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Complaint Policy

NIST Global - India’s No.1 Safety Organization serving the globe is governed by its robust set of values and carries an incredible vision of providing safety services for its multiple stakeholders through its sheer dedication & commitment.

1. Scope

The sole purpose of this policy is to formalize the management of grievances from our learners / stakeholders to strongly sustain the quality of our service provided. The grievance procedure provided in this document allows learners and stakeholders to voice their issues and see transparency regarding how grievances will be handled internally, with the purpose of minimizing conflict and fostering relationships.

2. Definition

Grievance: An issue, concern, problem, or claim (real or perceived) that a stakeholder or learner wants the company to address formally.


To resolve grievances related to:

  • Failure to provide a service,
  • The quality of facilities or learning resources,
  • Treatment by, or attitude of, a staff member,
  • The failure of the company to follow an appropriate administrative process,
  • Dissatisfaction with the Company’s policies or procedures.

If you are dissatisfied with the company’s educational or support services (other than the award of credit, a mark, grade or qualification in respect of which the Academic Appeals Procedure applies) you should follow the Grievance procedure as detailed below.

3. Grievance Hierarchy

5. Grievance Redressal Process

(a) Receive Grievance:

To submit a Grievance, you should contact the company in writing by filling the Grievance form where you have to explain the nature of, and grounds for, the complaint. The duly filled & signed form must be scanned and to the email ID or submit the online complaint form in the below link.

Click here to download the complaint form

Note: A complaint should normally be made within 10 working days of the occurrence of the matter complained about. If there is a delay you should explain the reason.

  • Briefly describe the details of the complaint completing all sections of this form.
  • Materials and documentation used to support a complainant’s allegations should be limited to and directly related to the reported case.
  • The evidence should state relevant facts and document and support the allegation.
  • The statement should include a description of the events or circumstances upon which the complaint is based and all supporting documentation for your complaint must be attached.
  • Specify any pertinent dates, staff you dealt with, money owed, balances due, etc.
  • This complaint will not be processed unless all the boxes are checked and you have signed and dated the complaint.

If the complaint appears to be unjustified, NIST may write to you to invite withdrawal of the complaint. The complaint will proceed only if you respond, in writing, within 10 working days and request the complaint to proceed.

(b) Acknowledge & Record:

Within five working days of a grievance being received, the respective team will acknowledge the grievance on behalf of the company. The acknowledgement of a grievance will include a statement of the issue, the procedure that will be used to resolve the complaint, and an estimated timeframe in which the grievance will be handled.

All grievances will be documented so that the information may be analysed. The causes of Grievances may be found, addressed, and, if necessary, training opportunities can be found and improvements can be implemented by recording and using grievances information in this way.

(c) Investigate

Those involved in the service's delivery, such as the Course Tutor, Sales Counsellor, Sales Manager, and Customer Support executive, will be consulted by the Company Director as they move forward with the formal review of the Grievance recorder if the informal discussion with the Customer support team to address the same has not yielded a satisfactory resolution. You will be informed that formal proceedings have begun at this point.

(d) Resolve

  • The team will investigate the causes leading to the grievance and will suggest a corrective and preventive action within 10 working days
  • Quality manager will coordinate the implementation of corrective / preventive actions
  • The Director of Operations will monitor the process
  • The final position of NIST Global regarding the Grievance will be communicated to the complainant

(e) Follow up & Close

The company’s final position on a grievance investigation is signed off by the company director in order to provide assurance that this is the definitive response from the company and that the complainant’s concerns have been taken seriously

If you are still dissatisfied after completing the company's formal internal review and Grievance procedures, you may appeal to the relevant board.

Disciplinary Proceedings:

On the other side, disciplinary proceedings may be brought against a learner / stakeholder who is suspected of having acted or behaved in a manner which unreasonably interferes with the functioning or activities of the company. The candidates’ grievance procedure shall be ceased if he/she uses an unethical mode to approach or to register a grievance on the company by means of the below misconduct. Severe action shall be escalated on such behavior.

  • Requesting unethical favor from the institution in any manner.
  • Attendance lesser than 100% will not be considered for exam registration
  • Incomplete assessment / activities
  • The use of plagiarized material or any unfair means in work submitted for assessment or in examinations.
  • The disruption or attempted disruption of the teaching or administration of the company’s work or aggressive or harassing behavior, either physical or verbal, towards any student or person, such as a tutor, acting on behalf of Institute.
  • The abuse of alcohol or drugs on any premises where the courses are held.
  • The theft, damage or defacing of any of the company’s property or any property on premises where the company’s courses are held.
  • Other behavior that is inconsistent with company’s general regulations for discipline.
  • Refer Learner’s agreement – 11(a) General code of conduct and behavior
  • You can also refer to our company policy here:

If it is suspected that student has committed a disciplinary offence, the company director shall, at their discretion, decide whether disciplinary proceedings should be established against the student.

Review of Grievance Policy:

This grievance policy shall be effective from: 01st May 23 and to be reviewed annually.

Further advice on this policy can be obtained from the Institution on any working days from Monday to Friday at +91 44 45643333.