NIST.

Jatinder Kumar

Thank you very much for your valuable and effective coaching on NEBOSH-IGC.I learnt a lot from NIST IGC training program. The training part for exam preparation has greatly helped me out to write the correct answers in my IGC1 and GC2 exams. I am glad that many of the prepared questions during the training period helped me to perform feed-container in GC2 exam with adequate time management. Thank you very much for your kind support.


I thank NIST and appreciate my trainer who had taken much effort and attention to impart the quality training which had also helped me to achieve the course on time successfully and I feel gratitude for such a great support. I shall approach NIST for future training and refer my friends too.

Premkumar.P Health & Safety Management Department, Japan

I am very much thankful to NIST for their great support. NIST management has feed-container directed me when I looked for a job opportunity. With NIST reference; I have got placed in one of a leading shopping mall as Emergency Response Officer. I received my offer letter from Teddy Management Services and I have joined the job on July 14th, 2014 for the salary 15020 take home.

Thank you NIST for your great help!


I am feeling very happy and joyful about my NEBOSH results. I also wish to thank our Trainer S.Lynel Sir and the NIST's Support Team for helping me in GC-3 as I was totally stressed about my practical project and I had to get back to my office work soon after the exam, but with NIST help, I was able to manage my timing of office as feed-container as to complete my GC3 successfully.

I convey my sincere regards and gratitude to NIST Team!!

Mathew Abraham

I am the student of NIST Institute & I have completed IOSH, Principles of Risk Assessment from CIEH, and Principles of Fire Prevention from CIEH & NEBOSH from NIST Institute.

Once I have failed in NEBOSH exam with E-learning program. I was working in Dubai and one day my friend suggested me NIST Institute as he had completed his NEBOSH certification successfully from there, so when I came India, I've joined NIST Institute.

I was much worried about clearing NEBOSH, but when I joined NIST, everything was cool. I suggest if NIST provides some classes for NEBOSH international Diploma apart from the training period, it would be very helpful. That would really help to score much in NEBOSH exams. At last, I would like to thank the trainer Mr. Manish Kumar who is a very brilliant Trainer of your Institute.

I am appreciating from heart & lot of thanks!

Gulshan Chauhan

I wished to have NEBOSH IGC certificate for my career growth and NIST Institute was recommended by my friends. NIST had vast selection of course dates and locations and it was very easy for me to accommodate the dates with my work rotation. I choose Bangalore as my learning centre. With the help of NIST staff, the course registration was very easy, everything went very feed-container and within a week, I received all study material at home. We were surprised to see the Director herself started the session and was continued by a wonderful trainer as she interacted with each and every student in the class and filled the class with group exercises, tests, questions, laughs, jokes, examples, videos, photos etc.

Every day, the trainer conducted mock exams, filled our gaps of knowledge, understanding, courage and how to write the exam and all. I am 40 years old and I really thought that this wouldn't be possible by me to sit in the class for 2 weeks and write the exam for 5 hours that too hand written. With my 20 years of Oil Field Experience, my work knowledge and what I have learn from class, I appeared for the exam with confidence. As told by NEBOSH and NIST, the results were out after 10 weeks from the date of the exam, and I passed NEBOSH! I am very happy! Overall NIST provided a very good service, quick in responding mails, easy to contact via telephone, prompt service, smiling management and office teams, all in one - NIST. If I am taking any further course in Safety, first I will check with "NIST". I would happily recommend "NIST" to my friends and colleagues for any kind of Safety Training Courses.

Thanks a lot NIST

Girish Venkatraman Manager, WesternGeco, Abu Dhabi

I am very much thankful to the NIST Management.

I have taken NEBOSH IGC training in NIST Institute Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad during the month of December 2013 and I am much happy about the results that I have received recently. I cleared the certification with a very good percentage and I am glad to inform that I have got placed as Senior Engineer (EHS) at L&T Power Transmission and Distribution IC at Chennai. I further wish to build my career by NEBOSH IDIP course from NIST because the quality of training provided here it top notch. Hoping to achieve greater heights with NIST and I suggest NIST to all HSE Professionals for their dedicated service.

Thanks a lot NIST

A.V.N. Kalyan ram, Senior Engineer (EHS)

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank NIST for its value added safety training methodologies and continuous support which really boosts our minds and hearts to aim and succeed higher and higher refining our career mark. Really proud to be a student of NIST backed up with all the required safety education which paves a magnificent way to ensure a safe work environment.

My honest regards for NIST to grow higher and higher lighting the future of thousands and thousands of young professionals to serve worldwide with a great enthusiasm of promoting a positive safety culture.

I wish NIST for a great success ahead.

Habibur Rahman Senior Safety Engineer

I would like to thank NIST for providing me the right assistance to study and complete IOSH MS and NEBOSH IGC course successfully. I chose to join NIST by getting the information through surfing online and registered thereby for these courses. I was little concerned since I never knew neither NIST nor any other institute to get this certification. But I am glad that NIST never made me to think over as my choice was right.

I really appreciate NIST for providing a good trainer who was knowledgeable and professional which made learning easy and interesting for me.This training not only provided me the knowledge to perform in my work place but also information on updated scenario and technicalities taught clearly, which i was not aware in the last 5 and ½ years' experience as a HSE Officer. I also appreciate the assistance I was given before and after the training programme.

I wish All the Very Best to all the Candidates & NIST Institute

Thanks a lot NIST

Pardeepkumar Safety Manager

I have attended Food Safety Course in NIST, Delhi. Training was excellent which helped me to enrich my knowledge in Food Safety. Trainer's lecture was like cherry on the cake. Thanks for your breadth of experience and easy style of teaching which made the entire session interesting & beneficial.

Chef Prasad Safety Manager

I joined NIST for pursuing NEBOSH-IGC at Cochin from 5th Nov- 20th Nov'12 where the experience of studying was phenomenal. NIST Institute is all about empowerment, encouragement and sharing our passion for the industry to work in. They constantly receive amazing feedback about the relationships and connections with students, taking them to new levels in their knowledge and career. NIST has a very professional approach and gave an opportunity to work with one of the reputed company in UAE as HSE officer. I thank NIST for their placement assistance and guidance which helped me to figure my path towards this career with their training and guidance.

With vast knowledge trainer was also very encouraging and lends his complete support to every student. The facilities at the institution is impeccable and the variety of services available made me happy. I would strongly recommend NIST to my colleagues & friends for their ethical practice, expert tutors, good level of professional network and also for providing lot of employment opportunities to their students.

I wish NIST to be a great and successful organisation!!!

Niyas Shamsudeen HSE Officer

I am ever grateful to NIST who had given me the right assistance from the time of joining and also in my worst times. No words could fill the stress I went through, to clear IGC2 and had taken an attempt. When I cleared the paper I got an excellent career in HSE. My experience with NIST was splendid as I was not only made a HSE officer but also I learnt how to present oneself confidently. The way NIST guided me and furnished my confidence to overcome the distress was amazing. NIST's professional method of counseling was very effective that all candidates should get motivated and excel in their career and I assure that NIST will shine in HSE for corporates. I am placed in a reputed organization at Oman, which has been a great experience and I thank NIST which was the major influence behind my happy living.

Sheik Alavudeen HSE Officer

I chose NIST Institute for doing NEBOSH IGC Course in the month of April 2013 and now I have passed the exams with 65% marks. I would like to thank NIST Institute and all the associated staff who guided me to achieve this success. They guided me feed-container in my preparation for the exams. Also I would like to convey my special thanks to the trainer of NIST Institute, who conducted a thorough professional training and gave expert guidance for all IGC-1, IGC-2 and IGC-3 assessments.

Ravikant Kumar HSE Officer, HSE Officer, Essar Projects (India)

Thanks to NIST, for I have passed the prestigious NEBOSH IGC Exam with Distinction. Today, I joyfully recall the right decision that I made to join NIST Institute for the IGC course. I appreciate the NIST team for their thorough professionalism which they demonstrated from the beginning of the course to it's completion. The way the students were motivated and supported, the training methodologies used, the class room arrangement and the time management, were all par excellence. I believe that the NIST Institute will continue to do feed-container in all its future endeavor and help students achieve their milestones.

Pawan Kumar Singh Fire & Safety Officer

I am extremely thankful to NIST Institute for providing such a good support and quality study material for the entire course which enabled me to come out with flying colours by scoring Distinction in the prestigious examinations of NEBOSH. I am also thankful to NIST Institute's trainer who provided us high quality training in such a way that we all could comprehend the subject very feed-container.

I will contact NIST Institute to study the next level advanced course for my further career development.

I will also recommend NIST Institute to any person who would like to choose Health & Safety as his/her career. NIST Institute provides high quality training at very affordable cost, and the staff working at NIST Institute are very supportive and helpful throughout the course and even after completing the course.. Thanks a lot to all of you!

Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Fire & Safety Officer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Trainer and NIST for taking us through NEBOSH-IOGC course at Mumbai.

The 5 days training program was highly informative for each and every one for us, and we gained immensely due to vast knowledge, professional excellence and business acumen of our Trainer. Interactive way of teaching skills displayed by the Trainer helped us to understand the finer aspects about the subject matter and perform feed-container in our examination. The commendable course material provided by NIST would definitely help us in our work. It was an honor to be guided from someone as esteemed as our IOGC Trainer and would be pleased to learn and share more things in the near future with NIST.

We value the efforts put in by you to enrich us with safety issues and assure you that the learning will be put to good use in our day to day work.

Also I would like to thank the Office staff of NIST-Mumbai for being so kind, informative and helpful.

Yogesh Bhandarkar Geotechnical Engineer, Geoquip Marine UK Limited.

I was very fortunate to attend the NEBOSH-IOGC with NIST at Cochin from 30th January to 4th February 2013.

I found the course contents to be excellent, and very up to date with modern Oil & Gas Operations for both Onshore & Offshore.

The style, knowledge and commitment of our Trainer was excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course, and did learn (and re learn) a lot of subject details.

I have identified this particular course for some of my Senior Managers within Cairn India, and will request that NIST be the Training Provider.

James Cook Cairn India Limited.

This is Dr. Santosh Pathak, student from NEBOSH-IOGC, held on 04 March 2013 onwards at Mumbai. I would like to thank NIST for giving me the opportunity to appear through your good institute & I sincerely hope that our professional relations continue to grow in future. I shall ensure my Continuous Professional Development in the ever growing HSE field and attend regular courses with exemplary training provider like NIST.

Especially, I would like to thank the Trainer, whom I found one of the best knowledgeable & professional tutor in the HSE Industry I have been associated with for so long. Being an Offshore Medic, I was relatively new for this Certification with full of technical jargons, industrial terminology and so on but our Trainer, with his much proven skills, knowledge and expertise, could convince me the importance as feed-container as benefits throughout the program. Whatever result of the examination may be but he has now given me the hope with his valuable guidance to achieve success in HSE field. I am not only taking with me the knowledge on subject but also the motivation and urge to grow in my industry. Best wishes to other IOGC students!

Santosh Pathak Vessel Doctor, Oceanic 5000, Persian Seai.

The CIEH Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) programme delivered by NIST Health | Safety | Environment Training & Consulting, Chennai was an exceptional experience that has empowered me with new skills and fulfilled all my expectations. From the start the presenter built strong rapport within the group and imparted powerful, interesting and relevant material in a convincing way. Each session was filled with case studies relevant course material and delivered with enthusiasm and in a friendly and relaxed style.

I appreciate the coaching approach to learning and the flexibility in accommodating different learning styles. I believe this approach has enabled me to take a more flexible and creative approach to training and in the process of learning the experience was far more meaningful on a personal level.

It's an excellent course for all trainers to get a comprehensive understanding of what is important for a trainer to consider while delivering programs. This is a great program! It has taken me to the next level in my career and has made a difference in my life.

Lovena Christy Training Head,DuPont SS, TS , Chennai

NIST is giving the unsurpassable position to HSE professionals. Mr. Suhail is one of our candidates who had been very feed-container placed through NIST Job posting in Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production for his identified Knowledge in safety.

NIST is successfully exploring in various verticals and maintains the training standards which gives immediate job placements for the candidates who have been trained for NEBOSH CERTIFICATION

NIST, one of the most recognized institute has proven again and again which has expanded their various verticals from training to placing the HSE PROFESSIONALS' through integrated data base

Suhail Ahmed Mohammed Sr HSE Advisor

It was fortunate for me to attend the programme on Fire Safety Principles (conducted under the aegis of CIEH) at your Delhi branch on 03rd Nov'12.

Our Instructor has been astounding and made the session more effective. Alongside training based on the syllabus, he narrated live examples of laxity in industrial safety, which made me aware of the serious consequences of breaches of Occupational Health & Safety standards in an organization. Further archives were interesting with narration of good practices in Health & Safety domain.

I would like to humbly convey my appreciation to my "Guru" who made the experience so wonderful.

NIST have a wonderful team in place with profound Health & Safety credentials and I am sure NIST will scale further heights in its pursuit of excellence. God bless!

Col M D S Mann (Rediv.) HSE Professional

I would like to thank to NIST institute, Delhi branch for giving an opportunity to accomplish and achieve international course certifications in HSE field. The arrangements and overall co-ordination to complete the course was satisfactory and way of course training was awesome. I have really enjoyed the session. I would like to special thank to our trainer and team lead_sales. The presentation, the mode of teaching, daily mock test and model exams were specific and helpful for examination point of view. Concept and method were feed-container explained by the trainer. My best wishes to all my batch mates and team member of NIST. once again thanks to NIST institute for his support and guidance.

Md. Wasim raza HSE Professional

I would like to share my experience with you and NIST Institute. During the NEBOSH & IOSH training classes, I have learned a lot, both personally as feed-container as professionally. I have really enjoyed & learned so much here with NIST. Your word Sir "Age is catching up and when will you learn?" is always in my mind. This line gives me a motivation to learn, learn, learn & share with the world. I will miss you Sir. I am really happy to see that NIST Institute is always focusing on quality that gives a one step ahead with others institute.

Kasif Rahman Khan HSE Professional

I am very grateful to be a privileged part of NIST Institute Pvt. Ldiv., New Delhi Branch. I joined this course with the recommendations of my friend and colleagues from M.Tech. Environmental Engineering, M.I.T., Manipal University Batch. The course structure of IOSH MS, NEBOSH IGC, CIEH RA and CIEH FS are complete and sufficient. I am very thankful to my trainer for exploring and clearing the concepts of the course in a much elaborated manner. His experience, knowledge and dedication will be a constant source of inspiration throughout my life. I would also like to thank Sales team for clearing the doubts about the course and made very easy for me to contact whenever I had a doubt. Lastly, I hope all success and achievement to all my IOSH, NEBOSH and CIEH colleagues.

Saurabh Kumar Singh Environmental Engineer

It was a wonderful experience of around 17 days with NIST during the IOSH MS & NEBOSH IGC training recently completed in Delhi.

I had some experience of HSE, but still both these courses were of immense help to me. The courses in itself are complete but the skills that were applied in departing it through the slides & by your explanation have made them even more magnificent.

I am glad to say that I had gone the best one in its type to choose NIST.

Thanks again for filling our minds with such an inspirational knowledge, I hope, getting this knowledge would give wings to my career.

Vinay Rawal HSE & Facilities, Honeyfeed-container ED & S India Ldiv.

I take this wonderful opportunity to wholeheartedly thank my prestigious institute of NIST for their sincere, marvelous, outstanding, excellent training methodology in getting ourselves internationally certified with NEBOSH.

Especially headed by (honorable) Jayanthi Mam (really she's superb, words can't explain her superior expertise in NEBOSH training). I proudly take this opportunity to very specially thank her extra-ordinary and wonderful commitment and high-valued involvement in leading ourselves to the successful career path ahead.

To add with, your post training career support in guiding us to get more and more better opportunities stays really – really wonderful. I once again thank you all for your ever-valuable training and career support services - May almighty god shour his endless blessings to you all.

A.H. Habibur rahman Roject Engineer, Al Muhaidib, KSA

Thanks for your concern. I personally don't want to miss any opportunity to learn and grow. Though I have work experience, professional knowledge about known topics to me in Offshore Industry, I respect the Instructor/ Trainer and follow him, because as you know Safety is like an ocean, every day is a new day, every task is challenging and also training sessions is a place where people share their experience and knowledge. I have mentioned to my friends and Oil Rig Team / GIL Management (Greatship India Ldiv.) about your interest in conducting training and how you take care of each student.

I am very much impressed with NIST, your teaching style and friendly approach towards all participants. In our last batch (Bangalore), all delegates often discussed the same about you. I didn't want to mention you, but at the same time, I need to give feedback which is very important. To ensure quality approach, I always give positive and negative feedback for every training attended. It was really a nice experience in IOGC Batch at Bangalore with you and other team members of NIST as feed-container as other students from industry. We look forward to same quality and care for future training sessions also. GIL always believes in quality deliverance and our Management is pleased to get good feedback about NIST. We may send our workforce to NIST for professional Development Programs for continuous professional development.

Keep in touch..

Prabhakar D Safety Officer, GreatshipIndia Limited.

I write this letter as a feedback on the performance outcome of PTLLS and as feed-container a token of appreciation for your unmatched contribution on PTLLS training part.

I whole heartedly appreciate the structure of PTLLS training module and the way it was delivered with the high level of command in language and an unparallel proficiency of the trainer on the subject. This had awarded a great motivation amongst the participants in understanding the concept of module as a whole so as to accommodate it in their system.

I could realize the effect of the training course as I have started incorporating in my own system; hence we recognize PTLLS as an effective tool which can be adopted for any kind of working atmosphere.

I wish you and your team a great success on all your accomplishment.

Bubesh K Deputy Manager - BPCL

Weatherford Drilling International Bahrain

It's my pleasure to thank and appreciate NIST TEAM for shaping my future with following message......

Success is simple, what's right, the right way, at the right time.

My target was to pass the exams but during training sessions both the trainers used to give us few self help tips, those tips made me to change my target & today I am very happy that I could acheive my target successfuly with the Grace Of God. Praise the Lord.

God Bless you all & NIST.

Peter Menezes QHSSET Co-ordinator

I am a proud NISTian! I spent 14 days with the team of NIST and from Day 1 I could see the difference in my approach towards Safety. There is no course that can assure you job or salary expected, I believe so. Having said that, NIST will put in all the efforts to bring you closer to the desired mark. If you have ever dreamed QHSE, hold hands of NIST, "Learn & Earn" your certifications, you will see NIST will firmly hold your hand until you succeed. I wish all the students of NIST good luck and best wishes to the entire team of NIST. Let us all work feed-container and work safe. SAFETY FIRST!

Manish Kumar

Hope this may find you safe and cheer.

I am Sukumaran Nair, one of the trainees attended NEBOSH IGC course last week at Ernakluam. Let me thanks you first for providing all information / help / assistance and guidance extended during the course. I have really enjoyed your style of managing people at different level in all means.

Also regret to inform you that I couldn't perform good for last IGC 2 Mock exam due to various reasons. By revising the book and answer sheet I felt ashamed on me for not remembering key points and failure reproducing the required texts. Any how I will try my level best to score reasonably in the examination to come. As far as the job offer from Toyo is concerned, negotiations are still on leave cycle Otherwise nothing more for this time. Rest in next.

Sukumaran Nair

First of all I would l like to thank you and NIST institute Mumbai for all the help provided during NEBOSH - IOGC. After completion of NEBOSH -IOGC, I got very good job which I was looking for. Of course, all credit goes to you who gave real good guide throughout the course. I am sure, everyone in our batch Aug -2012 will pass with good marks.

Once again thanks to you and NIST Mumbai.

Vijay Ajanikar

I am happy with my Nebosh- IOGC training & exam at NIST-Hyderabad. Glad to learn that all questions that came in IOGC Final Exam were duly practiced during daily Mock Tests. Also, the important questions that you earmarked which were discussed and nicely understood by our class, were there in the final exams and we could attempt them feed-container. The Hand-out given by NIST consisting important topics and questions, the training sessions were good and all our batch enjoyed a lot. Especially, I must mention about the videos and documentaries of disasters in Off-shore Platforms with your explanation about subject was good and we learnt a lot. Earlier, I had no idea about Oil & Gas industry, Off-shore, On-shore facilities, set up of a Processing Industry and required Operational Safety etc. But now with this Training and Exam, I know all these and my confidence has increased. I am really thankful to NIST Institute and the guidance, support of Training Team.

M.Raghava Ganesh

Thank you very much for your genuine concern to all your students, The NEBOSH IGC paper was really good and in fact the IGC 2 was much easier.

Most of the questions asked in the exam were discussed in class room itself. The training was extremely good that i could clearly understand the concept.

I really appreciate the trainer for his approach towards elucidating the subject which has given us more scope to score better.

The invigilators from NIST were very proficient and conducted the exam in very professional manner and maintain the decorum throughout the exam.

Once again I would like to thank NIST for giving me this opportunity.


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