HSE Audit for Process Chemical Industries

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The overall objective of the Safety Audit is to ensure that appropriate safety management systems are available and the plant/pipeline complies with the legal requirements.

  • Audit scope is not only limited to the existing Safety management system in practice but also on chemical industries MSIHC rules based on IS 14489 elements , national standards such as OISD and best engineering practices followed worldwide
  • Team comprises of a lead auditor and members from different trades such as Mechanical/ Electrical/ Instrumentation and Safety.
  • Extensive site visit/ Field interviews/ Document verification will be carried out and the recommendations will be categorized based in its criticality

SI. No. Element Title
1 Occupational Safety and Health Policy
2 OS&H Organizational Set Up
3 Education and Training
4 Employees Participation in OS&H Management
5 Motivational and Promotional Measures for OS&H
6 Safety Manual and Rules
7 Compliance of Statutory Requirements
8 New Equipment Review / Inspection
9 Accident  Reporting,  Analysis,  Investigation  and Implementation of Recommendations
10 Risk Assessment Including Hazard Identification
11 Safety Inspections
12 Health and Safety Improvement Plan/Target
13 First Aid Facilities - Occupational Health Centre
14 Personal Protective Equipment
15 Good Housekeeping
16 Machine and General Area Guarding
17 Material Handling Equipment
18 Electrical and Personal Safeguarding
19 Ventilation, Illumination and Noise
20 Work Environment Monitoring System
21 Prevention of Occupational Diseases Including Periodic Medical Check Up
22 Safe Operating Procedures
23 Work Permit System
24 Fire Prevention, Protection and Fighting Systems
25 Emergency Preparedness Plans (On-Site/Off-Site)
26 Process / Plant Modifications Procedure
28 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
29 Safety in Storage and Warehousing
30 Contractor Safety System
31 Safety for Customers (Including Material Safety Data Sheets)


For most of the chemical industrial disaster, "Hazards not identified" , "Ineffective Safety systems in place" are identified as root causes.

All chemical industries handling hazardous chemicals will benefit from the audit process to identify the residual risks and gaps in the existing system.

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