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This Banksman/ Signal Person/ Marshal/ Flagman training course will cover everything a signal person needs to know to work effectively on a job site where vehicle, plant maneuvers or crane work is being done. The signal person has many responsibilities and plays an integral part in the safety of a crane or vehicle operation.

Learning Outcomes:

This course aims to raise awareness of the dangers caused when large vehicles reverse or during plant movements, and introduces practical techniques and hand signals to assist drivers with this maneuver. Delegates will also be trained in the necessary skills to assist other drivers and banksman.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand roles and responsibilities of Banksman,
  • Ensure the safe passage of reversing vehicles in confined spaces,
  • Identify areas of danger within the site,
  • Demonstrate site rules and recommended code of signals,
  • Guide large goods vehicles, both rigid and articulated, using the above code of signals.
  • Understand importance of communication.

The training sessions would be as per industrial guidelines and best practices.

Who can take the Course?

This course is aimed at any person responsible for assisting in the maneuvering of plants and loading/unloading of vehicles.


Banksman training ensures that an organization meets its legal requirements and reduces the risk of costly accidents when carrying out common, but dangerous, reversing maneuvers.

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur while the vehicle is reversing. Banksman training will help your organization to overcome this problem. This training also means that your organization discharges duty of care and complies with legal standards.

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