General Induction

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General Safety sometimes called an Orientation is the process of introducing new, inexperienced or transferred workers to the organization, their supervisors, co-workers, work areas, and jobs, and especially to health and safety. Providing training and extra assistance during the initial period of employment is critical, regardless of the age of the employee, as they are not familiar with the hazards of the job or the workplace.

NIST has been a privileged training partner to Equate Petrochemical Company at Kuwait. 12000 contractor workers were inducted by NIST at Equate premises with zero incidents on completion of major shutdown maintenance.

Learning Outcomes of General Induction training

By the end of General Safety training a worker would be familiar with :

  • Organization's Policy such as Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Drug & Alcohol.
  • Organization Chart.
  • Reporting system and arrangements for consulting.
  • General Site rules to be followed.
  • Safe System of Work such as PTW.
  • Hazard identification and control.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • PPE requirements
  • Welfare arrangements.

Who can take the General Induction training?

General Safety training primarily focuses on new employees however it should also be provided when employees are:-

  • Transferred to jobs or work areas they are unfamiliar with.
  • Returning from an extended period away from work.

Benefits of General Induction training

All employees need to be competent to meet their responsibilities at workplace. One must receive adequate health and safety training on being recruited, when exposed to new risks or taking on new responsibilities. General Safety training helps in creating a safe place, safe person and Organization ensures legal compliance.

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