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At NIST, we offer comprehensive courses in emergency preparedness. Lives can be saved and damage to property can be minimized when the people are prepared and have the necessary skills accumulated from emergency response training.

There are many instances when emergency medical services, and in worst case scenarios, disaster services are not able to get to the scene in time or at all. It pays to have people who are trained in emergency response who can assess the situation and provide the correct help when necessary.

Fires, explosions, chemical releases, violence or biological releases all pose a threat to everyone in your organization's facilities. One way to ensure the safety of all affected populations, and reduce the risk to your organization, is to have an evacuation plan.

NIST Project Team has successfully delivered training on Emergency Response Plan on various occasions involving Emergency Response Teams such as with Honeywell & Voltas.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Purpose of an emergency plan - dealing with HSE emergencies
  • Fire Safety - Housekeeping
  • Evacuation procedures - Know how
  • The emergency scene
  • Zone sweep
  • Types of emergencies
  • Communication channels
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Evacuation
  • Emergency Drill- Role Play Exercise

Who can take the Course?

Anyone representing authorities or having responsibilities such as:

  • Emergency & Communication Controllers
  • Fire Marshals/ Traffic Wardens
  • Fire Team Leader & Fire Fighting party
  • First Aid Team Leader & Stretcher bearers
  • Security Staff


An effective emergency response team can make life-or-death differences for your staff, volunteers, visitors, vendors and program participants. It could also mean life or death for your mission. The beauty of this strategy is that even the smallest organization operating with limited resources can afford to develop and implement an evacuation plan.

One of the most devastating losses to an organization is the loss of human life. Not only is it emotionally depleting, it can involve adverse publicity, large settlements, loss of organizational leadership, and the inability to deliver programs or services.

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