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Emergency is a situation in which there is imminent threat to life and property. Workplaces are prone to emergency situation due to fire or man falling while working at height or worker getting asphyxiated while working in a confined space, and so on. Sometimes, workers also get bruises or cuts. In any case, the injured victim should be provided first aid treatment before availing full medical treatment in case the nature of injury is very serious.

For instance, a worker gets heart attack all of a sudden, then he needs CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). Similarly, consider a worker is affected with heat stroke while doing hot work, then the victim requires treatment in terms of applying cool pack, sponge the body with luke warm water, and so on. Thus, the intriguing question here is how to provide first aid. Hence, the importance is to train the workers in emergency first aid to prevent worsening the medical ailment. Realizing this aspect, emergency training for corporate is highly essential to meet with any untoward incidents involving injury or any such medical issues.

In addition to the above, we come across news of fire incidents in residential building or factory or business establishments or in government organizations. Everywhere the outcome is either loss of life or property or both. This reflects that all these places lack proper firefighting mechanism in place or human resources are not trained. This is where people or employees require more awareness and should be trained on fire emergency first aid to deal with any fire incidence eventualities. In addition, preventive measures and risk assessment are other significant areas requiring high attention, where staff trained in firefighting emergency training only will ensure a safe environment. Hence, the need of emergency at work training is sought by corporates encompassing action on identifying a fire, warning, calling fire brigade, assembly places, key escape routes, and so on.

Another aspect in this regard is evacuating people from the premises following incidences of fire or any such emergency needs. Generally, losses of lives happen as people are not aware of emergency hazardous management. In this case, workers or employees should be provided mock drill training emergency evacuation to deal with any hazardous incidences in future.

Further, the onus of alerting in case of fire or routine check of assessment, installation of firefighting and safety equipment, etc. falls squarely on fire warden marshal. He is the person to control the situation and initiate action to get everyone out to a safer place. All these roles could be executed, provided the person assigned with the task is thoroughly trained in fire warden marshal training emergency and related safety training for emergency management.

As we discussed above dealing with emergency situations like fire or any such hazard is not so easy. No one is aware, when an emergency situation might arise. Sometimes, situation could get out of control leading to loss of life or property. In this case, the need is the service of quick thinking and taking immediate action minded people, i.e. emergency response team having the technical know-how on emergency preparedness and response plan.

Similarly, it is not feasible to predict, when an incidence of spill will occur. It could be due to unattended spill resulting in injury or severe damage to body organs. In certain cases, spill could lead to damage to property. Hence, it is better to get prepared in the areas of emergency chemical spill response to take timely action.

Taking the above into cognizance, NIST provides safety training on emergency management to deal with any kind of hazard and subsequent emergency relief. This educational organization boasts of providing safety course and firefighting training. Further, this institute is known for providing corporate emergency training involving fire safety, work at height, confined space, material handling, and so on. So for, we have dedicated trainers impart training on emergency preparedness and plan with specific nature of work related hazards for various corporates. Our motto is ensuring a safe working environment.

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