Five-Star Environmental Audits

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The emphasis of Five Star Environmental Audit is to enhance the environmental sustainability performance of business. In this audit, certain aspects are assessed such as policies, processes and practices and accordingly recommendation is given for further improvements.

Purpose of this Audit

In this environmental audit, the entire environmental management system and associated arrangements are subjected to thorough assessment.

The importance of Five Star Environmental Audit is to strengthen the environmental sustainability performance in which policies, processes and practices are evaluated and recommendations are provided for improvements.

This audit is not confined to traditional environmental management systems like ISO 14001. Thus, organizations could prove their environmental credentials to customers, supply chain and other stakeholders in terms of resource efficient and cost efficiency.

Organizations needing this Audit

This audit is applicable to all organisations irrespective of size and across all sectors, provided they are need of

  1. Evaluation of present EMS as per the standard
  2. Systematic procedure for attaining standard practice

Further, this audit acts as a road map for both short and long term plans for improving environmental performance. Those organizations committed to a long term environmental management could avail this audit service, where a third party validates current policies, processes and practices of organization. Again, recommended measures are facilitated in align with best practice so as to foresee progressive improvement.

Advantages accruing to Organization through this Audit

  • Environmental Management Systems adhering to best practice standards would be recognized by external body
  • Winning the trusts of stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and other concerned parties in terms of commitment towards environmental responsibility
  • Planned roadmap for gradual improvement while adhering to the best practice standards
  • Keep a track on status quo of the environmental legislation
  • Enabling present environmental management systems to the next level
  • Adequate utilization of existing resource
  • Evaluate current systems and prepare necessary action plan for obligating the revised ISO 14001:2015 standard
  • Certificate and logo will reflect the successful implementation of environmental system

Overview of the Audit

  • Five best practice indicators
  • Five sections
  • Thirty-Nine (39) elements

How does this Audit Functions?

  • Review of necessary documents related to workplace environment
  • Conduct interviews / discussions with stakeholders and management in higher hierarchy
  • Operational sampling

Benefits to organisation

  • Eligible for claiming the Globe of Honour award in the category of Environmental Management standard, if the site of organization gets Five Stars in Five Star Environmental Audit
  • Comprehensive report on environment management system
  • Recommended measures and necessary action plan to initiate
  • Measurable output for 59 elements (Important components of best practice safety management system)
  • Benchmarking across all the specifications
  • Achievement certificate

Reason for choosing the British Safety Council

Audit and consultancy services being provided by British Safety Council has already got recognition worldwide. Therefore, it gives an assurance that health, safety and environmental management systems of any business establishments could be put on track. As a result, organizations would able to implement the system effectively, which in turn leads to continuous improvement.

Through quality control processes, we ensure:

  • Review of audit and consultancy products from time to time as per the need of customers without compromise on best practice
  • Attainment of high standards of service like auditor standardisation, training and continuous track on performance
  • Technical expertise having years of experience will serve the valuable inputs to strategic committees for improving occupational health, safety and environmental standards
  • Best practice verified in most elements in five star audit process

Eligibility for 'Best of the Best' Awards

Once your organization gets a five star audit rating, then it could claim for the distinguished Globe of Honour, which in turn would get recognition as the 'Best of the Best'.

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