How to Successfully Clear NEBOSH IGC Exam?

This question comes to the mind of every Learner who is aspiring to achieve the prestigious NEBOSH IGC certificate. Undeniably, the NEBOSH IGC qualification gives a robust foundation in Health & Safety career. And the determination of aspirants to successfully clear in the first attempt goes towering high!

Choose the right Learning Partner – You are halfway through already!

Yes! Your learning partner plays a colossal role in guiding you in the right direction commencing from training to examination. So make sure you choose the right one!

Why choose NIST?

  • India’s First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner
  • Trained more than 1.2 lacs Learners
  • More than a decade in Safety services
  • Successfully Completed 1000+ NEBOSH IGC batches
  • Consistently achieving high pass percentage throughout the year
  • Demand for NISTians in MNCs / Industries – Top Highlight*

A Step-by-step approach to clear NEBOSH IGC

Pre-requisite before the training:

  • Intermediate level of command of English language in order to read the content and interpret the same.
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office
  • Basic understanding of occupational health and safety.
  • Industrial workplace exposure is optional
  • Dedication towards achieving the course

During the Training Period:

  • Understand the syllabus and relate it to your existing knowledge
  • Make notes of the discussed topics during the session
  • Revise the content and research the relevant information on the Internet
  • Practice the mock test and record the difficulties
  • Discuss the difficulties with the trainer and work on the same
  • Be consistent during the preparation phase
  • Dedicate to give at least 3 to 4  hours each day for the preparation for 30 days

During the IG1 examination:

  • Read the scenario and the associated task/question carefully.
  • Interpret the information from the scenario
  • Research and read the relevant article on the course book and the Internet.
  • Create a rough plan/answer for each task.
  • Write the answer by adding knowledge and understanding from the scenario
  • Be patient while writing and write the answer to all the tasks/questions.
  • Review the written answer and make the necessary changes in the answer if required.
  • Upload the answer sheet before the due time.

During the IG2 Risk Assessment preparation:

  • Understand the IG2 guidance document carefully
  • Make a note of key points.
  • Decide the industry for the risk assessment
  • Collect the relevant information from the syllabus/book and start working on the assessment
  • Self-evaluate with the available checklist
  • Consult with the trainer, if required

Important: Remember, any violation in the examination policy or procedure will be considered malpractice as per NEBOSH guidelines. So read the malpractice policy in the NEBOSH website before you proceed to write your examination.

Another quick tip – Talk to your Alumni! Someone who has already cleared IGC can also give you a better guidance! You can get talk about their Open Book Examination experience, answering to Scenario-based questions in Risk Assessment, Exam preparation tips, etc. They may as well inspire you to achieve the prestigious NEBOSH IGC certification as they did!

Above everything, your confidence matters! Do not lose your confidence at any point. Remember, you have taken a major step in your career; you have chosen the right direction by opting for NEBOSH IGC. You now have to put some hard work & effort to successfully clear the NEBOSH IGC exam. And the aftermath is simply impressive! You will be a proud holder of the prestigious NEBOSH IGC certification! Are you ready?

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