Health and Safety Leadership

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable together”


Occupational Health and Safety has metamorphosed the world over into much more than Risk Assessments and Incident Investigations. It has now become a core value and every organization is looking at maximising their profits and leveraging their human resources. Leaders now recognize that their Leadership and ability to influence workers play a vital role in improving human behaviour and reducing accidents. This course will help leaders and aspiring leaders in understanding how human behaviour has an impact on safety performance and how effective leadership can bring about a positive cultural change within the organization.


To equip you with knowledge and understanding of effective health and safety leadership and understand how this enables you to work towards achieving safety culture excellence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the importance of Leadership for improving Health and Safety Performance/ Culture
  • Better understand what influences your own and others’ behaviour
  • Understand the concepts of behaviour and what you as a Leader can do to influence it so as to achieve safety improvements
  • Understand different leadership styles and it impact on team performance

Who can take this course?

  • This training is for senior business leaders or anyone who aspires to this role in the future.
  • It will help them become a better health and safety advocate and influencer by highlighting the key areas to focus on to make a difference.
  • It is relevant for all business leaders working in any sector, anywhere in the world.

Modules Covered

Element 1: The foundations of Health and Safety leadership
  • Leadership and its Impact on Safety Performance
  • The Need for Safety
  • How Good Leadership can Positively Influence Health and Safety Culture
Element 2 : Human Failure and Decision Making
  • Human failure, human Behaviour and H&S performance
  • Learnings from the Swiss Cheese Theory
  • Behavioural Change Models
Element 3 : Leadership
  • Transformational, Transactional and Servant Leadership Styles
  • How relations with the workforce can be built by effective leadership communication.
  • Information on Post Assessment

Duration – 6 Hours

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training

Assessment Method

  • Pre Assessment (MCQ)
  • Post Assessment (MCQ)
  • Project
  • Minimum Pass Standard 50 Percentage

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