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Now that NIST has become a strategic partner of British safety Council, any organisations who aspire to become an approved centre of British Safety Council can reach through NIST. NIST can facilitate with relevant qualifications and paper work and get it easily done by you.

British Safety Council is a UK regulated awarding organisation offering a full suite of occupational health and safety qualifications worldwide. They deliver their qualification exams in more than 700 approved centres in UK and Oversees. Being a regulated Awarding Organisation, British Safety Council complies with a strict set of conditions.

Centre Approval Process by British Safety Council

British Safety Council has a well-defined and structured paper work to determine the suitability of the centre and other necessary requirements to deliver their qualifications. The approval process works the following way,

  • Organisations apply for centre approval
  • Organisations apply for one or more qualification approvals
  • Organisations prepare candidates for assessment
  • Candidates complete the assessment
  • Results are often instant

However, identification of a centre in India relies completely with British Safety Council

Responsibilities to carry out to become an approved centre of British Safety Council

  • Begin with the approved centre application process.
  • The application form has been designed to be as straightforward as possible to complete.
  • The application pack comprises of two mandatory and three additional forms to be filled with exact details that clearly defines your name, address, contact, type of establishment, policies, procedures, records, qualified staff to manage the delivery of the examination, qualification delivery methods and many other details that are clearly listed in British Safety Council's application guidance brochures. Become an Approved Centre
  • Approval process of the submitted application,
    • Application Received
    • Sufficiency Check
    • Application Review
    • Approval Decision
  • All fields in the form are mandatory to be filled unless otherwise stated.

Qualification Approval

After getting approved the centre shall apply for one or more qualifications. Like NIST, company shall directly approach British Safety Council and contact them to deliver few of their qualifications. Approval for these qualifications is dependent on additional requirements, as follows,

  • Portfolio
  • Multiple-choice examination
  • Paper-based short answer examination
  • Online short answer assessment
  • Level 3 qualifications including the ICertOSH
  • Level 6 qualifications including the IDipOSH
  • Practical assessment qualifications

The teaching materials for the approved qualification will be delivered to the respective centre. E-learning courses are available for many qualifications in which case the course materials are delivered cost-effectively and candidates need not get distracted from their daily work. They shall complete their relevant assessment task whenever ready.

Once the assessments are completed they are evaluated by independent examiners. The certifications are of high quality and are delivered to the candidate after the exam through post.

Once a centre is approved for a British Safety Council centre,

  • Centres register their students
  • Centres deliver the learning
  • Learners complete the assessment
  • Written assessments are marked by independent examiners
  • Results are often instant
  • Certificates are issued

Exams and Certifications

  • Many of British Safety Council's Level 1 to Level 3 qualifications can be taken online.
  • A paper based exam option is also available
  • The results and certifications are issued faster than most other Awarding Organisations and, for the online examinations, the results are instant.

Other details on qualifications can be read from British Safety Council website under Training and Learning.

NIST Supports you to become a British Safety Council Approved Centre

As an Approved Partner and centre of British Safety Council, NIST is permitted to deliver products and services that are approved by British Safety Council and make reasonable adaptations to the supplied training materials. NIST shall delight customers with co-branded products creating and developing a positive long-term relationship between brands as they help each other out.

Companies that desire to become an approved British Safety Council centre can approach NIST. In such case, NIST shall support the organisation, to take up the British safety council qualifications in the following way,

  • Indicates general information and procedures of British Safety Council
  • Aids in the documentation work and commercials
  • Explains the principles of delivering British Safety Council qualifications
  • Ensures consistent approach to the delivery of the qualifications
  • Guarantee a commitment to quality assurance
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