Electrical High Voltage Safety

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Electricity can be very dangerous. Electricity always takes up the shortest path to ground via a conductor. As human body is a conductor, it is very easy and likely for the human body to fall prey to electric shocks. Depending upon the voltage, even a small magnitude of electricity may prove fatal sometimes. Though 100-200mA appears to be a very small magnitude of electricity, it may even take away a human life.

It is not only the employer who is held responsible for providing safe working conditions. The employees also share an equal responsibility for making the work area a safer one. However, it's the duty of the business owner to see that employees be trained to use the equipment correctly, to prevent impending dangers. Employees should be made aware of the main dangers associated with the use of electrical equipment. This course outlines the requirements of the current legislation on electricity and encourages the safe use of electricity in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this training program participant would be able to:

  • Understand electricity in the workplace.
  • Understand the associated hazards and risks.
  • Standards and regulations.
  • Qualified and unqualified worker.
  • Effects of electricity on human body.
  • Appreciate the need to isolate equipment and the techniques of safe isolation.
  • Understand about the need of safe systems of work and the documentation which is required to ensure that any risk to personnel is minimized.

Who can take the Course?

While perfect for any student who works around electrical installations, this program is specifically designed for personnel working on or around high voltage electrical lines, equipment or around substations, underground electrical installations or power generators.

NIST has been proudly associated with clients like Johnson & Johnson and successfully delivered High Voltage Safety Hands-on training at their Production facility, Baddi (Himachal).


Employees are safe while working on or around high voltage power generation, transmission and distribution systems and equipment.

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