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Why is fire safety important?

Fire safety is one of the most important considerations for any employer, school, college, or university, mall, theatre, or management personnel. Fire dangers are the most hazardous of all because, if a fire breaks out in a building, it will not only destroy that portion but quickly spreads, possibly resulting in death. Though few fire incidents are avoidable and predicted early, the majority are not; thus, fire safety precautions are necessary. Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured every year as a result of fire hazards.

Why is fire safety important to individuals?

Whether it’s an organisation or a residence, a group of individuals or a single person, if fire disasters occur at a very serious level, the consequences will be disastrous.

We do not place a higher priority on fire awareness or fire-related issues since we do not believe they are mandatory or necessary.

Do you have any idea how many children are impacted by fire accident each year? Each year, approximately 500 children under the age of 14 are killed by fire. Residential fires are the most common cause of death or injury among children. As children are not developed enough or have not been trained how to deal with fires, they do not know how to react in such dangerous situations. The lack of a fire alarm system in the residence is also a factor.

Cooking appliances, cigarettes, unmaintained cylinder tubes, and non-maintenance of fire-prone places, among other things, are all likely to cause major house mishaps. People need to be aware of fire-fighting devices and how to use them, as well as evacuation procedures, in order to avoid or protect themselves from flames.

Why is fire safety important in the workplace?

To safeguard employees:

Life is more important than anything else on Earth because there is nothing more valuable than life. Fire safety classes teach us about the devices that aid in fire prevention, the various processes that are involved in handling such fire disaster circumstances, and how to safely exit the building during a fire.

This fire safety training helps in reducing the risks. A fire can occur at any moment and in any location. It could be caused by an electric fire, lamps, candles, electric space heaters, or any other flammable item, etc. in an organisation. Lack of personnel training could result in significant property and human life loss. Fire safety training is required in both the domestic and corporate sectors.

For example, electric space heaters that keep rooms warm might cause fire accidents in warehouses if they are left unattended or if they are not handled correctly. As you can’t predict when a fire will happen, proper staff training would be beneficial in dealing with a potentially dangerous situation. Fire safety classes are always beneficial since they deal with the rescue of people and property in danger, which can occur at any time.

The law demands it:

Every employer is required by law to identify hazards, assess risks, and have a written risk assessment, including any exceptional or other risks, under Section 19 of the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (the 2005 Act). Employers must conduct risk assessments and record them in the Safety Statement to comply with Section 19. A risk assessment for fire safety should be carried out, which should include fire prevention. A fire assessment entails detecting hazards in the workplace, assessing or finding solutions to the problem, and implementing preventative actions to avoid fires.

It would be a beneficial attempt to provide fire safety training for our employees. In fact, the law requires almost all employees in most workplaces to be given fire safety training. Under the 2005 ACT Section 8, it’s an employer’s duty to ensure the safety of every employee and keep the workplace a safe, risk-free place of work. Also, employers must prepare and revise proper emergency plans and procedures, as well as offer the necessary fire-fighting and workplace evacuation measures, as per Section 11 of the 2005 Act.

To keep organisations free from hazards:

Organizations with proper fire safety precautions operate more effectively and financially, as reducing warehouse material losses and employee absences contributes to the creation of a safe and successful environment.

To increase productivity and profit:

As mentioned earlier, a safe and healthy environment would result in an increase in the productivity and profit of any organisation. A safe workplace has lower absenteeism, higher turnover, and lower employee injury and illness costs.

To protect property:

Despite the fact that organisations insure things, money is not the only factor. Some objects are too valuable, vital, or customary to be replaced or purchased again. Therefore, taking fire safety precautions is critical in order to protect valuable assets.

The importance of Fire Mock drills in Safety:

What is a fire mock drill? Fire Mock Drills include mock sessions or demonstrations like raising fire alarms, using fire extinguishers, rescuing trapped people, rescuing people from different floors, etc. It helps learners to react and plan things quickly during an emergency, to learn evacuation methods during an emergency, and it creates confidence for learners.

Every organisation needs a Fire Audit – Why:

  • To comply with fire safety laws and regulations.
  • To avoid litigations
  • To ensure worker’ safety
  • To add value to your organisation
  • To gain employees’ trust


This fire safety training does not have any prerequisites. This fire safety training is open to anyone who has no prior understanding of fire safety.

Who can take this course?

  • Warehouse Safety Manager
  • Emergency response and rescue workers
  • Fire fighters
  • HSE professionals
  • Fire Officer
  • Sub Fire officer
  • Safety supervisor
  • Health and Safety department members
  • Employees
  • Volunteers from every organisation


A quality educational institute will always guide you in the right direction. NIST is India’s first NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner and is an ISO: 9001 Certified Company. NIST provides a one-day/8-hour fire safety training that can be extended according to the needs of the corporates. In addition, at NIST, we don’t just teach you theory; we also provide you with hands-on fire safety training. Our hands-on sessions will assist learners in gaining a better understanding of real-world scenarios. Fire safety training is provided as a separate tailored programme in addition to being a section of NEBOSH IGC and diploma courses.

This fire safety training will assist learners in understanding the various possibilities and causes of fire formation, identifying fire hazards, particularly in workplace environments, and familiarising themselves with fire safety devices such as different types of fire extinguishers, fire alarms; fire control mechanisms, emergency evacuation plans; and mock drills, which involve a series of active steps, etc. to prevent fire hazards. We have Safety expert trainers who have trained over 1.2 million students so far. Take up the Fire Safety course! Learn how to save lives from fire!!

Occupational hazards & accidents continue to exist despite organisations’ best attempts to maintain the highest safety standards in their workplace. A periodic audit of your workplace would be an excellent solution to this problem. NIST is happy to provide you with fire life safety auditing services that can be customized to your (client’s) specific needs. Our audit checklist is derived based on safety standards like Bureau of Indian standards & National Building Code.

For further details regarding the course, you can contact our course counsellors @ +91 8056000530 or mail us at

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