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Why choose Health & Safety as a career?

Health and Safety

Why choose Health & Safety as a Career?

Having a myriad of career options in today’s progressive world, one needs to be heedful about picking a befitting one! While one can be a doctor, lawyer or even a cinematographer, it takes a unique vision to think or simply single out Safety as a career. If you take a closer look, Health & Safety as a career has predominantly occupied a significant place because that’s where you can make a real difference by saving people’s lives, saving businesses from loss, and saving the environment from deterioration. And not to miss, people talk about job satisfaction these days, in whatsoever career they may be at. In a rewarding career like Health & safety, nail it, you are always at the pinnacle!

So why this paradigm shift? Why Health & Safety as a career is crucial? With workplace accidents & injuries proliferating, the need for safety goes towering high. Modern businesses & Industries require Safety Professionals to prevent workplace injuries, manage day-to-day risks and promote a safety culture.

Facts – You should know!

International Labor Organization Estimates Over 1 Million Work-related deaths annually & Hundreds of millions of people face workplace accidents & occupational exposure to hazardous substances across the globe.


6300 people lost their lives due to Industrial accidents between the year 2014 – 2017. Most of the accidents happened while operating the machine and others were general industrial accidents including fire, explosion, mining disaster, etc.


Since May 2020, 30 Industrial accidents have occurred in India killing at least 75 workers. Most such accidents took place in Maharashtra, Delhi, and Rajasthan. 

Safety Officers are on Demand – Know Why!

As per the provisions of Section 40-B of the Factories Act, 1948, a Safety officer has to be appointed if:

  • Units that have 1000 or more workers
  • Units where a manufacturing operation or process involves any risk of poisoning, bodily injuries, or any hazard to health

According to Central Statistics Office, there are 242,395 Manufacturing Industries in India!

And this is more than enough to precisely depict why safety professionals are highly on demand!

To take this on the lateral side, people, at times, want to tag along with a unique career. They feel that adrenaline rush when they accomplish International qualifications and get placed in some abroad location as a Safety Manager. So yes, there are people who prefer unique careers like safety!

So what job roles do you get in Health & Safety?

So if Health & Safety is your Choice, know where to start?

If you are done with your graduation and if you see yourself being a Safety officer in the coming years then it’s time to gear up for some Safety courses. Because that’s is all you need to become a leading & a successful Safety Professional! So what course will be your next question!

IOSH Managing Safely: To start with, you can choose IOSH Managing Safely which is a 3days course where you will get familiar with basic health and safety concepts. This will ease your way to pursue advanced safety courses like NEBOSH IGC & International Diploma.

NEBOSH IGC: As a next step towards starting your safety career, you can enroll for Online NEBOSH IGC (13 days course) which will help you get a deeper insight into managing safety at your workplace. You will be able to perform as a safety professional by ensuring that your business meets safety standards & legislation. It will also serve as a strong foundation for pursuing NEBOSH International Diploma. 

NEBOSH International Diploma: If you are seeking to achieve higher positions in your safety career, you can pursue this advanced & topmost safety qualification. It offers you the knowledge & practical skills that are required to perform as a Safety Manager.

Where to study?

Well, choosing the right learning partner definitely matters! Because a good tutor may share more of his industrial experiences & compare the theoretical concepts with practical examples. So explore, think & choose!


For various good reasons, learners find NIST to be the best safety institute for pursuing Health & safety courses. Some of them are listed below:

  • India’s First Gold Learning Partner
  • No.1 choice of Learners to pursue NEBOSH courses
  • NEBOSH certified experienced Trainers
  • Trained more than 1.2 lacs + learners
  • More than a decade into Safety services
  • 1000+ NEBOSH batches successfully completed
  • Consistently achieving a high pass percentage
  • Co-learn with Safety Aspirants from PAN India & Global Locations
  • Seamless support from registration to certification
  • Learner-friendly course materials created by in-house technical writers


  2. NEBOSH International Diploma
  3. NEBOSH Environmental Diploma
  4. IOSH Managing Safely
There is no pre-requisite for any safety course. But basic proficiency to write & speak English is a must.
A learner should enrol under a learning partner & complete the virtual training sessions. Once completed, the learner can write Open Book Exam (theory) & do a Risk Assessment (Project). On clearing the exam, the learner will receive the course completion certification
There are innumerable job portals that post job alerts for safety officers, safety engineers, etc. At NIST, we support our learners by posting relevant job openings in our website every week.

If you are interested in starting your safety career, start with IOSH MS / NEBOSH IGC. Call our course counsellors @ +91 8056000530 or mail us at


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