Energy Isolation (LOTO)

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Today we use various types of energy in industry such as Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Chemical, Gravitational and Radiation. The Energy Isolation (LOTO) training covers the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment in which the unexpected energizing or start up of the machines or equipment, or release of stored energy could cause injury to employees. This training establishes minimum performance requirements for the control of such hazardous energy.

NIST has been proudly associated with clients like ABB, RHI, Siemens Power Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and also delivered training to Power Plant.

Learning Outcomes of Energy Isolation training

By the end of this training an employee would be able to:

  • Explain source of Hazardous energy.
  • Describe arc flash.
  • Energy control procedures.
  • Protective materials and hardware.
  • Authorized and Affected employees.
  • Outline Lockout/ Tagout procedures.
  • Outline Guarding requirements.
  • Describe the use of Insulation.
  • Describe the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

The Training sessions would be as per International standard, using audio visual presentation and past case studies.

Who can take the Energy Isolation training?

This program will include all employees whose duties require them to service, install, repair, adjust, lubricate, inspect, or perform work on powered equipment or machinery which may also have the potential for stored energy.

Benefits of Energy Isolation training

Lockout system will indicate the identity of the employee who applied the locking device, and the Tagout system will warn against the hazards if the equipment is energized. Lockout/ Tagout are the preferred method of energy isolation and is an integral part of Safe System of Work.