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Fire remains as dominant hazard and one of the major causes of lives and property loss in workplace. Leading causes of fire breakout could be negligence or lack of fire safety awareness or carelessness. Every organization has management committee to deal with fire incidents. However, incident post hazard reveals that there is a big gap between safety management and mainstream business. This reflects that risk management systems to deal with fire incidents are not so effective. Going through past incidents of fire provides vital information such as:

  • Equipment failure
  • Plant modification and design fails to consider potential hazard
  • Inadequacy in hazard assessment
  • Error by operator
  • Low level of awareness
  • Lack of providing periodic safety training to employees
  • Poor practices of fire safety, etc.

The above liabilities do require an effective fire management system to deal with any kind of fire incidences. Realizing this aspect, NIST develops holistic fire management system as per the requirement of the organization while taking care of the following:

  • Preventing measures in accordance with risk assessment outcome
  • Personal emergency evacuation plan
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Assessing and controlling fire risks
  • Passive and active fire prevention
  • Safe working methods and use of safe working equipment
  • Safe handling of firefighting equipment
  • Maintenance of fire safety system
  • Fire evacuation exercise
  • Safe evacuation of disabled people
  • Training provision
  • Report by fire warden for any default
  • Effective information, instruction, and training to employees
  • Monitoring and reviewing systems at regular interval
  • Setting objectives to develop a safety culture
  • Emergency management
  • Providing a safe and health work environment
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