British Safety Council - Level 2 Award in principles of Risk Assessment

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The British Safety Council Level 2 Award in Principles of Risk Assessment purpose is to enable learners to understand the basic principles of risk assessment. This qualification will therefore give all employees the ability to contribute to the process and act always to protect their own health and safety and that of others.

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On the successful completion the applicants will understand the main causes of accidents and ill health, and the implications they have for people in the workplace. They should be aware of the legal requirements for risk assessment and understand the principles of risk Assessment.

Candidates who need to develop their knowledge and gain practice in risk assessment should be encouraged to continue their studies by completing the British Safety Council Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment Principles and Practice course.

Understand why risk assessments are necessary for maintaining and improving standards of health and safety at work

  • State the main causes of work related fatalities, injuries and ill health
  • Outline the moral, legal and economic reasons for preventing accidents and ill health at work
  • Define key terms associated with risk assessment in the context of health and safety at work including:
    • Accident
    • Near miss
    • Accident triangle
    • Hazard
    • Risk
    • Risk assessment
    • Risk control hierarchy
    • Suitable and sufficient
    • Competence
  • Outline the role of risk assessment in accident and ill health prevention

Understand the principles of risk assessment

  • Outline the legal requirements for risk assessment
  • Describe a simple process for undertaking a risk assessment
  • Give examples of occupational, environmental and human factors that can affect the level of risk from hazards at work
  • Outline a method that can be used to prioritise risks
  • Outline the requirements for providing information about, and records on, the results of a risk assessment

Qualification Information

Designed for : Intended for supervisors, managers, team leads and heads of department

Course duration : one-day training programme

Assessment method : 30 Multiple Choice Question

Level : 2

Further Progression

Examination schedule as per the course calendar

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British Safety Council Fire Safety / Risk Assessment

As an EHS professional, I felt that the training was extremely helpful and the trainers were highly skilled. The way of explanation was good & easy to understand. Training venue is located in a convenient place, that I could commute easily. The training coordinator was extremely supportive & I will recommend NIST to my colleagues and friends.

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