Mock Drill

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Sensitization of employees is highly essential considering the fact of emergency situation like fire, chemical disaster, flood, cyclone, tsunami, or earthquake or any such untoward incidents having the potential to cause injury and death. The activities in response to deal with depend on type of emergency situation. However, most of the times organizations in times of emergency or during a life threatening hazardous situation, find themselves at back foot, due to lack of resources or lack of coordination or lack of clarity of roles among the stakeholders. This is the reason, mock drill should be conducted to inculcate the vibes of emergency preparedness, optimum utilization of resources, mobilization of coordinated activities, and related aspects after identifying the gaps.

The objective of mock drill is to review the emergency preparedness plan of the organization and evaluate standard operating procedure, so that concerned persons would deliver their duties effectively while keeping in cognizance of life and property. If the employees and concerned stakeholders are trained, then the response during emergency would be smooth and effective.

We have experienced trainers to deliver mock drill training by creating worst case scenarios with specific to industry and they would infuse it at the operational level to understand the realistic issues of dealing with emergency scenarios. Moreover, they will get a sense of competence and get aware of pre-emptive measures to handle any kind of emergency situations. We also provide recommended measures as per the loopholes highlighted in mock drill.

Interactive Session of Mock Drill

Learning Outcome of Mock Drill training

  • Purpose of conducting mock drill
  • Mock drill design as per the principles
  • Objectives of mock drill
  • Common safety problems at workplace
  • Ways to conduct mock drill
  • Systematic way of conducting mock exercises
  • Role of management, emergency manager, authorized response person, and workers for conducting mock drill
  • Escape plan in case of emergency
  • Guidelines to be followed before, during, and after mock drill
  • Evaluation of mock drill
  • Implementation of emergency plan

Who can take the Mock Drill training?

Training is useful to emergency response team, employees, management, and stakeholders of organization.

Benefits of Mock Drill training

Organization will understand the key aspects of emergency preparedness thereby it would strengthen the coordination efforts to tackle any crisis effectively. As a result, life and property would be better protected.