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Health, Safety& Environment Policy

We at NIST intend to exhibit management commitment in creating and adhering to health and safety & safe environmental standards in our business practices. NIST believes that leading environmental, health and safety performance contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers, shareholders, and employees as well as the environment.


HSE objectives are aimed at focusing on key activities and also continuously improve HSE performance to comply with the HSE policy. HSE objectives are set to improve HSE performance. The objectives are based on legal requirements, assessment of risks, and identification of trends. The delivery of the objectives and its progress will be regularly reviewed.

The Health & Safety policy is developed to achieve the objectives through the following:

  • We believe compliance is owned by all employees. This will be achieved through regular self-assessments and audits, such compliance will be monitored and take corrective actions as warranted and include compliance sustainability as a routine part of operations
  • NIST complies with appropriate environmental, health and safety laws, directives, regulations and other requirements as a baseline for doing business
  • Conduct risk analysis and audits to prevent workplace injuries and incidents and monitor performance for continual improvement
  • Ensuring arrangements for safe handling and usage of safety devices, Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Ensure the safety of employees by insisting them to follow road safety rules & regulations.
  • Reduce manual handling and ergonomic risks at the workplace
  • All levels of management, employees, and contractors are accountable for HSE in their responsible areas.
  • Develop and maintain a positive HSE culture through effective communication and training.
  • This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure continual improvement.

Implement and Maintain Controls:

HSE risks will be managed by maintaining controls and comply with the legal requirements to protect people, business, and the environment.

HSE controls are managed to:

  • Promote good health, prevent ill health and address the health status of the employees.
  • Improve safety performance, prevent injuries and incidents, and handle the consequences of safety incidents.
  • Promote conservation, prevent pollution and address any impacts to the environment from past incidents.

Ensuring health & safety of NIST employees is highest priority of all objectives and will never be compromised to achieve any other business goals.

At NIST, Health & Safety will be foremost in our minds. We expect co-operation and active participation of all employees for achieving excellence in health and safety.