Incident Investigation

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It is critical to learn from the past and prevent accidents from reoccurring in future. Keeping an open mind is necessary in incident investigation and preconceived notions may result in wrong outcome leaving some significant facts uncovered. There is never a single cause of an accident and emphasis should always be on locating the root causes, underlying causes. An effective incident investigation reveals the chain of events that led to the loss event, thereby uncovering root causes, underlying causes. Fault finding and shifting blame after accident defeats the purpose and one should not believe on anecdotal evidences.

NIST has the expertise with years of industrial experience in incident investigation process and they are well-versed in analyzing possible causes of adverse event. While there are many incident investigation models like 5-whys, fault tree or fish bone analysis the main objective remains the same, what may have caused the incident and how do we prevent it happening again? This training helps understand each step of investigation from safety of the employees after incident, preserving the scene, incident reporting, to gathering and analyzing factual information.

Learning Outcome of Incident Investigation Training

  • State the purpose of investigating incident
  • Know the key benefits of accident investigation
  • Find out the reasons of incidents
  • Identify suitable control measures
  • Evaluate possible risk control measures
  • Need of reporting the incident
  • Specify basic investigation procedures
  • Note the information to be collected
  • Determine the casual factors of incident
  • Prepare the investigation report
  • Share the findings of investigation report
  • Implement corrective actions

Who can take the Incident Investigation Training?

  • Anyone responsible for investigating and/ or analyzing incidents.
  • People tasked with developing corrective actions to prevent recurrence
  • Line managers
  • Safety professionals
  • Operating managers
  • Technicians
  • Trainers

Benefits of Incident Investigation Training

The benefits accruing through incident investigation is that it would ensure a safer working environment and at the same time morale of workers will further improve. As a corollary, business loss to organization could be prevented or minimized as accidents as such would be reduced drastically. Finally, skills of the workers will go up as they would understand the application of control measures resulting in more productivity.