What is the scope of NEBOSH IGC?

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What Is The Scope Of NEBOSH IGC?

The safety profession is one of the unique careers chosen by passionate individuals in the health and safety field. With the rising workplace accidents and risks, the demands for skilful professionals are soaring. The role plays a key point in managing safety and saving innumerable lives. However, it reaps a multitude of benefits through challenges are being involved.

One of the gateways to becoming a safety professional is by pursuing suitable International Safety Courses. And about 90% of the safety employers desire candidates with the prestigious NEBOSH qualification. NEBOSH IGC is one such qualification that is primarily mandated among almost 65% of the safety job openings.

NEBOSH IGC – A Right Start for your Safety Career

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All aspiring safety professionals pursue NEBOSH IGC as it is the most-demanded qualification among reputed employers. NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health. It is an international safety board headquartered in UK known for its safety courses which is recognized all over the world.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) equips the learners to get invaluable knowledge and skills that will support real-time concepts required to manage any safety concepts. There is no pre-requisite for this course but the learner should have Standard English language proficiency to take up this course. However, NIST suggests you to study IOSH MS before IGC to grasp the safety concepts better.

What roles would you get after pursuing NEBOSH IGC?

With NEBOSH IGC, you will attract job roles such as Safety officer or HSE officer in any core industrial sector. Your role will take full responsibility for workplace safety, preventive measures and maintenance reports as to when required.

Safety Officers or HSE professionals generally have the privilege to choose an industry that will best suit their career aspirations.

The tops industries for HSE or Safety officers are as follows,

  • Agriculture and Plantations
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Food, drink and tobacco
  • Forestry, wood, pulp and paper
  • Oil and gas production
  • Oil refining
  • Basic metal production
  • Chemical Industries
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Transport equipment manufacturing
  • Textiles, clothing, leather and footwear
  • Health services
  • Public service
  • Utilities (water; gas; electricity)
  • Education and research
  • Financial services
  • Hotels, catering and tourism
  • Media and Culture
  • Postal and telecom services
  • Shipping ports, fisheries and inland waterways
  • Transport

Every industry works to promote safety by taking stringent measures for a sustainable business. An unsafe workplace contributes a terrible loss to both the business and the affected person’s personal life. It factors lost man-days, replacement or maintenance cost, reputation and disrupted workflow for a smoother business operation.  

The required safety measures to prevent various hazards is covered by skilled safety professionals. Hence, the constant knack of handling safety is a challenging role where only a certified professional can do it better.

The reputation of NEBOSH IGC has reached far that it has become a primary qualification for entry-level positions to kick start your career in health and safety.

Job candidates have a very little chance to compete for a safety role without a NEBOSH qualification; it is indeed a tough competition against certified safety professionals. It is revealed that over 50,000 candidates take up NEBOSH courses every year to secure the best job in the market.

Why NEBOSH IGC is the most-preferred qualification among employers? What do learners study?

NEBOSH courses comprise everything that is expected out of you as a health and safety officer. In whichever sector you are in, it should have a “Plan, Do, Check and Act” model that suits for controlling hazards in any industrial sector.
The learning outcomes of NEBOSH IGC covers physical and psychological health, Musculoskeletal health, Chemical and biological agents, General workplace issues, Work equipment, Fire and Electricity handling.

The NEBOSH course syllabus is carefully designed to cover practical steps like management reports, decision-making, actions are taken, planning and regular tasks. In the risk assessment, you will also be assessed with scenario questions that allow you to experiment and apply what you have learned.

How to learn NEBOSH IGC?

NEBOSH IGC can be pursued in offline training sessions or through virtual as per your convenience. The NEBOSH course duration depends on the completion of Live Training Sessions which has 13 working days and the E-learning duration will include 110 hours of learning in the given portal.

After your preparation, you can take Open Book Examination (OBE) assessment which allows you to finish your assessment from wherever you are. Post-assessment, learners will receive their NEBOSH certificate after successfully completing the exam.

Learners also get to enjoy a lot of benefits that will boost your career.

What perks do learners enjoy with NEBOSH IGC?

  • Meet the academic requirements for TECH IOSH, AIOSH, and AIIRSM memberships
  • Attract high-level safety-related opportunities across the world
  • Strong career in safety aligned to your passion
  • Reach leadership level positions and ensure business meets standardized protocols
  • A strong foundation to NEBOSH International Diploma.

As per NEBOSH qualification levels, IGC is a Level 3 qualification that covers basic safety concepts that a safety officer will need. After IGC, safety professionals continue to develop their academic status with NEBOSH International Diploma in order to attract more opportunities. NEBOSH ID is a Level 6 qualification which is deemed the highest qualification to attain management level positions in any sector.

Any NEBOSH course qualification is greatly recognized by employers and instantly boosts upto 16% of the salary.

But, it all starts with picking the best Learning partner.

According to NEBOSH, learning partners must commit and meet 6 learning principles of Excellency. NIST is proud to be India’s First Gold Learning Partner as we have greatly exceeded the expectation.

Why learners choose NIST?

  • Highly qualified trainers with cross-domain experience for a thorough revision of the syllabus
  • Successfully trained  1.2 lac+ learners with 1000+ NEBOSH batches
  • Learner friendly course materials
  • Proficient regional language trainers for the learner’s convenience
  • Consistent higher pass and distinction percentage in all NEBOSH and IOSH courses
  • 1000+ Safety professionals placed in reputed organizations

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