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NEBOSH Course Training in Mumbai

NEBOSH course in Mumbai Andheri is one of the most popular program in the Mumbai region. Our world class trainers bring their adequate knowledge to share it with the students. Our students have shared their excellent feedback about the class instruction. If you haven’t made up your mind, we encourage you to step forth to take the safety course in Mumbai Andheri. We believe that it will be a life changing program for you.

Upcoming Resit Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification
(Old Syllabus – 2014 Specification)

Courses Exam Date
NEBOSH IGC 03th & 04th Dec-19

Upcoming Safety Batch in Mumbai
(IGC New Syllabus – 2018 Specification)

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
15th to 19th Oct-19 21th to 25th Oct-19 04th & 05th Nov-19 booknow
IG1 Date IG2 Date IG 1 & 2 Exam Register
14th to 19th Nov-19 20th to 25th Nov-19 05th Dec-19 booknow
13th to 19th Dec-19 20th to 26th Dec-19 06th Jan-20 booknow
17th to 22nd Jan-20 23rd to 28th Jan-20 07th Feb-19 booknow
17th to 21st Feb-20 24th to 28th Feb-20 09th Mar-20 booknow
19th to 24th Mar-20 25th to 30th Mar-20 08th Apr-20 booknow
IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce
07th to 09th Nov-19 11th Nov-19 12th Nov-19 13th Nov-19
06th to 09th Dec-19 10th Dec-19 11th Dec-19 12th Dec-19
08th to 10th Jan-20 13th Jan-20 14th Jan-20 16th Jan-20
10th to 12th Feb-20 13th Feb-20 14th Feb-20 15th Feb-20
12th to 14th Mar-20 16th Mar-20 17th Mar-20 18th Mar-20

NEBOSH International Diploma in Mumbai

Courses Exam Date Closing Date
NEBOSH IDIP 14th , 15th , 16th Jan-2020 & 25th Feb-2020 30th Nov-19



Jayshree Deshpande


Hi...! This is Jayshree Deshpande. I am currently working as a Design HSE Engineer in an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company. This is my journey about how NIST helped me to achieve my professional targets.

I scored distinction with 220 marks in the recent IGC examination. Before doing the safety course, I was in dilemma where to pursue as there are so many course providers. Therefore, I started searching in Google where I found NIST is the reliable and most trusted training course provider for International safety courses in India.

While coming to the training program, we had splendid 10-days of interactive classroom sessions that fostered high level of energy and enthusiasm in concentrating towards the subject. I was the only girl in my batch. I am very much glad that NIST motivates female candidates to climb the corporate ladder and instrumental in enrolling more number of female candidates appearing every year for various international safety courses.

Again, I would like to thank my trainer Maya mam who taught the subject in a pretty simple way and always was there to clear our doubts.

Clearing NEBOSH IGC (or any other course) is not a headache once you register with NIST. And believe me, they do their job very well; only thing is that you need to adhere to their guidelines for passing the exam with flying colors.


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