Lifting and Rigging

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Lifting and rigging involves lifting and lowering of heavy materials with the use of crane and other related devices. However, improper rigging of load could lead to potential hazards, where workers and riggers nearby are prone to get injuries. There are instances of workers getting killed and injured due to slipping of loads involving rigging failure. Thus, the need is to create lifting and rigging awareness among the workers involved in the tasks.

One of the tasks of lifting and rigging also involves movement of vehicles in and around site, where there is possibility of vehicles getting collided with objects and moving towards wrong direction or any such incidences leading to hazards. In addition, there are other lifting and rigging hazards such as fall hazards, crushing hazards, and electrical hazards. Hazards could be controlled, if there is somebody at the workplace is assigned the task of giving warning in time and indicating signs for safe lifting and rigging operations. This is where the role of banksman becomes pivotal for conducting lifting and rigging risk assessment considering the health and safety of the workers.

Similarly, crane operator plays a significant role in lifting and rigging tasks. While operating crane for lifting and lowering loads, there are chances of hazard in terms of load falling or crane moving towards wrong direction. Incidents of this nature reflect that employees are not aware of safe rigging practices. Hence, the focus is on imparting lifting and rigging training to workers as well as the concerned authority to avoid any untoward accidents.

Considering the need of lifting and rigging safety, corporates involved in this task should ensure that their employees receive proper lifting and rigging safety training in Chennai from institutes like NIST, known for contributing to safety at workplace in every regard. The advantage accruing through getting trained by this institute is that corporates would able to minimize the number of casualties of lifting and rigging accidents by following lifting and rigging guidelines as prescribed in occupational safety and health administration regulatory.

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