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NEBOSH Course Training in Hyderabad

The international NEBOSH safety program is a job-oriented program. The NEBOSH course in Hyderabad is highly successful program attended by thousands of students in the state of Andhra. At NIST, we have consistently achieved good results in NEBOSH examinations. Students can be guaranteed of top class training facilities and excellent instructors to get the most of the safety course in Hyderabad.

Upcoming Safety Batch

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
16th to 20th Sep-19 23rd to 27th Sep-19 03rd & 04th Oct-19 booknow
IG1 Date IG2 Date IG 1 & 2 Exam Register
21st to 25th Oct-19 30th Oct to 05th Nov-19 15th Nov-19 booknow
18th to 22nd Nov-19 25th to 29th Nov-19 09th Dec-19 booknow
17th to 21st Dec-19 23rd to 28th Dec-19 09th Jan-20 booknow
20th to 24th Jan-20 27th to 31st Jan-20 10th Feb-20 booknow
18th to 24th Feb-20 25th to 29th Feb-20 10th Mar-20 booknow
19th to 24th Mar-20 25th to 31st Mar-20 10th Apr-20 booknow
IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce
14th to 16th Oct-19 17th Oct-19 18th Oct-19 19th Oct-19
12th to 14th Nov-19 - - -
10th to 12th Dec-19 13th Dec-19 14th Dec-19 16th Dec-19
16th to 18th Jan-20 - - -
11th to 13th Feb-20 14th Feb-20 15th Feb-20 17th Feb-20
13th to 17th Mar-20 - - -



Farhan Asif


I was looking to do NEBOSH IGC course, but I was lost in the confusion regarding which institute that I should attend. I came across NIST Hyderabad office and I felt utterly delighted in the way I was treated and the warmth of the staff to clear all the queries I had about the NEBOSH IGC course. At that moment, I felt that NIST would be the right institute to join and pursue the IGC course.

The training experience was good, Mr. Rashid was brilliant when it comes to subject knowledge and providing notes. NIST provided a great training environment to the extent that I can't complaint about any of their facilities. Lunch was provided as part of the coursework so we could spend our time to prepare for the IGC exam. The knowledge shared by Mr. Rashid was above satisfactory levels and helped us to understand the concepts and further learn how we can implement them in real-life scenarios.

Although the IGC course seemed to be intense, with the help of Rashid Sir's instruction I managed to prepare well, understand the concepts clearly and successfully clear the exam. It is an extremely joyous moment for me to clear the NEBOSH IGC exam.

The entire team at NIST was supportive to provide information regarding exams and providing updates about the training program. I recommend everyone who want to pursue NEBOSH IGC that NIST will serve to be the right place.


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