Sword of Honour / Globe of Honour (Introduction of NIST FSA Clients)

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Sword and Globe of Honour

To recognize and celebrate the excellence in health, safety and environmental management standards at the workplace, the British Safety council designed two prestigious awards called "Sword of Honour" and "Globe of Honour" for businesses across the world. These two awards are open to all organizations and ensure the commitment and effort in achieving and sustaining the exemplary management of health, safety and environmental standards in the workplace.

Awards Description

Normally, "Sword of Honour" is awarded for health and safety management excellence whereas "Globe of Honour" is awarded for excellence in environmental management. The business sectors who have achieved a maximum five stars in the British Safety Council's in any one of the following audits are eligible to apply:

  • Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • Five Star Environmental Audit
  • Five Star Integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Audit
  • Combined Audit

To be awarded a Sword of Honour or Globe of Honour, organizations must be in a position to demonstrate a proven track record of excellence in keeping their workplaces safe and healthy and minimising risks to the environment right from the shopfloor to the boardroom.

Applications are duly assessed by an independent adjudication panel of chartered professionals with detailed and objective evaluation of your EHS systems and associated arrangements. Additionally, marking is done based on the audit score (40%) and written applications (60%) to honour the "best of the best" performers in health, safety or environmental management.

Specific Eligibility Criteria - Sword of Honour

Since 1 August 2017, the site must NOT:

  • Have suffered any fatalities
  • Been subject to any prohibition notices
  • Been the subject of any convictions in relation to health and safety.

Specific Eligibility Criteria - Globe of Honour

Since 1 August 2017 the site must NOT have had:

  • An uncontrolled environmental incident/release
  • A breach of the conditions of a permitted activity
  • A non-compliance with any applicable environmental legislation.

Note: In addition to the above, the organizations should ensure that there are no ongoing criminal proceedings or prosecutions pending with respect to health and safety or environmental issues at the workplace.

The Trophy

Organization excellent in Health and safety management will be awarded Sword of Honour trophy (hand-crafted in stainless steel) whereas the Globe of Honour trophy (hand-crafted in glass) is meant for awarding organizations excellent in environmental management.


  • Demonstrate high professional standards in the management of health and safety
  • Build global visibility and identity
  • Expand business horizons by engaging with hundreds of like-minded people during the award ceremony
  • Inspire other organizations in promoting positive safety culture and continual improvement of health and safety
  • Showcase your achievement with the winner's trophy, logo, certificate and press coverage

Result Enquiry

To assist the organizations in accessing their results, the British Safety Council put proper procedures in place to make the result enquiries smooth and flexible. In general, the outcome of a result enquiry may lead to an organization's overall grade being confirmed, raised or lowered.

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