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A confined space could be defined as limited or restricted means to entry and exist to an area, which is not suitable for continuous occupancy. Each year a number of workers get injured or killed while working in confined spaces. Fatalities occur for two reasons. One is that corporates or employers fail to recognize confined space hazards. Another reason is inadequate emergence response leads to death of entrant or rescuer or both. Thus, for effective control of fatalities, confined space hazards and control measures need to be implemented at workplace.

Why does the need of confined space attendant

Since working in confined space often leads to hazardous, there should be knowledgeable person posted outside to monitor the activities of workers inside. He is the person, who maintains constant communication with workers and in case of potential hazard, orders for immediate evacuation and calls for emergency assistance. This is where the role of confined space attendant becomes pivotal. In this regard, employers must provide confined space attendant training to workers to minimize and curb the casualties of confined space accidents.

What is confined space entry

A worker must remember that unplanned entry in a confined space might be his last. He shouldn't enter a confined space, until he is satisfied with hazard assessment parameters like confined space oxygen level, isolation of space from other systems, adequate ventilation, availability of confined space breathing apparatus, and so on. Corporates must ensure all these aspects and provide a written authorization letter in the form of a confined space entry permit.

A comprehensive insight in general indicates that working in confined space is one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries. Some elements of preparedness and planning are necessary to deal with confined space accidents. This is where, NIST creates awareness among the workers to arm themselves with knowledge through its ambitious confined space supervisory training courses.

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