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NIST, which is known for their well esteemed quality training of NEBOSH courses is now registering for IGC course in the City of Joy- Kolkata. The city is now turning into an education hub which is all set to provide NEBOSH courses through NIST institute. NEBOSH courses in kolkata provides international certifications which are valued qualifications in HSE industries globally. Add up your qualification by booking safety courses with us today. Don't miss the chance!

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
05th to 09th Feb-18 10th to 15th Feb-18 21st & 22nd Feb-18
19th to 23rd Mar-18 24th to 29th Mar-18 03rd & 04th Apr-18
23rd to 27th Apr-18 28th Apr to 04th May-18 09th & 10th May-18
23rd to 28th May-18 29th May to 02nd Jun-18 07th & 08th Jun-18
05th to 10th Jul-18 11th to 17th Jul-18 23rd & 24th Jul-18
07th to 13th Aug-18 14th to 20th Aug-18 27th & 28th Aug-18
15th to 20th Sep-18 21st to 26th Sep-18 03rd & 04th Oct-18
15th to 23rd Oct-18 24th to 29th Oct-18 05th & 06th Nov-18
21st to 26th Nov-18 27th Nov to 01st Dec-18 06th & 07th Dec-18
31st Dec to 05th Jan-19 07th to 11th Jan-19 17th & 18th Jan-19
07th to 13th Feb-19 14th to 19th Feb-19 25th & 26th Feb-19
14th to 19th Mar-19 20th to 25th Mar-19 01st & 02nd Apr-19

IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment NEBOSH HSW
11th to 13th Apr-18 16th Apr-18 17th Apr-18 18th to 20th Apr-18
14th to 16th May-18 17th May-18 18th May-18 19th to 22nd May-18
25th to 27th Jun-18 28th Jun-18 29th Jun-18 02nd to 04th Jul-18
28th to 31st Jul-18 01st Aug-18 02nd Aug-18 03rd to 06th Aug-18
05th to 07th Sep-18 10th Sep-18 11th Sep-18 12th to 14th Sep-18
04th to 06th Oct-18 08th Oct-18 09th Oct-18 10th to 12th Oct-18
12th to 14th Nov-18 15th Nov-18 16th Nov-18 17th to 20th Nov-18
20th to 22nd Dec-18 24th Dec-18 26th Dec-18 27th to 29th Dec-18
29th to 31st Jan-19 01st Feb-19 02nd Feb-19 04th to 06th Feb-19
04th to 06th Mar-19 07th Mar-19 08th Mar-19 11th to 13th Mar-19

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