Controlling Infections in Workplace & COVID 19 Precautions

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With the wild spread of the pandemic COVID-19, safety has now reached the pinnacle of priority for every individual. By now, this intense outbreak has taught us more about safe survival irrespective of staying at home or working at the office. Establishments are resuming back with minimal employees with an aim to keep their business going. In such a scenario, it is quite imperative for organizations to ensure that their workplace is safe for their employees to function. Not only employers, but it is also the responsibility of employees to keep themselves & everyone around them safe.

Health hazards are present in all workplaces but they are most difficult to trace and control because they are invisible to the naked eyes. Workplaces could become sources of infection and its spread would inevitably cause employee sickness and absenteeism. This causes loss in productivity, overrun in projects, and a general loss of morale and goodwill amongst the employees. Organizations have a ‘duty of care’ towards their employees and others to detect, prevent, and control the spread of infections.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this training, participants will understand the below:

  1. Why Infection prevention and control and its benefits
  2. The Significance of Legislative Requirements
  3. The Responsibilities of Employers & Employees
  4. How infection occurs at workplaces
  5. Chain of Infection and its Consequences
  6. Factors that affect the risks of infection
  7. Basic circuitry of the current pandemic
    1. What is COVID -19
    2. The symptoms and modes of transmission
    3. The high-risk groups
    4. Identification and isolation
    5. Importance of hand and respiratory hygiene
    6. General guidance for employers and employees
  8. How to prevent infections from occurring and its controls
  9. The Importance of personal protective equipment
  10. Environmental Cleaning & decontamination and handling waste

Who can take this training?

Every employee could be a carrier or a recipient of a possible infection; thereby, it makes business sense to create awareness at all levels. It is recommended that all employees undergo this training.


  • Get awareness about the health hazards caused by bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Deploy measures to effectively manage and control it from spreading
  • Gain a deeper insight about the current pandemic COVID-19 & its control measures
  • Learn ways to keep your Environment safe

Mode of delivery: ONLINE – LIVE SESSIONS

Training Highlights

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Online – live training through a secure training platform.
  3. Post- assessment.
  4. E-copy of the pocketbook.
  5. Certificates (optional)