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NEBOSH Online Course Training in Kolkata

NIST was a pioneer when it started its training programs almost a decade back. Until today, NIST holds its ground by providing record-breaking results and making a strong impact in the safety course in Kolkata. Students will be greatly benefitted by the NEBOSH course in Kolkata. The NEBOSH program is valid internationally and can be used for getting placed in job openings anywhere in the world.

Upcoming OBE Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification

NEBOSH IGC Exam Exam Date
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 02nd Dec-20
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 03rd Feb-21
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 07th Apr-21
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 09th Jun-21

Upcoming Resit Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification
(Old Syllabus – 2014 Specification)

NEBOSH IGC Exam Exam Date
NEBOSH GC2 09th Dec-20

Upcoming Safety Batch in Kolkata
(IGC New Syllabus – 2018 Specification)

Day Batch Training

IOSH MS NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
09th to 12th Nov-20 19th to 26th Nov-20 27th Nov to 07th Dec-20 booknow
08th to 11th Dec-20 12th to 19th Dec-20 21st to 31st Dec-20 booknow
06th to 09th Jan-21 11th to 19th Jan-21 20th to 29th Jan-21 booknow
08th to 11th Feb-21 12th to 19th Feb-21 22nd Feb to 02nd Mar-21 booknow
10th to 13th Mar-21 15th to 23rd Mar-21 24th Mar to 01st Apr-21 booknow
07th to 10th Apr-21 12th to 20th Apr-21 21st to 29th Apr-21 booknow

Evening Batch Training

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
19th Oct-20 27th Nov-20 booknow
23rd Nov-20 01th Jan-21 booknow
21st Dec-20 29th Jan-21 booknow
18th Jan-21 26th Feb-21 booknow
22nd Feb-21 02nd Apr-21 booknow
22nd Mar-21 30th Apr-21 booknow
19th Apr-21 28th May-21 booknow

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma in Kolkata

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Exam Date Closing Date IDEM2 submission Date
11th Jan-2021 01st Nov-20 24th Feb-2021
05th Jul-2021 Update shortly 26th May-21
- Update shortly 25th Aug-21
- Update shortly 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH International Diploma in Kolkata

NEBOSH IDIP Exam Date Closing Date DNI submission Date
06th , 07th & 08th Oct-2020 15th Sep-20 25th Nov-20
12th , 13th & 14th Jan-2021 01st Nov-20 24th Feb-21
06th , 07th & 08th Jul-2021 Update shortly 26th May-21
- Update shortly 25th Aug-21
- Update shortly 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH IGC – Best Result in Kolkata


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I had only few years of experience in the field of safety before enrolling for NEBOSH IGC course. In order to find the best course provider, I browsed over NEBOSH official website where I found NIST. Immediately, I registered with NIST for the earliest possible batch without any further delay. NIST staff members were very co-operative and the trainer provided was par-excellence.

With my faculty guidance and the a bit of dedication I had, i was able to achieve distinction. Now i feel, that I’m a better safety professional and this qualification will definitely provide a boost to my career. To sum up my entire experience with NIST, I would say that all the staff members as well as my faculty helped and guided me towards the success of achieving distinction marks in NEBOSH IGC.

Last but not the least I would like to thank God " God has been very kind to me" . I hope for a better future ahead. If at all anybody wants to register with NEBOSH IGC, my recommendation would be NIST.


NIST follows a simple, user-friendly registration process:

  • Walk-in: NIST has a PAN India presence. Therefore, you can directly walk-in to the nearby NIST centre between 10.00 AM and 5.30 PM from Monday to Saturday and register for a course by submitting the application form, fees & other necessary documents.
  • E-mail: The required documents can also be mailed to the course counsellor through e-mail.
  • By Post/Courier: You may also send the necessary documents via post along with the Cheque/DD to register with us.

Contact our counsellor at +91-8637687230 or mail us at with your contact details so that we can reach you.
Yes, NIST Kolkata offers IOSH courses every month, which helps aspirants of any sector to understand the importance of health & safety in the workplace. You may find the Course Calendar tab available on our website that has details regarding the upcoming IOSH batches. For further assistance, contact our counsellor at +91-8637687230 or drop an e-mail at
Yes. NIST has a highly skilled in-house team for developing the safety course materials, which are affirmed to be learner-friendly by the aspirants to analyse, comprehend and reciprocate the concepts. For further details contact our course counsellor at +91-8637687230 or mail us at
  • NEBOSH certified professionals have high value when it comes to employment across the globe.
  • By obtaining a NEBOSH certificate you will learn the key skills that are needed to ensure a safe & healthy working environment.
  • Attaining a NEBOSH qualification makes you a tough competition in the health & safety domain and assures safety to everyone around you.

To get details regarding the on-going and upcoming NEBOSH courses, check the Course Calendar tab available on our website and fill in the registration form. You may also contact our counsellor at +91-8637687230 to get direct assistance.
Yes, NIST will provide the appropriate course materials right after registration. We believe in proactive learning. Therefore, getting an overview of the subject before the commencement of the course is highly recommended, which will help the learner understand the concepts at ease. Our course materials are developed by our highly skilled in-house team, which is of international quality and has the latest industrial needs & requirements. For further details, kindly contact our counsellor at +91-8637687230 or mail us at with your contact details so that we can reach and assist you as per your requirement.


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