Construction Safety

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Construction is one of the areas of employment where hazardous conditions are part of the everyday working environment. The construction industry is prone to many hazards and accident can happen if safety is ignored. Construction materials, tools, machinery and handling techniques all come with their own dangers. The main types of accidents which cause death or serious injury on construction sites include falls, incidents with site vehicles, collapsing materials and contact with overhead power lines.

NIST has successfully delivered construction safety training to many clients such as Mahindra Lifespaces, Phoenix Mall and Bangalore Metro.

Learning Outcomes of Construction Safety training

By the end of this training participants would be familiarized with:

  • Accidents in construction industry.
  • Statutory Regulations pertaining to Indian Construction industry.
  • Construction Safety Management.
  • Safety in Excavations and Trenching.
  • Safety in Work at Height.
  • Scaffolding Safety.
  • Electrical Safety.
  • Safety in Material Handling.
  • Safety in Welding & Gas Cutting.
  • Accident case studies at construction site.

Training would help participants understand following aspects of construction safety:

  • Identify legal obligations in workplace health & safety,
  • Identify hazards in a construction site,
  • Understand the Permit-to-Work system,
  • Practice safety precautions when working with different hazards,
  • Competent in wearing Personal Protective equipment (PPE),
  • Respond in case of fire emergency,
  • Understand and respond to all industrial safety signs,
  • Working safely at height, in and around excavation, hot work,
  • Knowing the rights and responsibilities of workers.

The Training sessions would be as per International standard, using audio visual presentation and past case studies.

Who can take the Construction Safety training?

Construction workers or any other workers who need to enter a construction worksite.

Benefits of Construction Safety training

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the common safety hazards at construction site,
  • Know the preventive measures to be adopted,
  • Confident in working at height,
  • Understand the importance of observing safety signs and safe work procedures,
  • Understand importance of PPE and its limitations,
  • Know their rights and responsibilities.

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