UK certification NEBOSH course training in Bangalore

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India's leading institute NIST is offering UK certifications NEBOSH in Bangalore. NIST training delivery will be useful to evaluate and develop professional qualities for their students. NIST provides the top most international certifications of NEBOSH in health and safety. It's time to enroll yourself for registration in our Electronic city of India-Bangalore for IGC course. Bangalore city is amongst the top ten preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world. Hold a NEBOSH qualification and get world opportunities.

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
18th to 22nd Jun-18 25th to 29th Jun-18 04nd & 04rd Jul-18
16th to 20th Jul-18 23rd to 27th Jul-18 02nd & 03rd Aug-18
20th to 24th Aug-18 27th to 31st Aug-18 06th & 07th Sep-18
17th to 21st Sep-18 24th to 28th Sep-18 04th & 05th Oct-18
22nd to 26th Oct-18 29th Oct to 03rd Nov-18 08th & 09th Nov-18
19th to 23th Nov-18 26th to 30th Nov-18 05th & 06th Dec-18
17th to 21st Dec-18 24th to 29th Dec-18 07th & 08th Jan-19
19th to 24th Jan-19 25th to 31st Jan-19 06th & 07th Feb-19
18th to 22nd Feb-19 25th Feb to 01st Mar-19 06th & 07th May-19
18th to 22nd Mar-19 25th to 29th Mar-19 03rd & 04th Apr-19

IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment NEBOSH HSW
11th to 13th Jun-18 14th Jun-18 16th Jun-18 -
09th to 11th Jul-18 12th Jul-18 13th Jul-18 -
13th to 16th Aug-18 17th Aug-18 18th Aug-18 -
10th to 12th Sep-18 14th Sep-18 15th Sep-18 -
15th to 17th Oct-18 18th Oct-18 20th Oct-18 -
13th to 15th Nov-18 16th Nov-18 17th Nov-18 -
10th to 12th Dec-18 13th Dec-18 14th Dec-18 -
07th to 09th Jan-19 10th Jan-19 11th Jan-19 -
12th to 14th Feb-19 15th Feb-19 16th Feb-19 -
12th to 14th Mar-19 15th Mar-19 16th Mar-19 -

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