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From business start-up to fortune companies, NIST provides high calibre staffing services to enhance the client’s business agility & competitiveness. We offer the most promising & professional staffing service with the highly disciplined & personal approach by delivering quality & skilled candidates to the clients. The staffing service includes:

  • Fixed Staffing
  • Flexi Staffing
  • Safety Outsourced

We cater to EHS staffing needs with our extensive pool of EHS professionals & unique candidate vetting procedures. We offer top calibre talents within the committed time frames at budget-friendly rates. Presently, we are the successful staffing partners for the major Natural Gas, Petrochemical, Construction and E-commerce companies around the globe.

During our services, we educate “Client HR policies” to the candidates and urge them to follow along with NIST HR policies. Eligible statutory compliance will be provided & educated to the candidates on the date of joining.

1. Fixed Staffing

NIST offers end-to-end customized staffing solutions to the clients, which covers the entire life cycle of employment from on-board to off-board. For every selected candidate, NIST charges a fixed amount from the clients & provides valuable assistance. We also assist the clients in planning the upcoming financial year expenses with the fixed cost. Our fixed staffing service includes

  • Entire Recruitment Process
  • Employee Induction Training
  • Employee engagement
  • First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Payroll Process
  • 40 checkpoint maintenance on Statutory & Compliance

2. Flexi Staffing

NIST provides robust staffing service through the flexi staffing module based on the client’s business operations. For the staffing service, we charge a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary from the client as a service charge. The percentage is imperatively based on the client’s requirement & differs from case to case. We are offering the flexi staffing service for diverse industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, and Chemical. Our Flexi staffing service includes:

  • Employee engagement
  • First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Payroll Process
  • 40 checkpoint maintenance on Statutory & Compliance

3. Safety Outsourced

NIST simplifies & manages the client’s human resource operations with the customized outsourcing solution in an efficient mode at any geographical location. Our inbound experts take responsibility for the entire safety operations of the client. We match their requirements with the talented & excellent profile to efficiently manage the organizational safety operations.

NIST deploys the expertise team at on-site, based on the client’s culture, structure & framework and understands the operation in-depth & offers the best sustainable service with meticulous methodology. Thus, NIST successfully manages the entire project for our clients to operate the EHS department with our unique outsourced model.


  • 1,20,675+ Delegates trained in EHS qualification
  • 35000+ Delegates trained in International qualification
  • 8.32 Million Hours of Training Delivered
  • 1000+ EHS Professional Designated
  • 11.65 Million man-hours delivered in Recruitment & Staffing Service
  • 300+ Clients serve on diverse service


  • ISO 9001 Certified Company
  • 70+ staffing professionals across PAN India
  • 70+ years of experience in Staffing & Recruitment
  • 100% Reliable EHS staffing solution with a competitive rate
  • 100% Risk-free customized staffing module
  • 100 % NIST employees cover under insurance
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) with clients
  • 40+ Check point maintenance on Statutory compliance for all the staffing employees

Total Oil India Private Limited (TOIPL)

Total Oil India Private Limited (TOIPL) is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality lubricants for automotive and industrial applications. It is a part of TOTAL S.A. - France. TOIPL is involved in diverse business process such as Lubricants, LPG, Bitumen, Special Fluids, Additives, etc. NIST is very happy to place its candidates in TOIPL under the designation of HSE Manager and HSE supervisor at different locations across India.

Ajay Kumar
HSE Manager
Sreedharrao Ganjikunta
HSE Supervisor
Devara Chaitanya
HSE Supervisor
HSE Supervisor
Sagayaraja M
HSE Supervisor
Tanveerulla Shariff
HSE Supervisor
Mohammed Abdul
HSE Supervisor
HSE Supervisor
RVD Prasad
HSE Supervisor
HSE Supervisor
Jobin K Panicker
HSE Supervisor
HSE Supervisor
HSE Supervisor

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Recruited Candidate Feedback


Sivaji Ambati


I would like to take this opportunity to thank NIST from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to the management for providing the job opportunity in VOLTAS LIMITED as a HSE OFFICER. NIST management team is doing a great job. They continuously support and guide us until we succeed in our careers. Thanks to the management and entire NIST team for supporting and giving me the guidelines of success for my career growth.