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Workplace fires, whether large or small, pose a real threat to worker health and safety. Fire warden or marshal plays an important role in ensuring your business is prepared for a fire emergency. Along with your emergency plan, fire wardens are an important risk control measure to ensure that your workplace is prepared should an emergency situation, potentially a fire, occur.

Those employees expected to undertake the role of fire marshals would require more comprehensive training. Role of a fire marshal may include:

  • Helping those on the premises to leave;
  • Checking the premises to ensure everyone has left;
  • Using firefighting equipment if safe to do so;
  • Liaising with the fire and rescue service on arrival;
  • Shutting down vital or dangerous equipment; and
  • Performing a supervisory/ managing role in any fire situation.

NIST has delivered fire warden training to call centers, corporate offices, ware houses, facility management companies, manufacturing complexes and institutional buildings.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training a fire warden/ marshal would be familiar with:

  • Significance of fire triangle and tetrahedron.
  • Detailed knowledge of the fire safety strategy of the premises.
  • Awareness of human behavior in fires.
  • How to encourage others to use the most appropriate escape route.
  • How to search safely and recognize areas that are unsafe to enter.
  • The difficulties that some people, particularly if disabled, may have in escaping and any special evacuation arrangements that have been pre-planned.
  • Additional training in the use of firefighting equipment.
  • An understanding of the purpose of any fixed firefighting equipment such as sprinklers or gas flooding systems, and
  • Reporting of faults, incidents and near misses.

The Training sessions would be as per best practices in industry, using both audio visual and group exercises.

Who can take the Course?

This training is appropriate to those employees who wish to develop and undertake specific roles in fire safety to manage fire risk such as fire wardens, marshals, stewards.


A Fire Warden can play an immense part in stopping fires at the first place in your premises. Warden can maintain a fire plan and help in an emergency by evacuating people safely to assembly points. A warden would even be able to ensure equipment is being used correctly and safely by other staff members. A warden can take control of an evacuation by directing staff to escape safely as well as helping with disabled individuals who may need additional attention and care.

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