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NEBOSH Course Training in Chennai

The NEBOSH Courses in Chennai is a popular training course pursued by many students from Chennai. The NEBOSH course covers almost the entire gamut of safety, health and environment through the different levels of coursework prescribed by NEBOSH. Many students opt for the international safety course in Chennai because of the job opportunities it offers. Students who have completed NEBOSH program go on to work with leading companies in India and abroad.

Upcoming Safety Batch - Chennai

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
17th to 21st Jun-19 24th to 28th Jun-19 03rd & 04th Jul-19 booknow
11th to 22nd Jul-19 23rd to 27th Jul-19 05th & 06th Aug-19 booknow
19th to 23rd Aug-19 26th to 30th Aug-19 05th & 06th Sep-19 booknow
17th to 21st Sep-19 23rd to 27th Sep-19 03rd & 04th Oct-19 booknow
14th to 18th Oct-19 21st to 25th Oct-19 30th & 31st Oct-19 booknow
18th to 22nd Nov-19 25th to 29th Nov-19 04th & 05th Dec-19 booknow
16th to 20th Dec-19 23rd to 28th Dec-19 06th & 07th Jan-20 booknow
20th to 24th Jan-20 27th to 31st Jan-20 05th & 06th Feb-20 booknow
17th to 21st Feb-20 24th to 28th Feb-20 04th & 05th Mar-20 booknow
16th to 20th Mar-20 23rd to 27th Mar-20 02nd & 03rd Apr-20 booknow
IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment Confined Space Attendant
01st to 03rd Jul-19 04th Jul-19 05th Jul-19 06th Jul-19
07th to 09th Aug-19 12th Aug-19 13th Aug-19 14th Aug-19
05th to 07th Sep-19 09th Sep-19 10th Sep-19 11th Sep-19
03rd to 05th Oct-19 07th Oct-19 08th Oct-19 09th Oct-19
06th to 08th Nov-19 11th Nov-19 12th Nov-19 13th Nov-19
05th to 07th Dec-19 09th Dec-19 10th Dec-19 11th Dec-19
03rd to 06th Jan-20 07th Jan-20 08th Jan-20 09th Jan-20
05th to 07th Feb-20 10th Feb-20 11th Feb-20 12th Feb-20
05th to 07th Mar-20 09th Mar-20 10th Mar-20 11th Mar-20

Fire Watcher IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce Highfield First Aid
08th Jul-19 09th Jul-19 10th Jul-19
16th Aug-19 17th Aug-19 -
12th Sep-19 13th Sep-19 16th Sep-19
10th Oct-19 11th Oct-19 -
14th Nov-19 15th Nov-19 16th Nov-19
12th Dec-19 13th Dec-19 -
10th Jan-20 13th Jan-20 18th Jan-20
13th Feb-20 14th Feb-20 -
11th Mar-20 12th Mar-20 14th Mar-20

NEBOSH International Diploma in Chennai

Courses Exam Date Closing Date
NEBOSH IDIP 14th , 15th , 16th Jan-2020 & 25th Feb-2020 10th Oct-19



Sujeevan Gunturu


First and foremost, I would like to praise and thank Lord Jesus for providing me wisdom and strength to successfully complete the NEBOSH IGC certification with Credit. Second, I would like to seize this opportunity to express my sincere indebtedness and gratitude to NIST management for organizing such a wonderful platform to learn international safety courses.

My special thanks to my trainer Ms. Maya Mam (IGC1 & GC2) who is highly energetic and taught the course content in an elaborate manner with realistic examples and case studies. I would also like to thank Mr. Parthasarthy who has comprehensively explained about the presentation and submission of the GC3 project. I am especially thankful to Mr. Gnanothayan who took care of all my academic related queries after joining the course.

During the time of enrolling NEBOSH IGC, I had financial crisis and NIST management members realized my situation and supported accordingly. It shows management commitment to run institute on service oriented not as business or achieving annual turnover target.

Right now, my aim is to complete NEBOSH IDIP from NIST and become a competent safety professional.

Finally, my best wishes to NIST institute and hope they would reach the soaring heights of success in the future.


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