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NIST is a renowned safety institute that provides NEBOSH online training in Kochi. Do you want to enrol? Choose NIST as your study partner because it is one of the top safety institutes in Kochi. Job possibilities for safety professionals in Kochi are currently plentiful in all sectors. Your NEBOSH certification can open the door to a fulfilling career in safety in Kochi. As soon as you can, learn more about safety!

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NIST is Proudly India's No.1 NEBOSH Course Provider
India's 1st NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

Learner's No.1 choice for pursuing NEBOSH courses.
Trained 21,572+ NEBOSH IGC Learners.
1,20,000+ Learners Trained in International Safety Courses.

Why Choose NIST?

Global Topper's No.1 Choice for pursuing NEBOSH Courses

Learner's No.1 choice for pursuing NEBOSH courses in Kollam

21,572+ NEBOSH IGC Learners Trained

1,20,000+ Learners Trained in International Safety Courses.

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Multiple language NEBOSH IGC training available only at NIST (Regional language)

NIST Offers NEBOSH Course in Kochi

By using our extensive selection of the most popular NEBOSH safety courses in Kochi, we have effectively trained a variety of safety experts there. The comprehensive syllabus for the NEBOSH course in Kochi covers every important topic related to health, safety, and the environment. The smartest & best choice right now is the NEBOSH safety course in Kochi offered by NIST. Our business provides NEBOSH IGC classes in Kochi through both day & evening batch. Only the most knowledgeable and professional safety instructors with years of experience are hired by our NEBOSH-approved institute in Kochi. They are widely renowned for providing online NEBOSH training in Kochi for the NEBOSH IGC, IDip, and other safety officer courses. You may also take advantage of a spot discount offer when you ask one of our counsellors about the course fee of a safety training course in Kochi or the NEBOSH course duration.



NIST holds the Highest Market Share for NEBOSH International Diploma in India

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Upcoming NEBOSH Online course in Kochi & Other safety course (Day Batch)

NEBOSH IG course in Kochi (Day Batch)

NIST provides specialised safety courses in Kochi for aspirants who are interested in safety. NIST, a famous safety organisation, provides the NEBOSH IGC training programme in Kochi. Enroll as soon as you can to enjoy the lowest NEBOSH IGC course price in Kochi. The NIST offers the most affordable NEBOSH safety training in Kochi.

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Exam Date Register
14th to 19th Nov-22 21st to 28th Nov-22 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
15th to 21st Dec-22 22nd to 29th Dec-22 18th Jan-23 Enroll Now
16th to 21st Jan-23 23rd to 31st Jan-23 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
14th to 20th Feb-23 21st to 28th Feb-23 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now
15th to 21st Mar-23 22nd to 29th Mar-23 05th Ap-23 Enroll Now

NEBOSH IG Refresher Day Training in Kochi

Learners who need to resit the NEBOSH exam in Kochi can sign up for a special one-day NEBOSH training offered by NIST, where NEBOSH-certified safety trainers in Kochi will go over their study materials and answer any questions they may have. We strive enough to ensure that every student at NIST clears the NEBOSH exam.

Refresher Training-IG1 Refresher Training-IG2 Exam Date Register
01st Nov-22 01st Nov-22 02nd Nov-22 Enroll Now
01th Dec-22 02nd Dec-22 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
06th Jan-23 07th Jan-23 18th Jan-23 Enroll Now
01st Feb-23 02nd Feb-23 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
01st Mar-23 02nd Mar-23 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now
30th Mar-23 31st Mar-23 05th Apr-23 Enroll Now

IOSH MS Course in Kochi

Start small and begin your safety career in Kochi! Your first introduction to safety training can be the IOSH MS course in Kochi. Take NIST as your learning partner if you want to advance your profession in safety. Learn more about the rules and legislation that govern workplace safety and health. If you wish to enrol in further safety classes, this is the place to start.

IOSH MS Register
05th to 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
09th to 11th Jan-23 Enroll Now
06th to 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
06th to 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now

IEMA Day batch in Kochi

Learn about environmental protection! Enrol in the IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course in Kochi with environmental specialists from NIST to gain an understanding of environmental hazards and concerns. Our online training programmes are simple to participate in. Learn about them to become an authority on the environment.

IEMA Register
09th Dec-22 Enroll Now
10th Feb-22 Enroll Now

Successfully Trained 2408+ NEBOSH Diploma Learners

NIST Annual topper award Rs.50000/- for NEBOSH IG/ NEBOSH IDIP

Attend Exclusive Virtual Training

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Upcoming NEBOSH Online course in Kochi & Other safety course (Evening Batch)

NEBOSH IG Evening Batch in Kochi

NEBOSH IG1 Start Date NEBOSH IG2 End Date Exam Date Register
02nd to 16th Nov-22 17th to 30th Nov-22 07th Dec-22 Enroll Now
02nd to 16th Dec-22 17th to 30th Dec-22 18th Jan-23 Enroll Now
02nd to 16th Jan-23 17th to 31st Jan-23 08th Feb-23 Enroll Now
01st to 14th Feb-23 15th to 28th Feb-23 08th Mar-23 Enroll Now
02nd to 16th Mar-23 17th to 31st Mar-23 05th Apr-23 Enroll Now

IOSH MS Course in Kochi

IOSH MS Register
24th to 30th Nov-22 Enroll Now
23rd to 29th Dec-22 Enroll Now
24th to 31st Jan-23 Enroll Now
22nd to 28th Feb-23 Enroll Now
24th to 30th Mar-23 Enroll Now

NEBOSH PSM course in Kochi

Would you like additional information on process safety management in Kochi? Utilize NIST's special online safety training programmes to get started right away! Safety experts who want to manage process safety more effectively should attend this PSM training in Kochi. Professionals who are unable to manage studying in the morning are welcome to join the evening online batch. For additional details on the course cost and duration of the NEBOSH-approved safety training in Kochi, get in touch with one of our course counsellors right away!

PSM Register
19th to 30th Dec-22 Enroll Now
09th to 20th Jan-23 Enroll Now
20th to 31st Mar-23 Enroll Now

What NIST Learners Get?

Books, electronic copies, login credentials for online courses, recordings of training sessions, free assistance with job placement, daily recruitment, and three days of education in soft skills, industry knowledge, and interviewing techniques are all examples of free materials.

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NEBOSH Environmental Diploma course in Kochi

Become more knowledgeable about protecting the environment! The growing concern that has brought this issue to everyone's notice creates a huge need for environmental professionals! To become an expert, enrol in the renowned NEBOSH Environmental Diploma programme in Kochi!

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Exam Date Closing Date Webinar Date
13th Feb-23 Update Shortly 21st Jan-23

IDEM2 - Submission date

Unit Submission Period Opens Submission Date Webinar Date
IDEM2 09th Nov-22 30th Nov-22 04th Nov-22
IDEM2 01th Feb-23 22nd Feb-23 27th Feb-23


High pass percentage

Candidates have the highest chances of completing the certification at NIST, where a high success rate of around 75% is maintained.

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NEBOSH International Diploma in Kochi

NEBOSH International Diploma in Kochi (Evening Batch)

Do you have the ambition to progress in your safety career in Kochi? A NEBOSH International Diploma programme is offered online by NIST in Kochi. The world's most valuable safety certification, the NEBOSH IDip in Kochi could help you develop your career. Contact one of our course counsellors if you have any queries about the course fee or duration of the safety course required for the NEBOSH certification in Kochi.

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID2 17th Oct to 07th Nov-22 10th Oct-22 09th Nov-22 07th Dec-22
ID3 12th Dec to 04th Jan-23 05th Dec-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 06th Feb to 09th Mar-23 02rd Feb-22 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-22

NEBOSH Weekend Batch in Kochi (New Syllabus)

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID3 16th Dec to 06th Jan-23 12th Dec-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 10th Feb to 10th Mar-23 05th Feb-22 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-23

NEBOSH International Diploma for Gulf (New Syllabus)

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID3 16th Dec to 07th Jan-23 10th Dec-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 11th Feb to 11th Mar-23 30th Jan-23 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-23

NEBOSH International Diploma for E-Learning (New Syllabus)

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID3 03rd Dec to 07th Jan-23 28th Nov-22 11th Jan-23 08th Feb-23
ID1 04th Feb to 11th Mar-23 30th Jan-23 15th Mar-23 28th Apr-23

Professional Networking

The best method of getting in touch with other students who are working adults from various backgrounds.

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Alumni Testimonials


Kevin Rajan


Hello, I am Kevin Rajan. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Wayanad. I really appreciate this opportunity given to us to write feedback about the experience we had while studying at NIST for the NEBOSH IGC course. I personally had a wonderful experience! It was during the month of November I enrolled in the IGC program. To be really honest, I had zero confidence in undertaking this exam maybe because I was a fresher. But my counselor, Ms. Soumya made sure that I was given all the guidance and encouragement and also gave me proper counseling. She ensured that I received the study materials on time, despite the slow deliveries due to the pandemic. She was a really friendly, helpful, and very motivating counselor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my trainer, Mr. Sanoop. His lectures gave us the best understanding of the given topics and ensured that all our doubts were cleared. He gave us all the support and was really friendly & approachable.

I thank NIST for providing such a structured and organized course for the benefit of students.