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Get appealing employment offers by studying NEBOSH courses in one of the best safety institute in Chennai! For safety employment tasks, employers all over the world seek out individuals with NEBOSH certification. In order to provide experts and everyday people with knowledge about workplace safety, NEBOSH, a major organisation in the UK, offers internationally recognised credentials.

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Our NEBOSH-approved accreditation number is 698 and we are the 1st to introduce the NEBOSH course in India. So NIST could be a reliable provider to enroll.

Benefits of Studying NEBOSH IGC @ NIST?

NIST Offers NEBOSH IGC Course in Chennai

Many students from Chennai choose to enrol in the most opted NEBOSH Courses at NIST which is a NEBOSH approved institute in Tamil Nadu. Through the several NEBOSH-recommended levels of education, the NEBOSH course covers nearly the whole spectrum of safety, health, and environment. From gaining solid information to attracting job offers from firms around the world, the NEBOSH IGC course in Chennai offers a wide range of advantages. For individuals hoping to pursue a career in safety, it is undoubtedly a suitable course.



NIST holds the Highest Market Share for NEBOSH International Diploma in India

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NEBOSH IGC Course in Chennai

One of the most popular international safety courses among students hoping to start a career in safety is the NEBOSH online course in Chennai for the coveted IGC certificate.

To meet the needs of industrial companies seeking to make their workplaces safer, NEBOSH offers an IGC virtual course in Chennai. The NEBOSH IGC course in Chennai is a great option for managers, supervisors, and anybody else with responsibility for health & safety.


Upcoming Safety Day Batch in Chennai

NEBOSH IG Day Batch in Chennai

Today, safety enthusiasts looking to start a career in safety are increasingly taking the NEBOSH IG course in Chennai. For the NEBOSH IGC course in Chennai, NIST offers a day batch through online virtual NEBOSH IGC training. For registration, safety course fees & course duration, get in touch with our course counsellors if you're seeking for a day batch to study for the NEBOSH IGC in Chennai. Our day batch for the NEBOSH IGC features qualified, NEBOSH-approved instructors that provide excellent instruction and advice for passing the NEBOSH IG exam.

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Exam Date Register
14th to 19th Nov-22 21st to 28th Nov-22 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
15th to 21st Dec-22 22nd to 29th Dec-22 18th Jan-23 Enroll Now
16th to 21st Jan-23 23rd to 31st Jan-23 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
14th to 20th Feb-23 21st to 28th Feb-23 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now
15th to 21st Mar-23 22nd to 29th Mar-23 05th Ap-23 Enroll Now

NEBOSH IG Refresher Day Training in Chennai

A one-day specialised training programme is another way we help our resit candidates in Chennai. Candidates who have applied for the NEBOSH IGC resit exam will benefit from reviewing the full course material and having their questions answered during this workshop. All of our students should successfully complete the NEBOSH IG course, according to NIST.

Refresher Training-IG1 Refresher Training-IG2 Exam Date Register
01st Nov-22 01st Nov-22 02nd Nov-22 Enroll Now
01th Dec-22 02nd Dec-22 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
06th Jan-23 07th Jan-23 18th Jan-23 Enroll Now
01st Feb-23 02nd Feb-23 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
01st Mar-23 02nd Mar-23 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now
30th Mar-23 31st Mar-23 05th Apr-23 Enroll Now

IOSH MS Training in Chennai (Day Batch)

If you want to start a career in safety and you live in Chennai, you should enrol in the IOSH MS programme. This course serves as a basis for more advanced safety courses by providing you with a thorough understanding of the fundamental safety concepts. Online virtual training is available for IOSH training in Chennai. Our instructors are skilled at leading intensely engaged training sessions that are also very effective.

IOSH MS Register
05th to 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
09th to 11th Jan-23 Enroll Now
06th to 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
06th to 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now

IEMA Day Batch in Chennai

Do you want to work in the environmental field? Do you intend to work in environmental safety? Take the IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course of your choice. Get trained by our environmental professionals by attending the IEMA Day batch in Chennai. After completing the course, you will be able to effectively manage environmental risks and hazards by putting the principles you've studied about environmental management to use.

IEMA Register
09th Dec-22 Enroll Now
10th Feb-22 Enroll Now

Successfully Trained 2408+ NEBOSH Diploma Learners

NIST Annual topper award Rs.50000/- for NEBOSH IG/ NEBOSH IDIP

Attend Exclusive Virtual Training

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Upcoming Safety Evening Batch in Chennai

NEBOSH IG Evening Batch in Chennai

Are you a working professional hoping to enrol in the NEBOSH IGC course in Chennai? NIST provides evening classes for the convenience of its students. After completing the NEBOSH IG course in Chennai, you will be qualified for a wide range of safety-related jobs all across the world. Get a comprehensive grasp and broader perspective of safety issues with the most recent NEBOSH IGC syllabus. Contact us for safety course fees & course duration. Also, avail unbelievable discount in NEBOSH course fees.

NEBOSH IG1 Start Date NEBOSH IG2 End Date Exam Date Register
02nd to 16th Nov-22 17th to 30th Nov-22 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
02nd to 16th Dec-22 17th to 30th Dec-22 18th Jan-23 Enroll Now
02nd to 16th Jan-23 17th to 31st Jan-23 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
01st to 14th Feb-23 15th to 28th Feb-23 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now
02nd to 16th Mar-23 17th to 31st Mar-23 05th Apr-23 Enroll Now

IOSH Training in Chennai (Evening Batch)

Do you wish to begin a career in safety? Begin with IOSH MS in Chennai! It will provide you with the necessary fundamental understanding of safety concepts. Join our IOSH Evening Batch in Chennai so you can work on other projects during the day and take a safety course at evening. Take the first step toward developing a safety-related profession!

IOSH MS Register
24th to 30th Nov-22 Enroll Now
23rd to 29th Dec-22 Enroll Now
24th to 31st Jan-23 Enroll Now
22nd to 28th Feb-23 Enroll Now
24th to 30th Mar-23 Enroll Now

NEBOSH PSM Evening Batch in Chennai (Evening Batch)

Do you have a job in a process industry? By enrolling in NEBOSH PSM in Chennai, it's time to advance your safety profession. Working professionals will find the NEBOSH PSM Evening batch in Chennai useful. The best process safety training in Chennai, it paves the road for you to advance your safety profession.

PSM Register
19th to 30th Dec-22 Enroll Now
09th to 20th Jan-23 Enroll Now
20th to 31st Mar-23 Enroll Now

What NIST Learners Get?

Book materials, electronic copies, login information for online courses, training sessions that were recorded, free placement assistance, daily recruitment, and training for three days in soft skills, industry knowledge, and interview techniques are all offered without charge.

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NEBOSH Environmental Diploma in Chennai

Do you care deeply about preserving a secure environment? Immediately train to be an environmental expert! Environmental specialists are in great demand across all industries. Develop your career in environmental safety by pursuing a NEBOSH Environmental Diploma in Chennai. Get in touch with our course counsellors for more information!

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Exam Date Closing Date Webinar Date
13th Feb-23 Update Shortly 21st Jan-23

IDEM2 - Submission date

Unit Submission Period Opens Submission Date Webinar Date
IDEM2 09th Nov-22 30th Nov-22 04th Nov-22
IDEM2 01th Feb-23 22nd Feb-23 27th Feb-23


High pass percentage

The highest chance for a candidate to pass the certification is at NIST, where a high pass percentage of about 75% is maintained.

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NEBOSH International Diploma in Chennai

NEBOSH International Diploma Evening Batch in Chennai

Are you willing to work toward the highest safety qualification? Take the NEBOSH International Diploma course in Chennai to advance in your safety career. We provide virtual instruction from our qualified instructors. We have individuals who have achieved the highest ranking in the world while attending NIST.

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID2 17th Oct to 07th Nov-22 10th Oct-22 09th Nov-22 07th Dec-22
ID3 12th Dec to 04th Jan-23 05th Dec-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 06th Feb to 09th Mar-23 02rd Feb-22 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-22

NEBOSH Weekend Batch in Chennai (New Syllabus)

Are you too busy during the week to take the NEBOSH International Diploma safety course? Not to worry! For candidates interested in safety, we offer a unique weekend batch. You can easily attend a virtual online lesson over the weekend. With the world's best safety course—NEBOSH International Diploma in Chennai—move your safety career along. Get spot discount in NEBOSH course fees.

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID3 16th Dec to 06th Jan-23 12th Dec-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 10th Feb to 10th Mar-23 05th Feb-22 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-23

NEBOSH International Diploma for Gulf (New Syllabus)

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID3 16th Dec to 07th Jan-23 10th Dec-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 11th Feb to 11th Mar-23 30th Jan-23 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-23

NEBOSH International Diploma for E-Learning (New Syllabus)

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID3 03rd Dec to 07th Jan-23 28th Nov-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 04th Feb to 11th Mar-23 30th Jan-23 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-23

Professional Networking

The best way to network with other students who are working professionals with a variety of experiences.

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