First Aid

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Minutes matter when it comes to injury at workplace. For instance, a worker falls from height and is unconscious as a result. In this case, most people's worst fear is what to do. It could be an emergency situation that requires immediate attention before administering proper medical care by doctors. It could be taking a pulse and provide CPR or containing bleeding, anything as appropriate. These kinds of immediate actions are not some techniques that can be learnt reading a book. Rather, employees and workers should be trained practically in first aid so as to deliver the right care at the earliest. NIST being a recognized safety training institute has made a mission of training the workers across industries involving first aid through efficient trainers with hands of expertise as per the latest medical protocol.


Learning Outcome of First Aid training

  • The roles and responsibilities of a first aider
  • Legal requirements for first aid provision.
  • The importance of accurate incident reporting.
  • First aid equipment and its safe use.
  • The need to minimize the risk of infection.
  • The importance of assessing an incident.
  • How to Preserve and rescue a life.
  • Person would know the Introduction as to when & how to call for a help.
  • How to handle a Choking Casualty.
  • Management of Casualties in Shock.
  • Management of Casualties who are not able to breathe normal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • How to bring the person back to the recovery position after an injury.
  • How to handle and help a person who is bleeding.
  • How to care for injuries, wounds and burns.

Who can take the First Aid training?

  • Safety professionals.
  • Emergency Response Team Members.
  • Supervisors and Technicians.
  • Trained first-aiders for refresher training.
  • Anyone interested.

Benefits of First Aid training

Employees are essentially the first responders to any emergency situation at workplace. An unprepared employee or group of workers caught by surprise would mostly be of no help or do more harm to casualty. Time is critical and that is where this training helps employees in dealing with such emergencies as they must be. First aid training fundamentally helps in preserving lives, preventing complications and promoting recovery of the victim. This training not only helps in creating a safe place to work but also contributes to society when a trained employee renders first aid away from your workplace.

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