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The Purpose of Energy Isolation or LOTO (LOCK Out, Tag Out):

Energy Isolation or LOTO

The primary purpose of energy isolation is to ensure that all energy sources are properly isolated before beginning any maintenance or servicing job on the equipment so that the work can be completed without causing injury to personnel or damage to the equipment. Energy isolation reduces the risk of electricity in a building. Energy isolation helps to reduce or control hazards caused by electricity.

In short, if you’re looking to safeguard your employees and machinery, energy isolation devices are one option you have to keep in mind.

Why Energy Isolation is needed:

As mentioned earlier, when you use energy isolation, you can reduce the risk of electric shocks. Energy isolation reduces the risk of injury and protects employees from electrical circuits. For example, a switch or a breaker that is used to switch on and off electricity can make you safe. If you do not want to use a switch, you can turn off the power by using a circuit breaker.

Moreover, the purpose of energy isolation is not only to increase the safety of personnel. It also reduces the amount of energy required and helps to save energy; reducing noise levels and improving sound insulation for a better listening environment, as well as protecting sensitive components from overheating caused by energy surges or spikes in line voltage or current during normal operation.

Benefits of Energy Isolation Training:

There are many reasons that energy isolation is used in the industry. Energy isolators are used for:

  • Increasing safety and security
  • Reducing the risk of electric shock
  • Preventing leakage of electrical energy from the equipment due to faulty wiring or faulty installation of the insulation system of the equipment
  • Protecting the equipment from power surges
  • Limiting the number of devices (load) connected to a particular generator
  • Protecting the system from short circuits
  • Preventing surges from damaging equipment
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing wear and tear on the equipment Increasing safety and security
  • Preventing sparks from igniting flammable vapours or gases around sensitive machinery or electrical equipment       

Energy Isolation system:

Energy Isolation System for Electrical Equipment involves Energy isolator device that blocks electrical current from passing through it and keeps it away from the load so as to avoid any harm to the equipment or people operating it or nearby them.

It is also known as an electrical safety switch, fusible link or fuse block, which is one of the most common ways of controlling electrical systems in industrial settings to prevent dangerous situations such as electrocution or fire accidents from happening because of overloading or accidental faults. Most companies will invest in energy isolation devices based on the value they bring to the organization.

Energy Isolation Training:

It is essential that all personnel understand their personal responsibilities and obligations during Energy isolation (LOTO) work operations to ensure safety and protection of persons and property from exposure to hazardous energized electrical currents and voltages and other dangerous situations when working on energized power lines, transformers and switches etc., during energized conditions, and also to minimize or eliminate such hazards in their normal day-to-day work activities and during emergencies, by knowing:

  • What type of equipment should be used
  • Where it can be found, and how it works?
  • How it should be connected to a power supply?
  • How it can be safely tested?
  • How to perform emergency shutdown procedures and turn off the power supply if necessary?
  • What happens to the electrical system if there are any faults/malfunctions?

Need for Energy Isolation (LOTO) Training:

A proper Energy Isolation (LOTO) training will provide you with knowledge and skills necessary for effective operation of machinery in a safe manner, including understanding the requirements for conducting inspections, testing, measuring and maintaining the equipment to meet manufacturer’s specifications.

Moreover, though this is not an emergency response training, it does require that the operator has some working knowledge of how to turn off the power and check for leaks before beginning service operations on any machine or piece of equipment that uses electric energy, pneumatic energy, hydraulic energy, chemical energy, gravitational energy, or radiation energy systems.

An Energy Isolation LOTO Training helps with:

  • Handling lockout, tag out devices
  • Recognizing and responding to lockout and tag out signs
  • Identifying possible causes for lockout or tag out situations
  • Correcting a lockout situation
  • Avoiding tag out situations
  • Recovering from a lockout or tag out situation

A LOTO instructor will accompany each trainee during his/her training session as well as onsite if the lockout occurs in the field to observe the correct response and provide immediate assistance to avoid the problem.

Who needs an Energy Isolation LOTO Training?

The LOTO program is designed for Employees of all disciplines who are responsible for operating any type of power-operated equipment

  • In their job function or
  • In close proximity to where they perform their job functions while on the job site (e g, forklift drivers).


We at NIST provide customised and targeted programs that are specifically designed to provide you with real-life scenarios that make your learning experience relevant and applicable to the industry/job role that you currently hold or aspire to hold in the future. We are confident that our trainings will provide you with the skill set you need to succeed in your current job or position within the industry, as well as advance to higher positions with more responsibility and opportunities for growth!

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