Health and Safety

Importance of Workplace Health & Safety Training for your Employees

Health & Safety

Importance of Workplace Health & Safety Training for your Employees

No matter how big or small your organization is, Health & safety training should be at the pinnacle of your priority list. It is your first & foremost step to keep your employees & customers safe. Also, safety training enables workers to gain sound knowledge & raises awareness on topics associated with their jobs. With an understanding of safety practices, a worker can eliminate risks or hazards which can lead to any fatal workplace injuries.

According to ILO,

2.3 Million People Die Every Year due to Workplace Accidents

340 Million Occupational Accidents Yearly

160 Million Victims of Work-related illnesses Every year

How to Prevent it?

Health & Safety Training can be one of the preventive measures which can considerably reduce loss of life, workplace injuries & illnesses.

So what is Workplace Safety Training?

This imperative training is a process that actually aims to proffer your workforce with the required knowledge and skills in order to perform their work in a safer way. Also, an effective workplace plan includes guidelines and instructions to identify and report hazards and deal with incidents. Health & Safety Training establishes a safety culture among employees which promotes proper safety procedures at the workplace.

There is a lot that goes into ensuring safety for your employees so it is necessary to have a stable process in place. And as an employer, it is your moral & legal responsibility to ensure your employees work in a safe and healthy manner.

Safety training is indeed a significant tool for your employees to deal with the crisis which has the potential to affect your bottom line. Your workforce, being your biggest asset, plays a colossal role in your business performance. In such a case, the safety of the same becomes your highest priority and that goes without saying!

Top 5 Reasons – Why Workplace Training is Important?

1. The law requires it

According to The Indian Factory Act 1948, 7A. General duties of the Occupier – 2. (c) the provisions of such information, instruction, training and supervision as are necessary to ensure the health and safety of all workers at work. This is one of the critical reasons why safety training is significant for certain job roles. Certain tasks may require trained workers in order to prevent any loss or injury.

2. Reduce Workplace Risk

Be it busy construction sites or a quiet business office, they all carry their own unique hazards & risk factors. Though office spaces may seem safe in comparison, there are threats such as slips, trips and falls, and unsecured equipment that can cause significant risks at workplace. And these are potential issues that employees must be aware of. It is important for employees to comply with health & safety procedures and also identify, monitor, and control risks that are associated with the workplace. And the same is ensured by imparting Health & Safety training to employees.

3. Increase Efficiency

There are a myriad of ways in which health & safety training can positively influence the efficiency and productivity of an organization. Health & Safety procedures usually comprises of step by step tasks that are precisely defined and as a result, employees complete the tasks in a safer and efficient manner. A safe workplace enables employees to entirely remain focused which in turn contributes to the overall productivity of an organization.

4. Reduce costs

That’s right! A good health & safety training can reduce costs in a multitude ways! Losing workers due to illness or workplace injury can affect the operations of an organization. Not only valuable time & resources are lost in the midst of managing the situation but also the experience & skills of the employee goes entirely lost. Effective health & safety training can streamline the operations by avoiding the potential loss of highly skilled workers through proper health & safety procedures. Also, it helps companies avoid paying fines for breaches of any health & safety regulations.

5.Promote safety culture

Good health & safety training can help organizations to build a good relationship with its employees. Obviously, when staff feel safe & valued they tend to be satisfied with their employers and this can have a positive impact on the morale and also boosts the productivity. Also, health & safety training conducted by an organization reflects its commitment & responsibility towards its employees. A company with safe culture also attracts highly skilled & potential candidates.


Importance of Workplace Health & Safety Training for your Employees

Health & Safety Training imparts the required knowledge to workers in order to work in a safe manner at workplace. Also, it helps the organization by promoting safety culture and reduces cost by streamlining the operation process.
A basic health & safety training equips workers with knowledge on identifying risks & hazards involved at workplace, determines control measures and implement appropriate OSH policies.


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