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Role of NEBOSH courses in Safety Career

Role of NEBOSH courses in Safety Career

Importance of Safety in organisation

Safety can be defined as any action taken to avoid accidents or incidents, and it plays a very important role in any organisation that offers or renders any type of service. It is essential for an organisation to take safety precautions and to be aware of and alert to safety hazards. The safety of every employee and of any work environment is as important as ever before. With the advent of new machinery, a growing population, technology, etc., the growth rate of industry keeps increasing. As a result, there is a need for employee and organisational safety in all these sectors and industries to avoid any kind of risk or hazard that may occur due to which accidents may lead to loss of human life or property damage. So, safety is vital in any organisation, whether it’s large or small, whether it’s public or private.

Accidents not only endanger people’s lives but also destroy their livelihoods and properties, leading to economic loss on an unprecedented scale. Thus, it is very essential for industries to provide a safe working environment for their workers with the help of adequate tools and equipment as well as work place modifications.

The quality of safety you have within the workplace is the most essential aspect in determining whether or not your company will be successful. Hence, safety practitioners’ demand is increasing day by day. Ensuring the maintenance of a safe workplace is a safety practitioner’s main priority, so you will lead by example and encourage others to do likewise.

The Role of the Safety Practitioner

  • Helps the organisation to comply with National & International Legal & Standard Requirements and codes of practices 
  • Aids the organisation to integrate OH & S objectives with business objectives 
  • Assists in designing the Health & Safety Management System for continual improvement 
  • Support the organisation in safeguarding Health & Safety Management System by preventing accidents & incidents 
  • Ensure that organisational risk is reduced and avoided to the greatest extent possible.
  • Draft the HSE Standards for the organisation in line with standard requirements & analyze the trends in OH&S performance.
  • Enhance the safety behaviour of the workers and promote best practices 

Why do global employers value NEBOSH qualifications?

NEBOSH provides internationally recognized qualifications that enhance the competency of health & safety professionals at any organisation. NEBOSH designed the qualification to suit everyone in the workplace.

The qualification starts from the introductory award, professional diplomas & master’s. Workers at any organisational level can gain health & safety knowledge consistent with global standards.

The courses cover health & safety management procedures & mainly focus on international standards that assist the workers of the Middle East or any European nation, onshore or offshore, to efficiently carry out their health & safety responsibilities. The qualifications are built with case studies which impart the learner with an understanding of real-life incidents & give them confidence in facing any type of organisational health & safety issues.

Employers around the world trust the NEBOSH-certified employee who can tackle any kind of HSE issue and boost the organization’s performance.

Why do organisations prefer NEBOSH-certified professionals? 

Successful and sustainable organisations hire the right people for the right functionality of the job. Also, the prominent role of the organisation is to manage health and safety in the workplace. The organisation further considers the health & safety professionals as their assets, because they are responsible for managing health and safety risks at the workplace.

Various International Organizations & Examination Boards are offering accreditation to safety professionals, among which NEBOSH—National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is well recognised & globally accepted.

Organisations prefer NEBOSH certified professionals because the NEBOSH qualification teaches the best safety practices, which heightens the Health, Safety & Environmental performance of their organisation. Furthermore, the NEBOSH qualification imparts health, safety, and environmental knowledge and skills that reduce accidents and work-related ill-health and improve overall well-being. When compared to other certifications or qualifications, NEBOSH certified professionals will demonstrate a strong commitment to managing health and safety, as well as superior competence. They help the organisation to visualise the unexpected risk associated with every element of the business operations and prevent unforeseen potential consequences. 

NEBOSH on career growth:

Occupational health and safety professionals and technicians are expected to expand at the fastest rate among all sectors during the coming decade. To begin with, it’s critical that a NEBOSH certificate adds value to your employer and assists you in improving the safety of your workplace.

Moreover, it helps to ensure the safety of your employer and also helps your employer meet the safety requirements. Secondly, it offers a higher potential for career growth for those individuals who have been accredited by NEBOSH.

Employment growth will be driven by an increase in demand for specialised services in industries such as chemical manufacturing and construction, which are often high-risk environments that require highly trained professionals who can identify hazards, assess exposure risks and provide guidance on how to minimise or eliminate them.

Jobs after NEBOSH:

  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Health and Safety Auditor
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Health and Safety Consultant
  • Health and Safety Specialist
  • Field Safety Officer
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Safety Officer

NEBOSH training is ideal for HSE professionals to learn more about Occupational Health and Safety. Training from the HSE-approved course provider makes sure you get the qualification you need to keep safe. The NEBOSH course content is constantly being updated. In NEBOSH courses, you’ll learn more about HSE and how to apply it to work. It’s based on the international curriculum and delivered by experts with years of relevant experience. After completing the HSE-approved course, you’ll have the qualifications and skills to help make sure workplaces are HSE-compliant. 90% of HSE jobs prefer NEBOSH certification. 


NIST is NEBOSH’s first gold learning partner in India. No matter how high your goals may be, our safety trainers will help you immensely in accomplishing them. Learn from one of the industry’s most experienced and largest trainers, who has trained over 1.2 million safety professionals to date. Our students work all around the world, and we have global toppers. NIST offers NEBOSH Certificate courses that are delivered through online learning, live training, and blended learning (combination of face-to-face and distance learning). These NEBOSH online courses can be studied at your own convenience as they are self-paced and completely flexible to suit your needs, so you can continue with your career while earning NEBOSH certificate from your desk or study room at home! They cover all aspects of health and safety at work, such as personal protection, fire and explosion hazards, fall prevention, chemical hazards, general first aid, manual handling, working at heights, confined spaces, emergencies, management of health and safety at work, environmental health and hygiene, emergency care, etc. We offer seamless customer support. Happy Learning!

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