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  • How can top management enhance their Health and Safety Leadership Excellence?
  • What can they do to demonstrate safety is a priority for them and the organisation?
  • How can they protect their organizations and followers from catastrophic failures?
  • How can they achieve transactional and transformational leadership characteristics?

To all answer these questions, the ideal choice is to pursue IOSH Leading Safely course. It’s a unique course exclusively designed for the people with leadership responsibilities. Moreover, it encompasses the distinct values and competencies to transform the professionals as effective, inspirational and competent leader in health and safety management.

Course Overview:

Globally, there has been a shift in-focus towards good health and safety leadership in achieving an injury-free workplace. Today’s leaders are responsible not only for continuous improvement, adapting to changes, and encouraging work ownership but to sustain their organizations in the presence of catastrophic risk. Considering the above attributes, IOSH Chartered Body has developed a Leading Safely Qualification in partnership with top HSE organisations, OSH specialists and business leaders.

Some of the stand-out features of this qualification:

  • Flexible options to customize the course for making it relevant to varied range of delegates, or specific organisation/sector
  • Incorporates newly-developed 'Models of Safety' to provide practical knowledge and the strategies for honing business leadership skills through accredited health and safety practices
  • Includes Pre-course diagnostic questionnaire accessed via a mobile app to assess individual or organisation’s current leadership behaviours. Based on the delegates response, training session could be structured in an optimal manner
  • Facilitates delegates to benchmark their current and future safety and health vision and priorities in line with global models of safety and creates an opportunity to upgrade their leadership excellence as per International standards
  • Covers lively discussion, debate, gap analysis, case studies & exercises to enhance delegate’s leadership capabilities in achieving next level of health and safety performance in their organisation
  • Encourages personal commitment from delegates to change safety and health behaviours and practices in their businesses

Target Audience:

Aimed at people with leadership responsibilities, such as

  • Directors
  • Board members
  • Business owners
  • Chief executives
  • Senior managers
  • Heads of departments

Course Duration:

2 days including Pre-course preparation via IOSH Leaders App, Face-to-face Instructor Led classroom session & Assessment

Training Methodology:

Full time


None, however candidate should be conversant in English and able to understand and complete the assessment on their own

Course Benefits:

  • Sharpens skill-set and transforms as effective leader
  • Aids to acquire the best practices on effective leadership at par with International Standards
  • Offers strategic solutions for sustainable business advantage
  • Ensures dedicated support during and after the course via IOSH Leaders App
  • Encourages innovation and communicates a health and safety vision for the future
  • Overall improves productivity, increases profits, enhances corporate reputation and strengthens your brand

Course Syllabus:

IOSH Leading Safely module has two sessions:

Module 1

  • Leadership characteristics
  • A broader approach to safety and health
  • Benchmarking current performance
  • Improving performance

Module 2

  • Applying leadership to safety and health

Learning Outcomes:

The course will support decision-makers to:

  • Develop a strategic understanding of the value of safety and health
  • Understand good practice from leading global organisations
  • Understand where they want to position their organisation’s safety performance against other organisations
  • Plan for implementation
  • Understand their operational responsibilities and the opportunities of good performance, as well as the consequences of poor performance


  • Delegates are required to create personal commitment action plans (up to 3 actions) based on the commitment made during the diagnostic questionnaire assessment to improve health and safety management of their own as well as organisation
  • Delegates need to derive the action plans in terms of an outcome goal, a performance goal and a process goal


  • IOSH Leading Safely certificate will be awarded to the delegates who
    • Attend the whole session
    • Complete diagnostic questionnaire
    • Complete the personal commitment action plan report.

Further Progression:

NEBOSH International Diploma (IDIP)

Further Progression

Examination schedule as per the course calendar


IOSH Leading Safely qualification transforms a learner into a responsible leader to effectually manage health & safety, conjointly increases the organizational productivity, business reputation & brand image. The course provides essential skills & techniques to the learner to strategically maintain health and safety management system at any type of organization with strong intelligence, strategy, and expertise.
The learner of IOSH leading safely qualification can grasp the advanced health & safety principles & practices at par with international standards. Also, sharpens the learner’s knowledge & skill-set to achieve health and safety goal in the competitive edge. The learner can understand the global practices, articulate health and safety vision, and benchmark their performances. The certification attracts employers worldwide and alleviates the learner’s career prospects.
The IOSH leading safely qualification comprises of two modules. Module 1 covers Leadership characteristics, a broader approach of safety and health, Benchmarking current performance, & improving performance. Module 2 includes applying leadership to safety & health. An action plan will be created based on the diagnostic questionnaire assessment. The learner can comprehend the true value of health and safety management principles from the learning content.
Leading safely qualification involves 2 days classroom based, face to face instructor-led training. The qualification also includes pre-course preparation through IOSH Leader App, which enables to assess health and safety performances & practices and guides the learner with the perfect action plan for improvement.
The IOSH Leading Safely qualification is assessed through action plans. After cognizing the health and safety concepts through training, the learners have to create a personal commitment action plan through a diagnostic questionnaire assessment to improve the organizational health and safety management system.