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NEBOSH Online Course Training in Hyderabad

The international NEBOSH safety program is a job-oriented program. The NEBOSH course in Hyderabad is highly successful program attended by thousands of students in the state of Andhra. At NIST, we have consistently achieved good results in NEBOSH examinations. Students can be guaranteed of top class training facilities and excellent instructors to get the most of the safety course in Hyderabad.

Upcoming OBE Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification

NEBOSH IGC Exam Exam Date
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 09th Jun-21

Upcoming Safety Batch

Day Batch Training

IOSH MS NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
07th to 09th Jun-21 14th to 19th Jun-21 21st to 29th Jun-21 booknow
05th to 07th Jul-21 12th to 17th Jul-21 19th to 28th Jul-21 booknow
09th to 11th Aug-21 16th to 21st Aug-21 23rd to 31st Aug-21 booknow
06th to 08th Sep-21 13th to 18th Sep-21 20th to 28th Sep-21 booknow
04th to 06th Oct-21 11th to 19th Oct-21 20th to 27th Oct-21 booknow
01st to 03rd Nov-21 08th to 13th Nov-21 15th to 23rd Nov-21 booknow
06th to 08th Dec-21 13th to 18th Dec-21 20th to 28th Dec-21 booknow
03rd to 05th Jan-22 10th to 18th Jan-22 19th to 27th Jan-22 booknow
07th to 09th Feb-22 14th to 19th Feb-22 21st to 28th Feb-22 booknow
07th to 09th Mar-22 14th to 21st Mar-22 22nd to 30th Mar-22 booknow

Evening Batch Training

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
21st Jun-21 24th Jul-21 booknow
26th Jul-21 28th Aug-21 booknow
23rd Aug-21 25th Sep-21 booknow
27th Sep-21 29th Oct-21 booknow
25th Oct-21 30th Nov-21 booknow
22nd Nov-21 24th Dec-21 booknow
27th Dec-21 31st Jan-22 booknow
24th Jan-22 26th Feb-22 booknow
21st Feb-22 26th Mar-22 booknow

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma in Hyderabad

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Exam Date Closing Date IDEM2 submission Date
11th Oct-2021 10th Aug-21 25th Aug-21
- Update shortly 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH International Diploma in Hyderabad

NEBOSH IDIP Exam Date Closing Date DNI submission Date
12th , 13th & 14th Oct-2021 Update shortly 25th Aug-21
- Update shortly 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH International Diploma in Hyderabad (New Syllabus)

Unit Training Date Training Timing Exam Release Date Exam Submission Date
ID1 20th Jul to 23rd Aug-2021 7:30 to 10:00 PM 08th Sep-21 20th Oct-21
ID2 01st to 30th Oct-2021 7:30 to 10:00 PM 10th Nov-21 08th Dec-21
ID3 01st to 27th Dec-2021 7:30 to 10:00 PM 30th Jan-22 10th Feb-22

NEBOSH IGC – Best Result in Hyderabad


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Mohammed Majid Hussain Khan


"The content was well thought through and my entire experience with NIST was awesome!" My Name is Mohammed Majid Hussain Khan. I am a Civil Engineer and joined NIST (Hyderabad) for the course "NEBOSH IGC in Occupational Health and Safety".

In my view, Online classes, training, course syllabus, etc., were much more engaging and well organized than other online courses I have taken. I find this course so engrossing that I often do not see time fly by and suddenly I realize I have been working on it for 3 hours! I also had hesitations about online courses in general, but now I am really "happy". There's always a lot to learn, and this field is new enough that I am grateful for some guidance in how to approach it. My compliments to the E-learning designer for an excellent integration of video and text and easy navigation. The videos provided by NIST after the course completion were very valuable resources. Allowing and encouraging their use on our own allowed us to spend time on topics that were particularly relevant to us, while still learning within a specific framework. Explanation, interactivity and examples are great by Mr. Siva Sai Sir. I really liked the combination of text, pictures and videos, too. The open-ended questions were good for provoking thoughts. Ms. Madhavi Mam was my Counsellor. She is one of the key people who suggested me to join NIST for NEBOSH IGC and she is a very supportive, responsive, trustable person and her presence always felt like a family member. I received my results, and I would like to thank NIST and Mr. Shiva Sai Sir, Ms. Madhavi Mam for all the support. This course was indeed challenging, but the NIST team was always there supporting me and was ready to help. I enjoyed these classes tremendously. I look forward to taking the next level of another class/course with Mr. Shiva Sai Sir.

"This is a great course that I am so grateful to be a part of. Thank you all for all the hard work you have put into it!"


You may opt for any of the following registration processes:

Walk-in directly to our Hyderabad branch at Road No.3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500034, between 10.00 AM and 5.30 PM from Monday to Saturday with any Government ID proof for verification and register on the same day by submitting the application form, fees & other necessary documents.

You may also mail the same to our course counsellor or post/courier the necessary documents and get registered with NIST. To get direct assistance, contact our counsellor at +91-9177955633 or drop an e-mail at
Yes. Generally, NEBOSH training is held on the premises of our company for the corporates. However, if needed, we can conduct the training for your employees on the premises of your company.
NIST has 10 branches across India, located in 10 prominent cities (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Vadodara, and Vizag). Courses commence every month. Therefore, you can check with our executives about the on-going course and register with the next new batch.

You can choose a branch as per your geographical convenience and take up the course at ease. Suggestions for the choice, of course, will also be provided by the counsellor. Contact us now at +91-9177955633 or mail us at
  • NEBOSH courses are internationally recognized that will help you understand, analyze, and elicit safety standards in your organization.
  • The courses emphasise on preserving and improving health & safety in private, as well as, public sectors.
  • A NEBOSH qualified candidate is entitled to use the designatory letters IDipNEBOSH and is on high demand worldwide.
  • Completing a NEBOSH course will certainly enhance your career and add value to your profession.

Connect with our counselor at +91-9177955633 or drop an e-mail at to know more about the NEBOSH courses.
An aspirant who aspires to become a qualified safety professional can opt for the NEBOSH courses. NEBOSH course can be pursued by a fresher, as well as, an HSE professional. Though basic English knowledge can take up the health & safety course at ease, a Diploma or Degree in the field of Science or Engineering will make learning easy. For further details contact our executives at +91-9177955633 or mail us at


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