Fire Life Safety Audit

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Fire is a hazard in any part of the premises regardless of size, sector, or location. Due to its catastrophic nature, successful management of fire safety is essential to ensure a sense of calm in the workplace. Moreover, managing the risk of fire is gaining considerable attention from various National and International agencies and has been considered as a top priority across the globe.

Being a most trusted and reputed player in the sphere of health and safety, NIST offers comprehensive Fire Life Safety (FLS) audit service to empower and streamline the organization’s fire safety management systems and associated arrangements. With world-class talent and proven expertise, we provide best-of-breed solutions to ensure compliance with applicable Fire Safety standards and regulations.

Objectives of FLS Audit:

  • To assess organization’s fire safety management system & supportive arrangements and identify potential fire hazards against the requirements of National Building Code (NBC) 2016, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) regulations & Industry best practices
  • To ensure the fire safety management system adheres to the prescribed legal requirements as well as safety policies and objectives set by the organization
  • To provide sound and convincing recommendations and offer a structured approach for continual improvement with regards to fire safety management

FLS Audit Process Methodology:


Scope of Study during the FLS Audit:

  • Review of Fire safety policy statement
  • Statutory compliance verification with respect to the National Building Code of India
  • Evaluating the leadership commitment to fire safety management
  • Verifying the records of training imparted to employees and occupants with regards to fire safety
  • Evaluating the competency levels for those with specific fire safety roles
  • Assessing all relevant electrical safety risks
  • Checking the availability and working of Fire detection & alarm systems (e.g. smoke detector, heat detector, manual call point) and Firefighting equipment & fixed Installations (e.g. fire extinguisher, sprinklers system, internal and external hydrant system, fire pump room)
  • Reviewing the maintenance and testing records of fire detection and firefighting equipment
  • Evaluating the records of fire life safety-critical systems
  • Checking the adequacy of fire safety signages and passive fire protection systems (e.g. fire-resistant walls, floors, and doors)
  • Checking whether the emergency lights and ventilation are provisioned in appropriate places adequately
  • Cross-checking the fire rating of the fire-rated doors, building constructions, and false ceilings
  • Assessing the Fire evacuation procedures, occupancy levels and means of escape routes
  • Examining the storage and control of flammable and hazardous substances
  • Assessing the existing fire preventive and protective control measures, On-site emergency plans and fire risk assessment report

What types of Organizations can undertake this Audit?

  • This audit is applicable to a wide range of organizations irrespective of size, sector, structure, or geography. However, it is more ideal for an organization wishing to formalize their fire risk management system and demonstrate compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • We have carried out FLS audits in the following sectors.
    • Warehouses
    • Luxury Malls
    • Commercial and residential buildings
    • Food Industry
    • Data Centres
    • Hospitals
    • Oil & Gas
    • Educational institutes, including schools, colleges, coaching classes, universities and fitness centres

Benefits of FLS Audit:

  • Aids to comply with fire safety laws and regulations
  • Demonstrates the organization’s commitment to health and safety
  • Highlights non-conformities and improves quality and service
  • Brings value to the workplace by avoiding prosecution, litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation
  • Helps in reducing insurance premiums and indirect cost of workplace injuries
  • Fosters workforce morale and wellbeing
  • Enhances employee awareness about fire safety measures

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