Electrical Safety Audit

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Risk in electrical work is higher than any other job. Any flaw in electrical circuit in the workplace could make the system less efficient or put the lives of employees at higher risk. People involved in the electrical job should remain high alert for each and every second. Thus, the importance is on electrical safety as we can't apparently realize that a simple cable carrying current. Moreover, it is not feasible to ascertain the conductor is live or dead. This scenario becomes the root cause of most of the electrical accidents. This is the reason, a corrective action investigation in the form of electrical audit is necessitated in all the workplaces. NIST provides comprehensive electrical audit in the following areas to ensure a safe work environment such as:

  • Transformers
  • HT, LT & distribution panels
  • Diesel generator and its availability
  • Lightning protection system
  • Emergency power distribution system
  • Grounding & earthing
  • CEA Regulations 2010 Compliance Review
  • Emergency control procedures
  • Training competence evaluation
  • Systems and document review
  • Contractor management

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