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Organizations are increasingly aware of ensuring a working environment free from occupational injuries and fatalities, as they add no values to productivity. Thus, safety remains a concern for every organization and any workplace incident yields in unreliable workflow. As per the report of National Safety Council, majorities of illness and injuries in workplace are due to issue of human behavior. This reflects the importance of employee behavior is critical in attaining improved safety standards, which is feasible through behavior based safety intervention. In this regard, the emphasis is on behavior based safety having aim to improve safety through integration of behavioral science and organizational principles with safety management to reduce incidences of injuries.

Though, behavior based safety has got wider acceptance across industries, yet the result seems to be elusive as adapting to meet the needs of workplace environment has not been effective. Actually, implementing behavior based safety programs require constant guidance of experts. Another aspect is that policies and signs may be instrumental in directing behavior, but don't motivate safe behavior. To deal with these kinds of issues, NIST provides excellent behavior based consultancy services involving:

  • Safety observation processes (identify critical behavior, change unsafe behavior, recognize at-risk behavior)
  • Explanation to employees one-to-one basis regarding their behavior
  • Review the consequences of unsafe behavior
  • Technical and procedural solutions to deal with unsafe behavior
  • Behavior based ergonomics observation
  • Commitment on the part of management and leadership to improve safety standard
  • Implementation through behavior based safety training
  • Assessing the safety culture through behavior based safety audit
  • Use feedback data on safe behavior to remove barriers
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Monitor the effectiveness of behavior based safety program
  • Rigorous implementation of behavior based safety as per the site specific need

Benefits of hiring our services will yield benefits in terms of:

  • Improve in safety behavior of employees
  • Reduction in lost time and frequency of minor injury
  • Increase in productivity
  • Overall boost in economic performance