Food Hygiene Audit

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What is a Food Hygiene Audit?

Food Hygiene Audit comprehensively evaluates and ensures the food business operators’ performance is in line with the established food hygiene and safety standards and verifies the effectiveness of the company’s specific hygiene policies and practices.

Routine food hygiene audit prevents or reduces any form of harm / unsafe food reaching the consumers.

Why your Organization would require Food Hygiene Audit?

The Food hygiene audit provides an overall picture of how the hygiene of the Food Processing facility / Food Business Operators’ staff hygiene is complying with the required legal standards and monitoring records.

Organizations would require Food Hygiene Audit in order to attain the below benefits:

  • Effective risk analysis for the serving or delivery of safe food to the consumer
  • Demonstrates the organization’s commitment to food safety
  • Highlights non-conformities and taking corrective actions improve quality & service
  • Increases employees’ proactive involvement in ensuring the quality of food at all times
  • Reduced productivity costs due to less wastage during production
  • Continual improvement for the employees & organization as a Food Safety Assured Brand
  • Routine audits will create an open window for global reach or for the interest of the stakeholders

What are the various steps involved in the Food Hygiene Audit process?



Industry Experience

Being a pioneer in Health, Safety & Environment, NIST has been brewed to be a distinctive player with multifaceted industries’ auditing experience.

Auditor Experience

NIST has a skilled and seasoned team of Food Safety auditors and consultants across the globe. Our team has extensive experience in industries like:

  • FMCG,
  • Dairy,
  • Food Processing,
  • Marine,
  • Chain of Hotels,
  • Flight Kitchens,
  • Quick Service Restaurants,
  • E-Commerce Sector handling Groceries, Poultry, etc.

(Pre-project, Implementation & Post-project)

An excellent end to end support to clients during:


What your organization will receive from the service?

Provision of expert support and advice which can include:

  • Food Hygiene audit report for the Management with a hygiene rating
  • Customized checklist with respect to client’s business model
  • Detailed analysis of Observations and its Recommendations
  • Pictorial evidence supporting observations
  • Detailed dashboard tracker for multi-location audit

What types of Organizations can undertake this Food Hygiene auditing service?

As per the market & customer’s requirement, Food Hygiene audit is becoming mandatory for the following food business operators:

  • Food Manufacturing Industries
  • Export and Import Industries related to Food (C&F)
  • Packaging Industries
  • Retail Industries
  • Warehouses
  • E-Commerce Industries (Groceries)
  • Restaurants / Hotels
  • Catering / Canteens / College Mess
  • Supermarkets / Hypermarkets
  • Food Transporters
  • Food Vending Machine
  • Wholesalers / Re-packers

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