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Every commercial & residential occupancy should formulate a suitable fire escape plan so that every occupant in the building can promptly and safely evacuate the premises in the event of a fire or any other emergency.

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What is a HACCP Audit?

HACCP, in other words, called as the documented Food Safety Management System, to be complied with by all the food business operators starting from the small caterers to large manufacturers.

HACCP Audit focuses on the Farm to Fork risk assessment methodology for food products to evidently identify the biological, chemical and physical hazards associated with it and verifies the critical control points, set critical limits & control measures are validated, verified and monitored.

Why your Organization would require HACCP Audit?

Food business operators should opt for HACCP Audit for the following benefits:

  • Demonstrates the organizations’ commitment to Food Safety
  • Avoid legal penalties for non-compliance with the legal standards
  • Improved consistency of products
  • To organise their process to produce safe food
  • Assists in building a strong food safety culture within the organization
  • Employees will have proactive involvement in ensuring the quality of the product at all times
  • Productivity costs are reduced due to less wastage during production and rework
  • Affirmed to face any audits / inspection for both national & international standards pertaining to the food industry
  • Highlighting the non-conformities as well as taking corrective actions will improve the quality and service
  • Continual improvement for the employees and the organization to build on brand reputation
  • Enhances a more profitable bottom line where benefits outweigh costs.

What are the various steps involved in the HACCP Audit process?



Industry Experience

Being a pioneer in Health, Safety & Environment, NIST has been brewed to be a distinctive player with multifaceted industries’ auditing experience.

Auditor Experience

NIST has a skilled and seasoned team of Food Safety auditors and consultants across the globe. Our team has extensive experience in industries like:

  • FMCG,
  • Dairy,
  • Food Processing,
  • Marine,
  • Chain of Hotels,
  • Flight Kitchens,
  • Quick Service Restaurants,
  • E-Commerce Sector handling Groceries, Poultry, etc.

(Pre-project, Implementation & Post-project)

An excellent end to end support to clients during:


What your organization will receive from the service?

Provision of expert support and advice which can include:

  • HACCP audit report with HACCP rating
  • Customized checklist with respect to client’s business model
  • Detailed analysis of Observations and its Recommendations
  • Pictorial evidence supporting observations
  • Further progression to Certification
  • HACCP Training & Implementation Support (On Client’s Request)

What types of Organizations can undertake this HACCP auditing service?

As per the legal standards, market & customer’s requirement, HACCP audit can be undertaken by the following industries:

  • Food Processing Industries
  • E-Commerce Industries
  • Food Warehouses
  • Cold / Frozen Warehouses
  • Food Transporters
  • Retail Industries
  • Restaurants / Hotels
  • Catering / Canteens / Mess
  • Supermarkets / Hypermarkets
  • Railway Canteens / Restaurants
  • Bakeries / Sweet Stalls
  • Food Vending Agencies