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In industry every effort should be made to avoid incidents. This requires us to learn the real reasons why incidents occur and how we can prevent them from happening again. One of the causes for most of the incidents is that previous incidents were not sufficiently analyzed and limited to immediate causes only.

NIST has delivered training on this module to clients like Bumi Armada, SembMarine, RHI, Mahindra Lifespaces, RBS, Prize Petroleum, Marks & Spencer and many more.

Learning Outcomes :

This training offers a practical approach towards incident investigation and analysis in a workplace environment. This training helps a student in understanding importance of detailed and systematic approach while investigating and will be able to:-

  • Participate as a team member in securing a scene of accident.
  • Gather information including witness interview.
  • Document sequence of events based on facts.
  • Determine immediate and root causes.
  • Recommend corrective actions.
  • Prepare incident investigation report.

Training sessions would be as per International standard, using audio visual presentation and past case studies.

Who can take the Course?

This training is designed for:

  • Anyone responsible for investigating and/ or analyzing incidents.
  • Those who are tasked with developing corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

As this responsibility mostly falls on Line Managers, this training is essential for anyone who supervises others. Candidates include safety professionals and operating managers who might be called upon to participate on teams for loss event investigations. In addition, technicians, occupational nurse, quality officers, trainers and others who have investigation responsibilities will find this course invaluable.


Incident investigation process has an important role in the review of your organization's Health and Safety Management System. Therefore it is imperative to possess an effective methodology for:

  • Incident analysis and root cause identification.
  • Identification of the areas for improvements in management system.

Training on incident investigation ensures that your organization meets legal and moral obligation to correctly investigate incidents and learn from failures. Incident investigation helps in:

  • Prevent the same thing happening again.
  • Make the workplace safer for everyone.
  • Raise morale following an accident.
  • Avoid the costs of future accidents.
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