NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

NIST believes that leading EHS performance contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers, shareholders, and employees as well as the environment. We at NIST intend to exhibit management commitment in adhering to environmental,health & safety standards in our business practices.

To fulfill this commitment, we will:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment to perform our work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, by complying with established EHS systems and procedures.
  • Comply with all relevant environment, health and safety legal and other requirements applicable to the organization and strive for “beyond compliance” leadership.
  • Embed health and safety best practices in all the activities to eliminate the hazards, reducing risks through the hierarchy of controls and prevent injuries and incidents.
  • Constantly monitor, measure and review EHS performance, recognizing excellence and driving for continual improvement.
  • Minimize emissions, discharges and waste generation to environment and commit to prevention of pollution.
  • Dispose waste safely and responsibly after taking measures to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.
  • Set and review annual EHS objectives designed to reduce the environmental impacts and promote conservation of natural resources, reduce the frequency and the severity of work-related injuries, occupational ill health and commuting injuries.
  • Provide appropriate information, training and resources on EHS to all employees and other interested parties to cultivate safe behaviour.
  • Ensure employee's consultation and participation in Environmental Health and Safety matters.
  • Treat NIST EHS policy and management system violations extremely seriously and take appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Only work with suppliers and contractors who adhere to equally high standards of EHS practices.

It is the duty of all employees to take care of their own safety and the safety of others, to cooperate and follow EHS training and instructions, and report hazards and unsafe conditions.

The effectiveness of this Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and Management system will be reviewed on a periodical basis.