Defensive Driving

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Global statistics says 1.2 million people worldwide are killed in the road crash every year & approximately 50 million people are injured. It is essential to learn the driving habits & skills which will improve the performance of the driver, reduce vehicle crashes & injuries & crash-related costs.

Defensive driving is a set of driving skills & strategies which helps to recognize the unanticipated risk and take well-informed decisions. This safe driving enables the driver to manage & control the vehicle in an emergency & reduce the danger associated with it.

This proactive driving methodology is designed to identify the high-risk behaviour of the commuter before the crash & facilitate changes.

Training Objective

Defensive Driving training helps the delegates to understand the driving rules, standard driving practices & the required driving mechanics of the vehicle. The main objectives of the training are to reduce the risk by anticipating the hazardous situation, adverse conditions & driving errors. The techniques learnt further helps to reduce the likelihood & consequence of vehicle collision & incidents.


1 Day / 8 hours

Interactive Session of Defensive Driving

Learning Outcomes of Defensive Driving training

  • Understand the basics of defensive driving with examples
  • Details the different types of hazards related to vehicle movements
  • Realize the importance of physical & mental wellbeing of drivers
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on diverse vehicle conditions
  • Discuss the different types of routes & environmental conditions leading to accidents
  • Recognize the criteria’s required for a safe site, safe vehicle conditions & safe journey
  • Discuss how to deal with unanticipated situation/accident
  • Explain how the vehicle safety devices help in protecting the vehicle occupants

Who can take the Defensive Driving training?

  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Drivers employed in Organisation
  • Drivers of Emergency Vehicles
  • Equipment Operators
  • Any individual who drives a four-wheeler or two-wheeler

Benefits of Defensive Driving training

  • Better preparedness in dealing with unanticipated risks
  • Reduce fear & helps in snap decision making
  • Transform the learners into responsible drivers
  • Enhance the driving knowledge & skills
  • Develop a positive attitude & avoid fines
  • Understand diverse crash prevention techniques
  • Minimize the risk of vehicle collision & traffic violations
  • Reduce vehicles repair bills & replacement cost to the employer
  • A Worker will be safe on the road both on & off the job


  • Delegates are assessed through a multiple-choice questionnaire

Training Mode

  • Face to face training
  • Virtual training

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