ISO14001 Environmental Audit

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British Standard EN ISO 14001:2015 is the most widely accepted recognised standard in the world meant for evaluating environmental management system of an organization against certain parameters.

Purpose of this Audit

This audit provides accreditation to Environmental Management System (EMS) of an organization against the recognized international standard.

Organizations in need of this Audit

Organisations in any sector could opt for this audit to get certified by external body involving EMS against the recognised international standard. The benefit is that it will enable concerned organization to tackle environmental issues as well as improve in performance.

Advantages of Audit

  • Effective environmental risk management plan
  • Minimizes waste, energy, water and related use of raw materials
  • Emission and discharges in environment gets controlled
  • Competitive edge over the competitors in tender applications
  • Active involvement of stakeholders
  • Increase in corporate responsibility and promote sustainability
  • Recognition of EMS at par with the international standard
  • Drawing the attention of stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and other interested parties regarding environmental management responsibility

Overview of the Audit

In this audit, organization's operational effectiveness of EMS to a recognised standard is assessed.

How does this Audit Function?

  • On site assessment of relevant documents subjected to agreement of client
  • Collection of relevant information through interviews with stakeholders
  • Site visit, audit, and operational sampling

This audit is conducted in two stages as briefed below or in a "one off" initial compliance audit visit.

Stage one audit: In the stage one audit, auditor reviews the necessary documents of the safety management system to ascertain that the standard are in place or not. On the basis of audit outcome, auditor gives necessary recommendation. Then he or she follows and agrees the schedule and fixes date for the stage two audit.

Stage two audit: In this audit, auditor reviews any non-conformances identified in the stage one process along with a sampling of effective implementation of the systems as per the ISO 14001 standard.

Benefits to Organization

  • Summary report of the audit
  • Organization would receive Standard Certificate

Reason for choosing the British Safety Council

Audit and consultancy services being provided by British Safety Council has already got recognition worldwide. Therefore, it gives an assurance that health, safety and environmental management systems of any business establishments could be put on track. As a result, organizations would able to implement the system effectively, which in turn leads to continuous improvement. Through quality control processes, we ensure:

  • Eligible for claiming the Globe of Honour award in the category of Environmental Management standard, if the site of organization gets Five Stars in Five Star Environmental Audit
  • Regular review of audit and consultancy products as per the need of customers without compromise on best practice
  • Attainment of high standards of service over the years which also involves auditor standardisation, training and performance monitoring
  • Service by technical specialists to strategic committees for occupational health, safety and environmental standards
  • Unique internationally recognised best practice (five star audit) process
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