Defensive Driving

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India accounts for highest number of road accident casualties in the world. More than two-third accidents involve collision due to poor driving skills. There is high price tag involved in each accident in terms of injury, death, damage to property due to collision. Further, if lost productivity and job loss days are taken into account, probably the loss is much higher. To counter these kinds of anomalies, the need is to impart defensive driving training, which in turn saves lives, time, and money.

NIST in light of the above makes a difference by improving driving skills through guided defensive driving training. Our tested approach is five-fold as:

  • Knowledge on safe driving techniques
  • Alertness to traffic conditions including mental and physical conditions
  • Foresight to anticipate hazards through road scanning
  • Judgment to make wise decision
  • Skill to operate the vehicle safely

Interactive Session of Defensive Driving

Learning Outcomes of Defensive Driving training

  • Sharing the road
  • Pre-trip inspection (tires, wheels, battery, belts, horns, mirrors, brakes, flashers, etc.)
  • Avoidance of in-car distractions
  • Scan the road
  • Recognize the hazard
  • Understand the defense mechanism
  • Act correctly in time
  • Changing lanes and speed adjustments
  • Passing and necessary clear distance
  • Three-second rule for following distances
  • Crash prevention techniques
  • Avoid head-on collision
  • Driving in bad-weather condition
  • Traffic management
  • Golden rule of safe driving

Who can take the Defensive Driving training?

  • Drivers of Company Vehicles
  • Travelling Officers & Executives
  • Sales Representatives
  • All Drivers (employees/ visitors)

Benefits of Defensive Driving training

When you have the right training, knowledge and skills, you are better prepared to deal with the risks all of us as drivers face. Drivers who have taken this training instinctively anticipate dangerous situations and are better able to avoid risks that may occur. This training can even help you to be aware of how other drivers may react and avoid a possible collision. One gets benefitted in many different ways; controlling fear, snap decision making, quick reaction time, emergency care and safety. Typically, defensive driving teaches people how to be responsible and careful drivers who will avoid accidents and not be the cause of them.

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