Safety Audit

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Every organization strives for improving safety record, reducing near misses and deceasing compensation claims. However, work-related accidents continue to be a critical problem. Nobody is averse to complying safety rules; still we come across incidents like injury and death from time to time. An essential component in this regard could be failure in identifying hazards leading to risk exposure. This reflects that the organizations don't conduct safety audit or even if they conduct, the outcome might not be satisfactory.

Further, a little introspection in this regard indicates the need of changing the culture at workplace, i.e. reinforcement of behavior based safety. Then only a safety culture could be imbibed which in turn will reduce the number of work related incidents. For instance, construction industry accounts for both fatal and non-fatal injuries. In this case, conducting construction safety audit regularly would prevent and reduce the scores of incidences. Similarly, we come across fire incidents, where upon investigation the result concludes that workplace was without safety compliance.

Whatever may be the reasons of incidents, but one thing is sure that until and unless there is a behavior based safety audit, nothing could be changed proactively. Given the important role audit plays in restoring every aspects of workplace safety, NIST provides auditing services in compliance with HSE Audit requirements in the areas of construction, fire, process safety, HSE MS Systems and lifting equipment. We have the professionals having hands on experience in conducting safety audit across the industries. Auditing services are being rendered to the needy organizations in the following areas:

  • Fire Safety audit
  • Electrical Safety audit
  • Occupational health and safety audit
  • Process safety Management audit

The advantages of hiring our auditing services are:

  • Employees will understand the importance of safety
  • Management would able to reinforce personal safety through good behavior based practice
  • Compliance of rules and regulations
  • All procedures and controls are in place
  • Accidents won't happen at all or reduce in number of incidences

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