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NEBOSH courses in Cochin, opens an array of globally recognized courses like International General Certificate (IGC), International Diploma (IDIP) which is highly demand at present. NEBOSH training in Cochin offers comprehensive understanding of Health and Safety issues and enables to manage workplace risk effectively. It helps to implement the effective Health and Safety Management System in the organisation, in turn improves organisational productivity and performances. These NEBOSH courses are suitable for the individuals to shape the career in Health and Safety, improves career progressions and helps to avail global job opportunities in diverse sectors.

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Upcoming OBE Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification

NEBOSH IGC Exam Exam Date
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 06th Oct-21
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 01st Dec-21
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 02nd Feb-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 02nd Mar-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 06th Apr-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 04th May-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 08th Jun-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 06th Jul-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 03rd Aug-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 07th Sep-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 05th Oct-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 02nd Nov-22
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 07th Dec-22

Upcoming Safety Batch in Cochin
(IGC New Syllabus – 2018 Specification)

Day Batch

NEBOSH Day Batch

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
16th to 22nd Sep-21 23rd to 30th Sep-21 Enroll Now
18th to 23rd Oct-21 25th to 01st Nov-21 Enroll Now
08th to 13th Nov-21 15th to 23rd Nov-21 Enroll Now
13th to 18th Dec-21 20th to 28th Dec-21 Enroll Now
10th to 18th Jan-22 19th to 27th Jan-22 Enroll Now
07th to 12th Feb-22 14th to 21st Feb-22 Enroll Now
14th to 21st Mar-22 22nd to 30th Mar-22 Enroll Now

IOSH Day Batch

IOSH MS Register
06th to 08th Sep-21 Enroll Now
11th to 13th Oct-21 Enroll Now
01st to 03rd Nov-21 Enroll Now
06th to 08th Dec-21 Enroll Now
03rd to 05th Jan-22 Enroll Now
02nd to 04th Feb-22 Enroll Now
07th to 09th Mar-22 Enroll Now

Evening Batch

NEBOSH Evening Batch

NEBOSH IG1 Start Date NEBOSH IG2 End Date Register
02nd to 16th Sep-21 17th Sep to 02nd Oct-21 Enroll Now
04th to 18th Oct-21 19th Oct to 05th Nov-21 Enroll Now
08th to 20th Nov-21 22nd Nov to 07th Dec-21 Enroll Now
08th to 21st Dec-21 22nd Dec to 08th Jan-22 Enroll Now
10th to 24th Jan-22 25th Jan to 10th Feb-22 Enroll Now
14th to 26th Feb-22 28th Feb to 15th Mar-22 Enroll Now
17th to 30th Mar-22 31st Mar to 18th Apr-22 Enroll Now

IOSH Evening Batch

IOSH MS Register
27th Sep to 02nd Oct-21 Enroll Now

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma in Cochin

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Exam Date Closing Date IDEM2 submission Date
11th Oct-2021 30th Aug-21 -
24th Nov-21 20th Sept-21 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH International Diploma in Cochin

NEBOSH IDIP Exam Date Closing Date DNI submission Date
12th , 13th & 14th Oct-21 30th Aug-21 -
24th Nov-21 20th Sept-21 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH International Diploma in Cochin (New Syllabus)

Evening Batch

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID1 20th Jul to 27th Aug-21 20th Aug-21 08th Sep-21 20th Oct-21
ID2 21st Oct to 09th Nov-21 10th Sep-21 10th Nov-21 08th Dec-21
ID3 09th Dec to 07th Jan-22 10th Oct-21 13th Jan-22 10th Feb-22

NEBOSH International Diploma in Cochin (New Syllabus)

Weekend Batch

Unit Training Date Closing Date Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID1 24th Jul to 21st Aug-21 20th Aug-21 08th Sep-21 20th Oct-21
ID2 23rd Oct to 06th Nov-21 10th Sep-21 10th Nov-21 08th Dec-21
ID3 11th Dec to 08th Jan-22 10th Oct-21 13th Jan-22 10th Feb-22


To register for a safety course with NIST, you may directly walk-in to the nearby NIST centre between 10.00 AM and 5.30 PM from Monday to Saturday.

The registration process includes the submission of the application form, fees & other necessary documents. Learners can also send the application form by post/courier along with the Cheque/DD and other required documents or submit the same to the counsellor via e-mail.

Yes, NIST will provide the necessary materials for the safety course that you choose to pursue. NIST believes in proactive learning, therefore, course materials will be given immediately after registration. Contact us at +91-8637687183 or drop an e-mail at for further assistance.

The most prestigious NEBOSH IDIP course can only be done online and NIST provides dedicated NEBOSH IDip technical support for registered learners. Contact our course counsellor at +91-8637687183 or mail us at to get further assistance.

An aspirant with the Basic English knowledge can pursue the NEBOSH course at ease. According to the NEBOSH evaluation system, the more innovative, unique, and informative your content, the higher will be your final score.

Academic qualification is not a criterion to pursue the NEBOSH course, yet a Diploma or a Degree in the field of Science or Engineering will make learning easy for an aspirant and has more scope when it comes to employment. For further details contact our executive through +91-8637687183 or mail us at

NIST has a vast array of health & safety courses for learners who aspire to become a qualified safety professional. IOSH & NEBOSH courses, Fire Safety, Risk Assessment and many more are some of the globally recognized courses that can be pursued by a fresher, as well as, an aspirant who has years of job experience.

Visit NIST at to get detailed information about the courses we offer or connect with us at +91-8637687183 for further assistance.

Alumni Testimonials


Kevin Rajan


Hello, I am Kevin Rajan. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Wayanad. I really appreciate this opportunity given to us to write feedback about the experience we had while studying at NIST for the NEBOSH IGC course. I personally had a wonderful experience! It was during the month of November I enrolled in the IGC program. To be really honest, I had zero confidence in undertaking this exam maybe because I was a fresher. But my counselor, Ms. Soumya made sure that I was given all the guidance and encouragement and also gave me proper counseling. She ensured that I received the study materials on time, despite the slow deliveries due to the pandemic. She was a really friendly, helpful, and very motivating counselor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my trainer, Mr. Sanoop. His lectures gave us the best understanding of the given topics and ensured that all our doubts were cleared. He gave us all the support and was really friendly & approachable.

I thank NIST for providing such a structured and organized course for the benefit of students.